Metaphors in the mind of a human being

  • 2015

The Masters speak in symbols which is inevitable because we refer to the expression of divinity in time and space, and until man is consciously aware of his divinity and demonstrates it, it is only possible to speak in parables and metaphors of symbolic meaning, to be corroborated by the mystical perception and wisdom of enlightened man.


A poem in its own right can tell us a lot about the nature of the mind, even if it cannot reveal the secret of its creation. None of the literary sciences could penetrate the special moments that inspired creation. The texts deserve the disciplined attention of anyone who tries to understand the symbolic worlds created by the writer. The usual way to address the meaning of the soul is to refer to psychological processes or mechanisms that function in "real life."

The first allegory to the soul of the human being is found in the dialogue of Plato Fedro, in which he speaks of the three parts of the soul: The coachman with two steeds. the charioteer is the rational soul, the white horse represents the virtuous (disciplined) part and the black the vicious (always rebellious) part. The charioteer's task is to keep the black horse at the same gallop as the white one.

At the end of the 18th century James Watt proposed the Horsepower unit to express the power that the new steam engine could develop (in its time), with respect to the power that the horses developed. He estimated that a horse could lift 330 pounds-force at a height of 100 feet in one minute. At present, the expression is still used especially to refer to the power of the engines, both internal combustion and electric. A horsepower equals 745 watts. The glorious human body would be about 200, 000 gauss, a hologram.

Since the industrial revolution machines were used to apply energy to matter, since the computer revolution devices were used to apply wisdom to knowledge.

The technologies made the mechanization of control possible: automation. Words like "organic" or "autonomous" intentionally raise comparisons with biological systems, whose complexity is hidden from the eyes of the creatures that live within them. The consequence is that digital technology can perform the same feat. What is meant by the word autonomous in a computer context is reduced to four technological objectives:

  1. Ensure that computers and networks can configure themselves.
  2. Ensure that systems can heal themselves.
  3. Make the systems can optimize themselves.
  4. Make the entire network “self-protect”

Design and technology have contributed to unraveling the mystery of creation. Let's look at three metaphors that will help us understand the difference between body, mind and soul.

You are your luck and beyond death, you are the fog, you are the flame, you light yourself or you go out.

He came to this city as a mobile mechanism and since then they called it Auto . That single name implied that the meaning of his life would be to travel paths to another city called Plenitud .

And consciously accepted his vocation. During his childhood Auto drunk with joy and enthusiasm, so his whole life would be a Autopista by which he could to advance calmly and pleasantly, without stumbling or braking, taking as a companion the splendor of an endless day, the beauty of the enchanting landscape and the stimulating music capriciously ripped out of his modern parade; So dreaming, I seriously thought that life was just a smile.

But Auto as he lived was discovering that the existence was a congested Road through which cars of all models, sizes and colors, also traveled at speeds very different.

Then he began to understand that living is moving forward, fighting, running and not just smiling. Yes, move forward despite everything to get to the other city in the company of many other Cars. There he reaffirmed his vocation.

One day, instead of the chosen and doping music of the past, he turned on the radio and on all the stations listened to news related to the : crashes between cars that hinder the advance Killer cars Parked cars Cars out of the road Crashed cars dead due to speeding Cars stopped for having disrespected the traffic rules Cars without license plate without identity Large cars that removed or closed the road to the smallest ones Cars on the left, Cars on the right, Cars on the

The radio continued to make news what all cars lived and watched.

Auto felt uncomfortable and to calm down he turned off the radio in order to listen to his record player again, because he felt better then soon came out of the cassette that selected a melody that made him forget the news. He said so: live life as you should live it and never try to climb, where you cannot climb.

Listening to her, she thought she was in fullness, but no, she was in the middle of the road, next to many Cars, knowing where she was going but at times without knowing where, without knowing where mo, without knowing why.

In the midst of his bewilderment, he invoked the Light and the light that already existed but had not been perceived, began to play an important role in his life. Thus, with the help of the light, he was able to move steadily running day and night.

When he wished to launch quickly to conquer the other city, a red light invited him to stop, to reflect his way, to respect the passage of the other Cars that despite having different directions had the same goal. Stopping at the red traffic light not only gave him the chance to make better progress, but it also gave rise to satisfaction that was a joy different from those he experienced listening to his record player

At times he thought he was going on the true route, when suddenly he found an arrow of green light that indicated a change of direction.

