The hidden value behind your emotional reactions

Your eyesight is different from your nose, and your nose is different from your touch, but although they are different senses, they all serve to interpret vibrations. In other words, when you approach a hot stove, your view does not necessarily indicate that the stove is hot; The ear, taste or smell also do not help you recognize that a stove is hot. But when you approach the stove with your body, the sensors on your skin indicate that the stove is hot.

You were born with sensitive, complex and sophisticated translators of vibrations that help you understand and define your experience. And just as you use your five senses to interpret your physical life experience, you were born with other sensors - your emotions - that are vibratory interpreters that help you understand, immediately, the experiences you live.

Emotions are indicators of your point of attraction

Your emotions indicate at all times the vibratory content of your Being. Thus, when you consciously feel your emotions, you can also be aware of the vibrations you offer. And when you combine your knowledge about the Law of Attraction with this instant awareness of the vibrations you offer, you will gain total control of your powerful point of attraction. With this knowledge, you can guide your life experience as you wish.

Your emotions refer - simply, purely and exclusively - to the relationship with your Source. And since your emotions tell you everything you want and need to know about the relationship with your Source, we usually refer to your emotions as your Emotional Guide.

When you decided to incarnate in this physical body, you perfectly understood your eternal connection with the Source of Energy, and knew that your emotions would be constant indicators that would mark you, at all times, your current relationship with the Source of Energy. Therefore, as you understood that you would always have access to this powerful guidance system, you did not experience any sense of risk or confusion, but only a sense of adventure and euphoria.

Emotions are indicators of your alignment with your Energy Source

Your emotions indicate your degree of alignment with your Source. Although you can never reach a lack of alignment with your Source that causes you to disconnect from it completely, the thoughts you pay attention to indicate your alignment or lack of alignment with the Non-Physical Energy that you are. Thus, with time and practice, you will come to know, at all times, your degree of alignment with who you are, for you prosper when you are in total harmony with the Energy of your Source and do not prosper when you do not allow this alignment to occur.

You are a being that you enjoy personal power; you enjoy total freedom to create, and when you understand it and focus on things that form a vibratory harmony you feel an indescribable joy. But when you focus on thoughts that contravene that truth, you feel the opposite emotions of lack of power and slavery. All emotions are part of that range, from joy to lack of power.

Use your emotions to shape your Wellbeing

When you focus on a thought that tunes in with who you are, you feel that harmony flows throughout your physical body. Joy, love and the feeling of freedom are examples of this alignment. And when you focus on thoughts that are not in tune with who you are, you feel a discordance in your physical body. Depression, fear and the feeling of slavery are examples of this lack of alignment.

In the same way that the sculptors mold the clay to create a work that pleases them, you create by molding the Energy. You mold it through your power of concentration, of thinking, remembering and imagining certain things. You concentrate Energy when you speak, when you write, when you listen, when you remain silent, when you remember and when you imagine; You concentrate it through the projection of your thoughts.

Like a sculptor who, over time and practice, learns to mold the clay with precision to create what he desires, you can learn to mold the Energy that creates worlds through your mental concentration. And, just as the sculptor shapes the clay to recreate his vision, you can use your emotions to shape your Wellbeing.

Three steps to achieve what you want to be, do or have

The Creative Process is very simple from a conceptual point of view. It consists of three steps:

* First Step (it is up to you): You ask.

* Second Step (it is not up to you): You get an answer.

* Third Step (it is up to you): You must receive or accept (let it flow towards you) the answer given to you.

First Step: You ask

Since you live in a wonderful and diverse environment, the First Step is produced easily and automatically, as this is how your natural preferences are generated. Everything from your subtle and even unconscious desires to your clear, precise and lived desires is a consequence of the various experiences that make up your day. Desires (or the fact of asking) are the natural result of finding yourself in this medium full of fantastic diversity and contrasts. Therefore, the First Step occurs naturally.

