Mª Magdalena - Learning to understand the disease

  • 2015

Dear friends, I am here full of respect for the path you are on. I am Maria Magdalena; and I've also been on Earth in an earthly body. I have experienced the confusion, emotion and darkness that may be present in a Human life . I have also experienced the Light, those moments of discernment and deep ecstasy, because I felt the presence of my Soul; and that experience raised me above the confusion; and it took me out of the loneliness of earthly life.

This coming and going between the Light and the darkness is characteristic of being Human. It is also the purpose of earthly life to come to know and respect these opposites that occur both in yourself and in the World. Light, as well as darkness, have treasures within themselves. From the perspective of unity, that which transcends the duality of life on Earth, there is no conflict between Light and darkness; There is only dynamics between these 2 opposites.

Through darkness, you descend to that depth where you can only enter being in a Human body, with the mind and emotions of a Human Being. From these depths a Light can be born that brings something new to Creation, the Universe and the Cosmos. What you are doing while on Earth is especially valuable. Being torn between feelings of pain, loneliness and confusion; and ecstasy, luminosity and joy, is part of being in the earthly realm of duality. Accept that ebb and flow, because doing so makes life much lighter .

Very often you fight against these waves, because you want to avoid feeling miserable and want to return to the pole of Light as soon as possible. But from that resistance to darkness, an artificial separation emerges between Light and darkness, between good and bad. They become antonyms: Light is good, darkness is bad; but that opposition creates a false duality, which is not true. Dark emotions have value and also have significant messages. Only the Light is not enough. Darkness represents enormous power, because from there comes the possibility of being an independent self that makes choices and makes decisions, that explores new things, that grows in strength and self-awareness. The whole evolution of your Soul depends on your knowledge of the darkness, so that you can work with it and transform it.

This is very clear when you are facing the disease, symptoms that disturb your habits and your daily life and take you out of them. The presence of these symptoms forces you to immerse yourself in the darkness, because under the pain and the physical level of the disease, lies a reservoir of emotions that want to be seen, which have been repressed for some time. Often it is those voices in the dark that want to get out through the disease. However, because of your upbringing and your society, you have many prejudices about bad and good, about what can be and what can't; you suppress disease messages and often focus on the physical level; that is, in the external aspects of the disease.

I invite you to look more deeply at the disease; in a way that begins to suspend all judgments about bad and good, which are really detrimental to the internal exam: The exploration of yourself. The disease is not bad in a moral sense. Of course it is uncomfortable, inconvenient, painful; and against that it is natural that you yearn for harmony and health, but the disease itself is not bad. It is the end result of an internal process; a dynamic between repression and the desire to be seen; and that dynamic is made known through the body. Look at your body as a very pure instrument. While your head is full of moral judgments about good and bad, the body remains oblivious to that. The body exists before and is outside the realm of judgments and morality. That in itself is a miracle; the body will not be caught by, nor will it be united with the voices of prejudice, fear or morality. In this sense, the body is the purest instrument that you have available here and now.

Do not consider the body only as a physical object, as only a lot of material, but as a manifestation or a much more complex phenomenon. The body is first of all an energy field. Sit from head to toe, even if you are sitting now . Be aware of the cusp of your head; and of your feet and your fingers; and feel that around you there is a field that covers everything. That field does not stop on the surface of your body, it extends even further; And it is bigger than your body.

This field of which I speak, your energy field, is very closely related to the cells and organs that constitute your body on the physical level. The body and the field are deeply intertwined; The one does not exist without the other. Feel a living field in you and around you; and connect with him. Inhale towards your belly and relax . This field contains the truth about you; and it is very close, it penetrates you and surrounds you; and yet you often cannot reach it because your thoughts act as a barrier that keeps you away from the impulses and the signals, from the truth of your body.

The barrier of thoughts is made up of judgments, rules about how things should be, about what is allowed and what is not. This barrier works like a sharp sword, because it divides your experiences and feelings into boxes; and the smooth flow, the unity of the whole, is cut and fragmented. Try to feel the countryside without thinking about it; just let him be there. Say "hello" to your body, to the complex and refined energy field that it is. Your Soul is as present in this field as it is in the physical cells of your heart, your organs, your blood; and all are intimately linked. What disconnects you from this living field are your thoughts, which separate and judge. Let go of all those centennial prejudices, saying "yes" to your heart, your belly, all the emotions that you carry inside, to the so-called good and evil; and look at them as a set. Be free in yourself ! Assume that everything that is alive here in this field is good and welcome; And it has value.

Imagine that you look for the edges of this field with your consciousness. See if you can feel how far it extends, how well it feels, how big your field is. Imagine that with your consciousness you slide very smoothly along those edges; and confirm: S, it's Me; This is who I am now and it is good. All this is allowed to exist. Please also determine that the field extends under your feet; and if it makes contact with the Earth. If it does not make full contact, bring your consciousness down to your feet and feel that the energy of the Earth welcomes you.

The sustaining and nourishing power of Mother Earth helps you feel more relaxed and calm within your own energy field; And he does it without judgment. The Earth and your body belong; they work from the same dynamic, from the same wisdom. This is the beginning of your connection with the energy of a disease or ailment; Free yourself from prejudices and reach your home in yourself. Feel how much you need that connection and how you have omitted it. Judging yourself and comparing yourself with others continuously is harmful, creates tension and nervousness.

To learn to understand the disease, it is necessary to reach your home in yourself, say s to who you are; and enter the field of non-prosecution that surrounds you and is in your body. While you calm down, in a state of silent observation and allowing yourself to be, imagine that a door appears before your inner eye. Behind that door is a part of you that you have hidden, that you have not wanted to see. Your body experiences a medical condition or disharmony, because you want to keep that part locked up. Let yourself be carried away by your thoughts as to what that part might be; Now imagine that the door opens. Because of your attention and your quiet Presence, that energy, that part of you, is now allowed to leave. You no longer feel the need to keep her locked up. Just look at what comes out, what appears. And remember: Everything is fine!

If you feel that you are about to make judgments, or if you begin to doubt that the process is working, let those thoughts go again. You don't need to see anything, just feel what flows out the door and say: S . If there you feel heaviness, that a certain emotional state arises, if you see a color coming out of the door, ask if it belongs to your body. What comes out is an emotional energy that you have repressed; Now ask where in your body that repression is. Is it occurring in the upper or lower part of your body, in a particular organ, in a certain location of your energy field ? Just look for something that catches your attention in the energy field that you are. Let the body speak to you; He wants to talk to you, give you suggestions, let you see something. Open up and even if you don't succeed initially, do it again when you're alone and relaxed.

Connect with the field that does not know the judgments. Imagine that there is a door through which he wants to show and manifest something that belongs to you and that you have rejected. Allow the consciousness of the Light to flow to the part of your body that has suffered from repression. It doesn't matter if this process of connecting with your body doesn't produce results immediately. You are fighting against ancient traditions of seeing things based on judgment and fear. Recovering the pure intuitive connection with your body demands that you again and again lean towards a state of tranquility and non-prosecution. If you do it regularly, you will begin to feel how effective it is. Even if a message doesn't arrive immediately, it's still good to be with yourself on this pure level.

Finally, I ask you to experience the power of the Earth under your feet again; and also that She is present in your body. Feel there the natural strength and the absence of judgments. The Earth knows instinctively what you need to heal, both physically and emotionally. Receive now your strength; and open yourself to the force of the Earth within your body.

Channeled by: Pamela Kribbe

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.
Energy and Spiritual Consulting

Mª Magdalena - Learning to understand the disease

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