Also "Auto" had to travel for many nights, so he had to resort to the light inside him, aware that only a well-charged battery was able to help him withstand the dark nights of the road.

Many things in this city invite the “Auto” to park, to stop its march, to disregard its goal, to delay it, and several times it stopped.

At times he thought it was the city at times he was invited by other Cars that had decided to park and more than once in the night discharged the battery ...

However, despite the stops, "Auto" bravely resumed the march and gradually understood that those who stop prefer the cassette players to the news. It was when he with great conscience recalled his vocation to "Fullness", with the firm resolve not to park again and be guided completely by the light in its various manifestations.

When he learned to run oriented by the light, respecting the speed of the other Cars, with them, without parking, ready to propitiate by the ISSUERS "good news", he understood that the other city began here. That was this, lived, traveled like this. And he kept coming to PLENITUDE, while his face reflected an expansive smile very different from that of his childhood.


The first of the metaphors refers to the body-mind.

  • Who drives your car?
  • What kind of maintenance do you do to the engine and battery?
  • What tools do you consider important when traveling?
  • Which traffic signs do you have more in mind?
  • What recommendations has your traffic GUARD made to you?
THE HOUSEHOLD MAN “Without fire there is no heat, without heat there is no life. That is the equation ”DON JUAN DE MARCO

He came to this planet like a fat fire and since then he was called Homely . That only name implied that the meaning of his life would be consumed in a bonfire until he was reborn as the Phoenix. And consciously accepted his mission.

During his childhood, Homely received the attention of his parents, who met his basic needs with the home services of water, gas, electricity and telephony. He dreamed of living in a five-story building, through which he could move quietly down the spiral staircase that was all over the center of the house. He was aware that when the fire burned intensely and the gas service was used optimally, the structure of his building would work as he wished. He vibrated with the children's series Dragon Ball Z, which inspired him to discover the meaning of the seven spheres of the Dragon.

At the age of seven his mother took him to the temple and there he first heard the story of the Temple of Solomon.

Homely discovered the meaning of the relationship between Mary and the Holy Spirit, making clear the concept of what a Virgin is.

At fourteen he was impressed to learn the secrets of Camelot Castle and especially the Knight's dilemma fighting for his Lady. This led him to read the work The Knight of Rusty Armor . Homely discovers the meaning of the relationship between Romeo and Juliet, as well as the importance of romantic love between human beings.

Homemaker began to worry about his future and about the opportunities or threats that marriage entails. He saw the movie Don Juan de Marco from which he learned seduction strategies. Homely discovers the archetype of Don Juan and understands Arjona's expression " I had sex a thousand times but I never made love ".

At twenty-one, Homely went to a therapist to find the archetypes that relate sex to love, there he was immersed in the depths of his being to extract from the cave of symbols, images that allowed him to identify with himself. All images of heroes and heroines of the past passed through his mind: Hestia, Zeus, Persephone; Hares, Cupid, Dionysus, Hermes, Apollo, etc; but hermaphrodite Ishvara, the planetary lord of the Brahmins, caught his attention. It had the right half of the male body and the female left, thus symbolizing the archetype of the final human race. Homely thought that one day the human race would give birth to their new bodies by their own generation, as certain primitive animals still do. Then, undoubtedly, man will be his own father and his own mother, complete in himself.

Homely discovered that Zeus, Hestia and Prometheus used fire as a symbol. The fire of Zeus burned on the Palatine Hill, the fire of Vesta on the domestic altar and the fire of aspiration on the altar of the soul. The three worked with fire: the fire of divinity, the fire of humanity, the fire of demons. Blue, yellow and red fire. Internal fire, inherent and latent, radiant and emanating; generated, assimilated and irradiated; vivifier, stimulator and destroyer; fire transmitted, reflected and absorbed, the basis of all life; essence of everything that exists and agent that develops and drives what is behind every evolutionary process; building, preservative and builder fire; originating fire, process and goal; Purifying and consuming fire. The God of Fire and the fire of God interact until all fires merge and burn and everything that exists has passed through the fire.

He had the vision that, in the human body, the blue flame is the fire of the aspirant and transcendent spirit. The yellow flame is the clear and burning light of reason, which illuminates the mind and illuminates the darkness of the night, while the red flame is the false light, the fire of passion and lust. Since that day Homer worships the triple flame of the Sacred Heart


The second of the metaphors refers to the etheric body: the soul.