Second Step: The Universe Responds

The Second Step is very simple, because it is not up to you. The Second Step corresponds to the Non-Physical, it is the work of the Force called GOD. All the things you ask, big and small, are taken care of and offered immediately, without exception. Each point of Consciousness has the right and the power to ask, and all points of Consciousness are respected and taken care of immediately. When you ask, you are granted. Always.

Sometimes you express what you ask with words, but as a rule emanates from you through vibrations, a constant flow of personal preferences, each of which gives way to the next, and all of them are respected and taken care of.

Each question is answered. Each request is granted. Each prayer is answered. Every wish is granted. But the reason that many deny that reality, and argue examples of dissatisfied desires corresponding to their life experience, is because they have not yet understood and completed the Third Step, whose importance is decisive, because if one does not complete This step the existence of the First and Second Step can go unnoticed.

Third Step: Allow it to flow to you

The Third Step consists in the application of the Art of Allowing. It is the reason that your Emotional Guide exists. It is the step by which you readjust the vibrational frequency of your Being to match the vibrational frequency of your desire. Just as you must adjust your radio's dial to the frequency of the station you wish to listen to, the vibrational frequency of your Being must match the frequency of your desire. It is the art of allowing your natural well-being to flow, that is, allowing what you ask to flow to you. If you are not in a receptive state, it will seem to you that your requests have not been answered, even if they have been; it will seem to you that your prayers have not received an answer, and your wishes will not be fulfilled, not because they have not been heard, but because your vibrations do not coincide with them, so that you do not allow them to flow towards you.

Each theme constitutes two themes: the desired and the unwanted

Each question is made up of two questions: what you want and the absence of what you want. Often - even if you think you think of something you want - you are really thinking just the opposite of what you want. In other words: ; ; .

What you think and what you receive always coincides from the vibrational point of view, so it is very useful to make a conscious correlation between what you think and what is manifested in your life experience, but it is even more useful to discern where you are going before to get there When you understand your emotions and the important message they convey, you will not have to wait for something to manifest in your experience to understand what kind of vibrations you have emitted, but what you feel will indicate exactly where you are going.

Focus on what you want, not what you want to avoid

The Creative Process is verified regardless of whether you are aware of it. Due to the variety and contrast of your experiences, new preferences are constantly born in you, which although you don't realize it, you transmit them as if they were requests. And at the same time you transmit a preference, the Energy Source receives your vibratory request and under the Law of Attraction offers you an immediate response, with which you must align yourself in a vibratory sense.

The reason why you are not always aware that your wishes have got an answer is that there is often a gap between the moment you make your request (First Step) and the moment you allow the answer to flow to you (Third He passed). Although a clear desire emanates from you as a result of the contrast you experience, often instead of focusing solely on the desire itself, you focus on the contradictory situation generated by that desire, so that your vibrations coincide more with the reason why the one who has formulated your desire with your own desire.

For example, your car is old and requires frequent repairs ... When you start to notice that it fails, you want a new car. And as you look forward to experiencing the sense of security that a new car provides, a vibratory rocket of desire emanates from you that the Source has received and serviced immediately.

But since you were not aware of the Law of Attraction and the Creation Process based on three steps, this new feeling of euphoria is not long-lasting. So instead of immediately focusing your attention on your new desire and continuing to turn to the perspective of a brand-new and wonderful car (thus reaching a vibratory harmony with your new idea), you think about the vehicle you now own, pointing out the reasons why you want a new car., you think, without realizing that by thinking about your old car you are focusing your vibrations on it instead of focusing on the new car you want., you explain, pointing out the dents, scratches and failures of the old man.

With every phrase of need and justification of a new car you reinforce without wanting the vibration of your annoying present situation, and in doing so, you continue to keep yourself in a vibrational discordance with your new desire instead of being receptive to what you ask for.

The more you pay attention to what you do not want regarding this situation, you will not get what you ask for. In short, if you think predominantly of your wonderful new car, it will begin to flow slowly and systematically towards you, but if you think first of all about the old thing you have now, your brand new and wonderful new car will not arrive.

It may seem complicated to distinguish between thinking about your new car and continuing to spin the old one, but when you are aware of your Emotional Guide you will be able to make that distinction.

