Divine Mother: The Tide Has Changed - Part One

  • 2019

Channeled by Linda Dillon, January 29, 2019.

Divine Mother

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of One, Mother of All and Mother of You. I step forward first and foremost, sweet, to hug them, surround them, nurture them, assure them of not only my love, because that is known and taken for granted.

I come to assure you and many of you to fulfill my Plan.

I work infinitely and eternally on what you consider the great Ocean of Time. But, sweet, even within that ocean, even between the softest and strongest currents, the change of the tides, the change of the seasons, there is a time of realization .

Think about it, beloved, this way. Everything - and when I say "Everything", I mean Everything - is in the infinite process of becoming.

You, sweet angel of blue, my son, are also in the infinite process of becoming.

But within that process, there are certain events, events, commitments, fulfillments that have to occur so that the next step, the next phase can begin.

Do not build this skyscraper on the sand. Secure the foundations, secure the bases and then build. But you do not simply have the vision of a City of Light and a skyscraper of silver and gold and crystals that never begin ... because that is not the fulfillment of Gaia's purpose, why she has a form, why she has -in service to me- assumed this way.

It is a planet of beauty, of infinite diversity, a planet of love, and what has happened? This has been a planet of war. It is not Mars. It's Gaia It is the Earth that has been transformed into a planet at war for too long.

Gaia is a planet of love.

There are times and situations in which I am not above human free will, but let me put it this way: my influence and my energy, my love, my presence, can be extraordinarily strong.

And so, what is happening during this ascension time - and we use that term generically because it means so much more - what is happening and what they are feeling (and feeling right, by the way) is that I am exercising my loving, nourishing influence, strong and powerful over the human race, over the human collective, so that this ascension process, of reaching the next stage of unfolding occurs - and not that it occurs in some distant way, in some distant galaxy, in some distant eon.

What you have been feeling, my beloved children, in the sense of urgency - and let me say, in the sense of excitement - is that the tide has changed, and although some do not fully recognize it yet, it does not matter.

The tide has changed, and there is an unconscious and subconscious and conscious choice that is driven by beings like you to proceed with love.

What does that look like? They are commanders, emissaries, ambassadors and that is why they have come to this life, in this way, in this moment. Because it is time for the Planet of Love to emerge, and in doing so, take its place between the intergalactic and galactic order.

In the past - and we say it literally - they have been so afraid of their Star Family that they remained defensive, with their shields up and at a certain distance. In addition, they do not want to participate in a planet at war because they come in peace.

For them it is inconceivable because the political structures, say, the national and financial interests of the planet, have been so ingrained in the control and greed and usurpation of authority. Delegations do not come to interact with the " thirsty for power ."

They come to commit to you - and through you, by the way - with emissaries who understand the importance of neutrality .

Divine Mother

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TRANSLATOR: Carolina, editor of the hermandadblanca.org

SOURCE: Linda Dillon (2019) Divine Mother: The Tide Has Turned. https://counciloflove.com/2019/02/divine-mother-the-tide-has-turned/

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