Thoughts for the month of June 2014 of Maestro Beinsá Dunó

  • 2014

1. First of all man must have the disposition of a child, who studies, who has purity. The reasonable child is an emblem of meekness, humility, purity and is ready to study. Man, when he becomes a child, is in the Kingdom of God, and when he ceases to be a child, he is not in the Kingdom of God.

2. It will open the way for the New Teaching. Contemporary people resemble snow. The snow accommodates, says: "This is my territory", and no one can remove it. But when spring comes, they quickly throw it out. The Sixth Race is coming. She will bandage the wounds of the white race and show her that there is another way, she will say: "Millions of people are killing each other, it's a shame now." Now it is the end of an old era, liquidation of karma and without fail an approach between peoples will occur ... New people must do new jobs and let old people do their old jobs.

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK : The first thing, it is very difficult to get rid of a state of self-criticism. Self-criticism should last a short period of time. Man must be free, not criticized. You make a mistake, say, "It's for good." You do good, say: "It is for blessing." You make a mistake, say: "It is for good", leave all other reflections, all philosophy. Say: "It is for good." You do good, say: "It is for blessing."

3. The contradictions in life should in no way surprise us. Contradictions exist only for unreasonable people, but for the reasonable everything that happens in the world is a symphony, there are no contradictions in the world. This is a contradiction for one, for the reasonable man it is an auspicious condition for work, this is a pleasure for him.

4. As long as peace does not come in your heart, there is no silence, contradictions do not disappear and while you think that the world is bad, that life is not well organized and that only you are wise and good, you are not in a straight direction . I say: all those philosophers, writers, who have conflicting views about life or about Nature, are under a denominator - these are people from the school of ants, from the school of bees; and all those philosophers who say that from now on we begin science, they are the people of true science - these are the humans of the future, of the conscious life.

5. The Scripture says: “Do not bitter in you the Spirit of God with whom you are sealed!” What should we understand from this verse? When the human enters into us, we immediately bitter the Divine. Is this a prudent man who sacrifices the Divine for the human? It is not prudent. The Love of God and human love are distinguished by the following: the Love of God includes everything within itself. To be your perfect Love, you must love everyone simultaneously.

6. You must love not only your neighbors, not only yourself, but all beings throughout the world, for which your conscience at all times must be awake; Only then will you feel an inner joy. The consciousness of all beings will form a whole and you will converse with this common consciousness; exactly through this God will speak to you.

And so, when we merge into a common conscience, God will speak to all. God will speak only in a little particle and everyone will receive His speech. This thing he can do, but man cannot. This means awareness.

7. It is bad when people die early, since if they die too early, man must stay here until his or her birthday is over, for example, if he dies 20 years earlier, you must stay here for 20 years. So when man leaves on time, then he is unleashed. If he stays here, he will enter this, that one.

8. The world will be fixed when God joins and begins to live in all people. Thus, as it is now, it cannot be fixed, since God is not in everyone. He works in people, but does not live in everyone, since they have not received Him inside. Humans do not do the Will of God, but crimes and then ask why the Lord has done so. And he remembers: Listen to My Will and you will be happy.

9. I say: everyone must work, that he recreates himself this is our task on Earth. If a painter comes, he will not be born with his genius, but is born with all possibilities and little by little, when he works, he becomes a virtuoso in that area of ​​painting. This is the case with the physicians, with the writers, so it is with those who speak or work. Religious people say: From the Spirit will come . From the Spirit will come, but God requires work.

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK : And so, when you get up in the morning, take the right side of your forehead and say: I want the Wisdom to reign on the right side of my forehead. a, and on the left Love . Then take your nose and say: "I want Love to reign on the right side of my nose, and on the left, Wisdom." Then take your chin and say: I want Love to reign on the left side of my chin, and on the right Wisdom a . If you had done this so far, you will be at least talented people.

10. Some people say: What should we do in these limited conditions? Give space to your spirit. When we talk about space, we understand leaving our spirit to act, to manifest itself as it should. The human Spirit acts by the same laws by which it acts and matter. When you take a bit and start doing with this hole, does it encounter a certain resistance why? For the dense matter; This matter is not organized, in it there is no reasonableness. By analogy of this, and the unreasonable side, or the unreasonable nature of man, also represents such resistance to the manifestation of the human Spirit.

11. Life is determined in a severe mathematical way. He who is interested in life should know that this is a severely determined mathematical measure. True life is that which comes from the Spirit.