Now you have the key to create all your desires

When you understand that your thoughts coincide with your point of attraction and that the way you feel indicates your level of acceptance or rejection, you will hold the key that will allow you to create as much as you want.

It is impossible for you to continually feel positive emotions about something and to mislead yourself, just as it is impossible for you to continually feel negative emotions about something and to bear fruit, because what you feel tells you whether or not you allow your natural well-being to flow to you.

Although there is no source of disease, you can emit thoughts that prevent your well-being from flowing just as you can emit thoughts that prevent your natural abundance from flowing, even if there is no source of poverty. Well-being flows continuously towards you, and if you have not acquired thoughts that delay or slow you down, you will experience it in all areas of your life.

No matter what situation you are in relation to what you want. By paying attention to what you feel, and orienting your thoughts towards more pleasant thoughts, you will enter into vibratory harmony with your natural Well-being.

Keep in mind that, as an extension of pure and positive Nonphysical Energy, the greater the vibrational harmony you keep with yourself, the better you will feel. For example, when you appreciate something, you keep a vibratory harmony with who you are. When you love someone, or yourself, you keep a vibrational harmony with who you are. But when you start looking for defects in the other person or yourself, at that moment you offer a vibration that does not correspond with who you really are, and the negative emotion you feel indicates that you have introduced a vibration of resistance and do not allow it to produce a pure connection between your physical being and the Non-Physical part of you.

We often refer to the Non-Physical part of your being as your Inner Being, or your Source. Regardless of what you call this Energy Source, or Life Force, you need to be aware of when you allow your connection with it to occur and when you resist. Your emotions always indicate your degree of acceptance or resistance.

With practice you will become a joyful and deliberate creator

As you reflect on how you feel, you will master the art of directing your Energy Source and you will become a disciplined, joyful and deliberate creator. With practice, you will gain precise control over this Creative Energy and, like the skilled sculptor, you will delight in shaping this Energy that creates worlds, orienting you towards your creative ends.

When you focus on Creative Energy, you must consider two factors: first, the intensity and speed of Energy; and second, the extent to which you accept or reject it. The first factor has to do with the amount of time you spend thinking about your desire, as well as the degree of accuracy. In other words, when you have long wanted something your power to invoke it is much greater than if you think about it for the first time today. Also, if you have been thinking about it for a long time and have experienced a contrast that has helped you focus more specifically, your desire invokes it in an even more powerful way. When a desire acquires that power or that speed it will be very easy for you to realize how you approach the second factor: the acceptance or rejection part.

When you think of something that you have wanted for a long time, and at this moment you notice that it has not yet happened, you are thinking that it has not happened, an intense negative emotion is present in you, because you think of something that has a very energy powerful with which you do not keep a vibratory harmony. But if you think about something that you have wanted for a long time and imagine that it is about to happen, you feel an emotion of expectation or illusion.

Thus, the way you feel indicates if, at this moment, you are vibratingly aligned with your desire or the absence of it; if you accept or resist it, if at this time you facilitate or hinder it.

It's not about controlling your thoughts, but about guiding them

In your society so technological and sophisticated, in which you have almost immediate access to everything that happens on your planet, you are so bombarded by thoughts and ideas that, sometimes, you have the feeling that they invade your personal experience. Thus, the idea of ​​controlling that avalanche of thoughts seems impossible. It is normal to pay attention to what is before you.

We do not ask you to strive to control your thoughts, but to strive to try to guide them. Actually, rather than guiding your thoughts, it is about trying to feel in a certain way, because it is easier to try to feel as you want than to keep your thoughts in a vibratory sense with what you think is favorable.

The Law of Attraction magnetically attracts and organizes your thoughts, so that you should deliberately understand and collaborate with the Law of Attraction in order to guide your thoughts.

Keep in mind that when you pay attention to a thought, that thought is immediately activated in you, so that the Law of Attraction responds immediately, which means that others who keep a vibratory harmony with the one you just activated join it and make it a more pronounced, powerful and attractive thought. And while you remain focused on it, and it expands, other thoughts that keep a vibratory harmony with that powerful thought join it, and so on.

