Why learn the Metalanguage of the Universe ?, Join the next virtual course that begins in April 2015

  • 2015

Sacred Geometry is a very pure language as it reaches our subconscious directly.

It allows our rational rational hemisphere to enter a meditative-receptive state . The Greek philosopher Plato referred to him as the language of the Spirit (hence the term "Spiritual Path" that becomes "Spiral Path"), these aspects were considered very pure. Different Initiative Cultures have transmitted this Teaching in their Mystery Schools or Houses of Life .

Get to know this Meta-Language of the Universe now with this online Course that provides original content that you can access in your time, Perform proposed weekly activities and participate in Live tutorials!


Course duration : 40 days / 4 modules (Includes teaching material and live meetings)

Course Value : Spain 95.- / Argentina $ 800.- / Rest of America U $ D 100.-

Download PDF program : http://www.grupo-millenium.com.ar/programa-cursos-pdf/Programa_Geometria_Sagrada.pdf

For inquiries write from : http://www.grupo-millenium.org/contacto

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