Weekly Message from Ascended Master Hilarion: Love flows like a river through the face of the earth by Marlene Swetlisoff

  • 2016


Love flows like a river through the face of the earth and touches each inhabitant. The winds of change are bringing constant revelation to the surface of your consciousness. Each individual is in the process of discovering about their origin, their true abilities and their divinity. Souls seek to know and touch that sublime presence within them. There is much that is culminating in these moments of time, spiritual contracts have ended and new ones begin. There is a natural connection between souls with equal minds that attract each other to the next phase of their soul plan. They gather to unite their energies with a higher purpose. There is a superior love at work now, one that manifests a sense of unity with its new associates.

As they help others connect the dots, a higher purpose is revealed and the way forward becomes clearer. Like sparks of lightning, the flame within its essential nuclei is being illuminated and the seeds of truth grow upward towards the Sun. The regeneration of the Earth and its inhabitants is now in process. The seeds of Light that have been planted find their place and now take root. Across the planet, the convergence of Light flows in increasingly wide concentric circles and enters the planet's core. Those who are serving as transducers of cosmic energy flows begin to shine in their radiant luminosity.

Many are now leaving the planet according to the planning of their souls. As they do, their Light leaves Luminous threads of fine gauze behind them to remain and add strength to the web of life on the planet's surface. With their last breath, they leave the mark of their impact on their loved ones that are enriched by the memories that will sustain them. From the other side of the veil, they stop and give thanks for the great opportunity with which they have been blessed to live life on Earth . They count themselves as the lucky ones who were given this gift of experience so that their souls could accelerate their evolution by condolencing themselves for the challenges that were presented to them.

Know this, Beloved, there are no souls who feel bitterness when they cross to the other side. In their hearts they maintain a deep gratitude for each experience that their soul gained, the divine qualities they had so longed for. In all universes, there is no planet that can provide so much accelerated growth in such a short space of time. In all the worlds that exist, the Earth is the planet most coveted by magic and wonder, amid the immense wealth of experience. This, in general, is not appreciated or thought when it is in your human body, but it is always deeply recognized when the soul leaves.

In its life on the planet, humanity fears the experience of the death of its human body. When the soul abandons and discards its human vehicle, a great freedom returns and the soul is reunited with the totality of its superior Being. This results in great joy and euphoria. There are meetings with their loved ones who left Earth before them and their joy knows no limits. They meet with the souls that played the roles of their pets, and know unequivocally that life does not cease, it simply changes shape. The lightness of their new body brings them delight and constant celebration. It is a time of rejoicing.

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AUTHOR: Marlene Swetlishoff


SEEN AT: www.therainbowscribe.com

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