Urgent call to the souls of the world souls by Master Djwal Khul

  • 2010

The dispensations open for the coming years, open routes, sometimes closed to all possible access in the contingency of the daily.

The cycles are ready to close the greatly initiatory circles,,, fulfilling the next movements of the spiral ascension at the level of the earth and its milky way ... it is the sacred moment for all this creation-

The call is for all aspirants, sympathizers, adherents, and for all those who received the spiritual seed, wherever they may be in their lives at this moment ...

We call the unit, to go in one direction only in anticipation of the preparation that is happening daily for the elevation of the planetary DNA, in general ... ... as for the human beings, who have received the star of the initiatory opening, by allowing it the access to certain classrooms of study, more prominent is and will be the urgent need to walk after the line drawn by the council of shamballa, and the very acceptance of being ... The obligation contracted with the essential being, the presence itself I am, the internal being itself, does not allow more delays…. the light demands the light, and every day that has passed, they will feel more clearly their sweet but firm voice speaking to them, as only the voice of your souls does, when they silence everything the frenzy of the external bustle-

I entrust you to highlight in your lives at every step the greatest and most noble spiritual values ​​that are intrinsically your real being, and to be adapted to the profound changes that occur and will continue with all impetus occurring in the elevation of light and the purpose for this milky way. .

I have allowed myself to write to you by the command of divine love. of the inspired wisdom and the sole purpose

I am in you

the Tibetan master

Channel: Mirtha green-bouquet.

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