12. The Spirit is the basis of life and from Him have come all the little spirits, all the little almitas in the world. This Spirit the Hindus call him Brahma, the occultists call him Adam Cadmon, the Hebrews call him Jehovah, but all these names contain one and the same idea. This refers only to the level of understanding. The Spirit is the great, the sublime in life. Under Spirit, contemporary science understands this thing that penetrates the whole space, or that raw material that leads in itself the pure, virgin, immaculate life. If you have only one hundred millionth of this primary elixir of life, you will work miracles with it. But to perform miracles, you must understand its laws, because and this one in turn has its laws.

13. Look to love more and more people, bugs, herbs and flowers, love more and more beings, expand Love. You will develop an intense desire to love the whole life. If you have Love towards all life, then you will be strong in the Divine Truth. A Life that fills everything is the life of God. All try to acquire the full life of immortality. Love All enveloping brings full life.

14. Today people do not understand the sufferings. Sufferings are a prelude to an eternal harmonic life. If you understand that in the sufferings a Divine good is hidden and that the Spirit of God speaks to you through them, it will not be long and for you it will come so good that nobody can take you away. In you a gift will develop, a talent. You may have been the simplest man, a plower or cattleman, but if the Divine Spirit visits you, it will become something of you anyway. We find this and in Scripture where it is told how David, after the visit of the Spirit, from an ordinary farmer has become a prophet.

15. Paneuritmia is not an ordinary dance, in its movements the ideas that today build and build the New culture are embodied. In their movements are hidden springs with a magical power, through which the creative forces of the human soul will be put into action - forces that await their development. The Universal White Brotherhood introduces the New into the world, not only through thoughts, feelings and acts, but through movements.

16. When you enter into you, in the reasonable will, then you are one with God. When you are in Paradise, you will be in harmony with all living beings. When you are in the Kingdom of God, you will be in harmony with people, with all Reasonable beings. And when you are one with God, you are in harmony with all existence. But this, the last state, you have not tried, this is the most difficult; Some call it cosmic consciousness.

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK : As a task, 20 days do the following exercise: when you wake up in the morning, think about this, that you are a soul composed of thousands of reasonable, intelligent beings, who work for your elevation. Call these beings and consciously connect with them. When you think about them, you can work successfully. Think of them without any doubt, without any hesitation.

17. Self-education is a process of how to enter Paradise, of creating a paradise in ourselves.

18. In self-education, an important role is played by Love and Affection. If you don't love, you can't self-educate, and if you don't want, you can't self-educate - these two processes are going on. One of the processes - Love, falls towards human thought, and Love, falls towards the process of the human heart. Man loves with his heart, and loves with his mind. Love cannot become attainable for man if a desire to change his life does not develop.

19. Always try to have a small, clear image about Paradise. You have a little friend who loves you - he is a Paradise. When you find him, you feel willing, everyone becomes pleasant - you are in Paradise. When humans have beautiful sentimental behavior towards you, you are in Paradise. When humans have beautiful mental behavior towards you, you are in the Divine world. That you are in the Divine world means that humans have beautiful behaviors through thought and feeling. When you want to enter Paradise, ask your heart. When you want to enter the Divine world, ask your mind. The mind is the Kingdom of God, Paradise is the heart.

20. Fire and water are two beings of different categories. Every fire in which ash is produced remains lower than water, but each fire in which no ash is produced remains higher than water. There are many categories of fire - what humans call passions, this is a fire in which ash is left. When we talk about the Love of God, we understand a fire in which there is no ash left. In the manifestations of this Love, there is absolute harmony. When the water is under the action of this fire, it does not go outside and the boiler does not explode; In this case, water is the carrier of life. Exactly about this water Christ says that she is the living source. This water springs only under the influence of Divine heat.

21. If you put in your mind the thought of living just for you, you have put the beginning of your death. If you put in your mind the thought of glorifying yourself, you have put the beginning of your death, or the beginning of your unhappiness. If you put in your mind the thought of being strong, you have put the beginning of all the disturbances. There is no reason to ensure that I am strong; A man who lives with God is strong. A man who lives with God will be reasonable. This is now a logical precept.

22. Someone says: "Why have I come to the world?" You are an element in the world and you must live for the Glory of God. Have you done your work as an element? In the morning, when you wake up, how many good thoughts go through your mind? Have you realized at least one of these thoughts? During the day thousands of cases were represented to do good - did you do at least one good? It is not enough that you only speak, but do what you say.

23. We now want to be strong, scientific and rich, but we want it to our advantage - there is all the error. You want to be spiritual to yourself, but you must be spiritual to others. Everyone's mistake lies in this that the capital introduced by God is dissipated, not worked.

