Message from Lord Maitreya: We want them to be subtle and observant

  • 2018

Beloved brothers,

We want them to be subtle and observant in the face of the creation of the Great Source, as well as before the divine Mother of all, having to experience certain events that will be accompanying them during the whole trip that involves Your stay on Earth. I have sanctified and reserved a space of Light within our hearts, through which, we can connect through that link that unites each of the creations of God Father / Mother: their hearts.

The heart is about the Shrine where the Light of Love dwells, it consists of the conductive thread through which each of the terrestrial and celestial beings unite

Dear terrestrial beings, I will soon be among you to contemplate the extraordinary effects generated by our brothers who inhabit the inner earth, being these celestial and coordination sources that will allow to implement a new vibrational logistics on Earth, which will be especially in charge of The heavenly brothers. That is why we invite you to listen to that halo of prayer that is directed towards you ; open your arms and allow this wave to pass through your hearts, give yourself the opportunity to feel its influence, brightness and energy, since it is a source that has a great divine light, which comes directly from the Creator Father and the Divine Mother.

In the same way, we invite you to be careful before any kind of excess spots, that is, you must be careful to fall into the traps developed by the involutive forces in order to prevent their ascent. Remember this and forget about any trial, adopt an active discernment through which you can offer brotherhood and equality to those around you. I assure you that my vibratory seal is present in each of the rays of Light that come to you, to help you on this path.

In each of you, who receive this message, there is a halo of Light that honors you and makes you unique, being beautiful beings full of Love capable of achieving all that they set out to be in harmony with the divine source.

Gaia, Mother Earth gives them the energy they need to become beings with greater enlightenment and the opportunity to recognize themselves as such

However, they must remember that they have to respect the limits of the Earth's layer and not force them to obtain the blessing and perpetuate their resources for many years in order to become a great Universal Master . Not everyone manages to appreciate the efficacy and knowledge that is obtained by opening their hearts, and as a result, few have come to this truth, however it is time to change that and allow their souls to follow that impulse of Love that pushes them to seek Your spiritual elevation

We thank you for agreeing to receive this message, through which we only seek to guide you and accompany you throughout your journey into the underworld, remember that it is a trip that was planned before your incarnation, which each of you decided carry out. And we wish to end this message by inviting you to respect the life choices you took at the time of your incarnation and regain control of your environment, through the therapeutic tool that you get, after opening your hearts. We ask that you please contact us and take the time to experience Love every day.

Blessings Earth beings, remember that you are loved by the Celestial Light.

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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