  • What is your home?
  • Where in your house do you light the fire?
  • Which of the three fires do you identify with more?
  • How do you differentiate identity, orientation and sexual behavior?
  • How do you differentiate sex from love?
  • How do you relate marriage, yoga, religion?
  • With which god-goddess, hero-heroine do you identify more?
  • How do you build your own house? Is it like a castle or a temple?

Specific Edible R ealist R ealist T eral

He came to this nation as a mobile device and since then they called him Smart . That only name implied that the meaning of his life was to use technology to communicate with others. And consciously accepted his mission.

In his childhood he was very homely and totally analogous, he liked to express his feelings, but he arrived the day he woke up his instinct and began to see that being digital allowed him He would make decisions with enough information even if he lost the fidelity of the signal.

But Smart as he lived was discovering that existence was a congested Banda to which Smart of all models, sizes and colors also connected, to very different frequencies.

Then he began to understand that living is exchanging knowledge and wisdom, and not just saving information, he understood what it really was to hear. Yes, share despite everything to be in cyberspace in the company of many other Smart. There he reaffirmed his vocation.

One day, instead of the chosen and doping music of the past, I activated the radio and in all the stations listened to news related to the signal interference : the use of Smarts that hinder the communication Slaved Smarts (Blackberry) Smarts disabled Smarts without touchscreen Smarts without keyboard Smarts confiscated for having disrespected normas of the company Smarts without pin without identity Smarts of third generation Smarts of fourth generation, Smarts by el radio continued to make news what all Smarts lived and watched.

Mart Smart felt uncomfortable and to calm down he turned off the radio in order to listen again to the music stored in his SD memory, because he felt better It soon sprang from the file that selected a melody that made him forget the news. He said so: You, total and full you, silent and subtle, between each atom, between each cell you live.

Listening to her, she thought she was in fullness, but no, she was in broadband, next to many Smarts, knowing how often she was but at times without knowing how to tune in, synchronize, without knowing how, without knowing why.

In the midst of his bewilderment, he began to use the Fiber Optic cable and the light that already existed but had not been perceived, began to play an important role in their life. Smart designed his own avatar, and began to make use of the video games he had among his applications on one occasion he experienced the rapture as he moved from the third to the fourth level of the game lifetime.

Smart began to save the information in three memory files: a personality file, a consciousness file and a file of being. He understood that in the first file the information would be temporary, contaminable and alterable, in the conscience it would keep partial information, and in the being immortal and permanent absolute information.

Smart began to make optimal use of its memory, understanding the operation of the Simcard, which it began to call the MIA (Subscriber Identification Module) card: by securely storing the user's service key to identify itself to the network, and that it was possible to use it on any device. Smart began to keep in his MENU, only those vital options, began to define his life project, in his name was the key to defining intelligent goals.

At 21, Smart discovered the meaning of his name, he understood that intelligence is the virtual level of his thinking, because by adjusting it he begins to make optimal use of symbols and images, moving from the concrete to the abstract. Such ADJUSTMENTS allowed him to convert data into information and this into knowledge.

Smart's use of his knowledge allowed him to download applications from his server. Those APPLICATIONS gave him wisdom, that is, communication in action. Thanks to an instant application (Whatsapp), he began communicating with other avatars.

Finally Smart reached its title: Smartprom, however it set a new goal, to integrate into television screens to achieve high definition.

Finally Smart reached its title: Smartprom, however it set a new goal, to integrate into television screens to achieve high definition.


The third of the metaphors refers to the spirit.

  • What frequency band does your Smartphone belong to?
  • What are the relationships between the server and the user?
  • What is the difference between Simcard, Files and SD Memory?
  • What is an avatar? Why did Smart experience the rapture?
  • What is the difference between analog, digital and high definition?
  • How can Smartprom achieve High Definition?
  • What would be the characteristics of the Smartprom couple, Sofíaplus? Create an acrostic.
  • How would you protect yourself from a computer virus? Create a flow chart.


The autonomous man was designed from the concept of self-esteem, for more information read the article The Mental Signs.

The homely man was designed from the concept of sexual energy, to deepen his design fundamentals read the article Use of sexual energy.

The intelligent man was designed from the concept of user interface, to deepen his design read the article: Antakarana.

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