When your practiced thinking becomes a dominant thought

When you deliberately focus on a subject, and generate a systematic activation of it in you, it becomes a practiced or dominant thought. And when that happens, things that coincide with him begin to manifest around your dominant thinking. In the same way that some correlative thoughts joined your previous thought, in your personal experience certain correlative things begin to manifest with your dominant thought: articles in magazines, conversations with friends, personal observations The process of attraction It is obvious. When your attention vigorously activates a vibration that you have practiced, certain things that are desired or unwanted begin to flow into your personal experience. This is the Law of Attraction.

How to become a deliberate creator

Remember that before you benefit from paying attention to your emotions, you must understand that Wellness is the only Stream that flows. You can accept or reject that Current, but if you accept it, you feel good, and if you reject it, you feel bad. In other words, there is only one Wellness Stream, and the way you feel tells you if you accept or reject it.

The natural thing is that you prosper. That you feel good. You are good, you are loved and Wellness flows constantly to you. If you accept it, it will manifest itself in many ways in your life experience.

The subject you pay attention to is pulsating and emitting a vibration of Energy. As you focus on it, you begin to vibrate just as it vibrates. Every time you focus on it, and every time you emit vibrations, you find it easier to do it the next time, until after time you develop a vibratory proclivity. As with anything else, as you practice it is easier for you. And if you focus on that thought and practice this vibration, you form what you call.

A belief is nothing more than a practiced vibration. In other words, when you practice a thought long enough, each time you approach the subject of that thought, the Law of Attraction easily leads you to the vibration of your belief. From there the Law of Attraction accepts that belief as your point of attraction and gives you things that match that vibration. Thus, when you live a vital experience that corresponds to the thoughts you have focused on, you conclude that. And although it would be correct to call it, we prefer to call it attraction, or creation.

The thought you focus on becomes you. The Law of Attraction says so. Your life, and that of the whole world, is but a reflection of the predominance of your thoughts. Without exception.

Have you made the decision to direct your thoughts?

To be a deliberate creator of your experience you must make the decision to direct your thoughts, because only when you deliberately choose the direction of your thoughts can you deliberately influence your point of attraction.

You can not continue talking, observing and believing in things as you have always done and make changes in your point of attraction, nor (as we have said before) you can set the dial of your radio to 630 AM and listen to the music that the 101 emits FM Your vibrational frequencies must match.

Every emotion you feel tells you whether or not you are aligned with the Energy of your Source. Your emotions are your indicators of the vibrational discrepancy between your physical Being and your Inner Being, and when you pay attention to those emotions and try to focus on pleasant thoughts you are using your Emotional Guide as you intended to do when you embodied in this physical body.

Your Emotional Guide is the key to help you understand your vibratory content and, therefore, constitutes your current point of attraction. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the thought of what you want and the thought of its absence. But distinguishing between your emotional response to the thought of what you want and your emotional response to the thought of the absence of your desire is very easy. Because when you are fully focused on your desire (and the vibrations you offer reflect it), you feel wonderfully. And when you focus on the absence of something you crave, you feel very bad. Your emotions always tell you exactly what your point of attraction is. Thus, if you pay attention to your emotions and deliberately emit thoughts that affect the way you feel, you can consciously guide yourself towards the vibrational frequency that will allow you to satisfy any desire.

Can you accept yourself as a Vibratory Being?

Most of our physical friends are not accustomed to considering their lives in terms of vibrations, let alone to consider themselves as radio transmitters and receivers. But you live in a Vibratory Universe and you are composed of more energy, vibration or electricity than you imagine. When you accept this new orientation and begin to accept yourself as a Vibratory Being that attracts all the things that flow into your experience, you will embark on the delicious journey towards Deliberate Creation. When you understand the correlation between what you think, what you feel and what you receive, you will have achieved it. Now you have all the necessary keys to go from where you are where you want to go, in all aspects.

Esther and Jerry Hicks

"Ask and it will be given to you"

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