The Brotherhood of the Rose. Beloved Mary

  • 2014

The brotherhood of the rose is the connection between your physical bodies and your fractal bodies, so you have access to this plane of consciousness.

Where we work thousands of servers of light, and where no one is excluded, whatever their planes of consciousness.

For The Ladies of the Rose, this work is more profound, it is all those women, who generation after generation, have conserved the energy of femininity deeper inside. They are beings of Light, who choose to incarnate in limited bodies or in times of darker consciousness, to continue singing to nature, co-creating with the elemental, in invisible planes, generating alchemy with plants, geometrizing with flowers, mandala, stones etc. Even in an animate way.

The brotherhood of the rose, allows us to extend and fill a physical plane with love, from fragrances to rescue its light, therefore, in moments of forgetting the self, as in healing to third parties, in meditation In song, at sea, you perceive the scent of roses or their petals flooding your electromagnetic field.

For every creation on earth, there is an aroma or fragrance that balances it, one hundred percent. We in the gardens of Maya co-create, at the same rate that you generate futurities and realities, so that they can be balanced, at any moment.

Healing them with roses, it is not only because of their physical fragrance that elevates the vibration, it is in itself the alignment by vibration of your crystalline consciousness. This will do, that each and every one of the energy bodies is built, which you have and those that will be revealed as you complete your ascension.

You have all been created from a light frequency, with your own tone or tonal key. That engenders a melody as you work your experiences on all levels of your existence, that melody is the tonal key to your auras, therefore sometimes, or melodies, in the nights when sleeping or meditating, which come from Aksha, where the original frequency is preserved and these melodies align you, again, so that you connect your heart chakra to the plexus and pineal and allow you, have prolonged moments or states of clarity, which will give you the strength to make decisions, or make new creations.

The roses of Gaia are something external to us through which to focus, they are fragrances of light, with vibration, that restore your original genetic codes, before experiencing duality, and are basically impregnated inside your chakras.

Beloved, you are pure vibration, but the mental noise does not allow you to hear the original melody of your being. That is why when the mind joins the heart, online, when the two follow the natural rhythm of the universe, the multidimensional consciousness opens.

As you all know, now is a great moment of universal opening, not only in Gaia, so you feel us more present than ever, or you see us more clearly, but we have been there, always present, in etheric planes, as in the most pure physical sense.

Many cultures have given thousands of explanations to roses, and all of them give them symbolisms, the most common of which are miracles ... (like the dried flowery rod of San Jose etc).

But really, when you feel fragrance of roses in the aura, without having them physically close, it is that we are actively working on your DNA, or that the place where you enter, is prepared for awareness.

If you see them, physically in meditation, visualization or some kind of energetic initiation, it is that this fact is complementing you and helping you to be yourself, in the next times.

If you perceive them in healing, it is that the geneticists of Gaia, and all the golden brotherhood, and of the emerald ray, are working together with you in that healing process, by explicit desire of the being of light, of the person you are attending .

Beloved the Brotherhood of the rose, it is a department of the white brotherhood, whose main purpose is divine love, and the restoration of polarities in living beings.

Each imprint generates a rose of light, which complements it and gives light to its partial creation.

They are the force of fractals in essence and pure state, pure geometry in action.

The essences of Gaia's roses are your DNA, in vibration.

Happy day to all Mare Maria

Channeled by Elsa Farrus

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The Brotherhood of the rose. Beloved Mary

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