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK : You go somewhere for at least three days, you must hold your hands like this for you to succeed. And your thinking must be focused, that you connect with the Invisible World and with all these beings that love you. And to make connection, you don't look for external forms. Then you will feel an elevated thought, a pleasantness. You will feel a desire that will transgress in you and you will feel that you have a small flow of life in you. In this way the man gets rid of the old clothes. And the face is not sorry, but spiritualized. Do you ever talk about God and hold your hands on the navel. When man seeks the Love of God, then he should not look for it that way, but like this (The Master puts his right hand with the whole palm down, up on the head). And in such a hand position, raise your mind up. When you sit on some stone, do not squeeze your hand too much, put your palm fingers slightly above the head.

24. Evil arises then when man lives exclusively for himself and forgets to live for others. And in Good, man lives for others.

25. When man offends others, he is not fair. Everyone has certain traits that you must respect. If a man cannot sing, this does not show that he is not capable, but that his mind has not turned in this direction. He may have abilities, only he has not manifested them. - “What should I keep in terms of others and my neighbors?” It is very difficult to determine how your behavior towards others should be. Let us explain things more closely. Suppose your legs and arms are your neighbors. How should your behaviors towards your legs and arms be? If you act badly with your legs, if you damage your legs, they suffer, but you suffer. If you act badly with your neighbors, you act badly and with yourself.

26. And now your horizon is wide! You wanted to know why you live; I say: for God you live. You say: I have not felt His Love. I say: go out to receive the first ray [of the Sun] and feel the Love of God. Read the first word of the letter that God has written to you this morning!

27. Someone says he believes, but only through trial can man know to what extent he can believe. If the mother introduces the Divine into her daughter and her son, before they are born, then in 2-3-4 generations the world will change. There are many souls who have not incarnated thousands of years and now the Earth must be purified for them to come. The new race will come in very favorable conditions. These Beings that will be incarnated are very advanced and have long been waiting. That said: The beast will be bound for a thousand years. If we interpret it, these are 365, 000 years for such a long period humans will live in harmony and rest, there will be no one to tempt them.

28. The action of pan-dynamic movements is threefold. First, these are accumulators through which man connects with the constructive forces of Nature and receives them. These act for their development, because they are vivifying. Second, since the Paneurithmic movements are in harmony with the cosmic rhythm, which puts the whole life into activity, they activate all the sleeping forces in the human soul and awaken them. for activity Third, the pan-dynamic movements are of such a character that through them man sends idealistic thoughts and forces to the world, and in this way the world is recreated and changed.

29. Now says the Lord: I will show you how much you must suffer for My Name this is the idealistic within the life of man. A man who cannot suffer for his ideas does not understand the meaning of life.

30. He who is a ripe fruit, even if you grind it does not suffer. Wheat, after grinding, cooking and when it enters the man, it grows again, it grows again. You should ever do a test, when the wheat blooms and when it ripens, that you go through the fields and that you feel that aroma that it has. It is very pleasant the most pleasant aroma that man can have, is when the wheats ripen or when they bloom. Man must pass through fields, let him breathe.

EXERCISE OF THE WEEK : You will take care of correcting your eyes. This will be a task. How will you correct them? You will take a clean, clear mirror, and you will observe the direction of the ray that comes out of your eyes. Wherever you look and whatever you look, your conscience must be awake. You look towards the earth your conscience must be awake. You look up your conscience must be awake. When you look up, you will think of God, the Eternal, the Unlimited, the saints, all the disciples who have passed before you, all the disciples who deal with science; you will think more of knowledge, of science, of poetry in all that is high in the world. When you look down, what does she mean? The black earth, these are the sins of all beings. There are sins on Earth, which is why it has turned black. She represents a life of forces, of thousands and thousands of beings who have lived a bad life and that is why they are related to it and cannot easily break free. We once say: How beautiful are these little trees! Sometimes in Nature there is a coincidence, and exactly: the angles that are formed by the rays of your eyes, coincide with the angles of matter on earth and that is why it happens that some man falls asleep in the forest and does not wake up anymore. Here is why in mountainous places you can lie, but not fall asleep. You will not fear, but your conscience must be connected with the Invisible World. You will lie down and get up, but you will be awake if you want to be out of danger. You will choose, if possible, the slopes of South and East, these are the healthiest places. There is more accumulated energy of the blue color. On the northern slopes, then, there is more accumulated energy of the colors green, orange and red.

Translated by: Dimitar Dimitrov

Thoughts for the month of June 2014 of Maestro Beinsá Dunó

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