A Message From Your Guides ~ August 9, 2014 ~ Yeshua and La Magdalena

  • 2014

Dear Me:

We would like to embark on a different way of communicating with you and it will be in the form of a number of us who are part of the Guide Group by speaking to you through our voices individual. We are going to talk to you in a way that we hope is easier to assimilate, as if you were listening to an individual instead of questioning who is coming through or wondering who is the Group of Guides. We would like to start by telling you in advance that some of the Guides that will come through will be: Yeshua (AKA Jesus), Mother Mary, and Maria Magdalena.

As we begin this new format we will welcome your feedback comments. You can simply reflect on the message and let us know through your thoughts how you 'feel it', or you can put your thoughts in writing and send them to our channel in response to what we will now call: “A Message From Your Guides.” We certainly We guide all of you individually and collectively, whether you are aware of this or not. We hope that this new format increases your understanding and experience of it.

We would like to familiarize you with some of the concepts that you may have difficulty accepting at the beginning. When you reflect on our words, we ask you to let go of what you think you know and open yourself to what you feel in your heart, mind, body and spirit . When they process information through many aspects of their being, rather than just with their mind, and allow themselves to understand that many of the systems that are in place in their world are there because certain individuals and institutions manipulate the information and events for their own benefit, then they allow themselves to see through the false constructs that have permeated so much of their current culture today .

We will start with a different version of what many of you believe is true. Certainly there will be individuals who will be irritated, will be in shock, will doubt extremely, and there will be many of you feeling great confusion. Conversely, there are those who upon receiving this message who have known for some time that what we are saying is true, will probably feel joy, a validation of what you have come to believe is true, and a sincere joy that we are sharing this message with so many

In order for us to proceed in a way that we can continue to reach all of you despite how you receive this first “Message From Your Guides, ” we implore you to feel with this information and the following three messages before leaving the list of subscription, if that is your initial desire in response. Of course it is always your choice, and as we often remind you, you are your own authority. We would like to simply assimilate the information we share by reflecting on it for a few days and weeks without reacting. We invite you to consider the possibility that what we say is true, no matter how impossible it may seem. Remember that in terms of world events over the course of many centuries, much of its history has been misrepresented to reflect what those in power wanted the masses to believe.

There is so much in your world that it has been hidden from you, and we are here in service to help you remember what you all already know through your collective consciousness. As you allow our story to develop over the coming weeks and months, it will make much more sense to you as we weave together the threads of the story that have been changed, erased, adorned or totally misunderstood. It is time for this story to be highlighted for all of you as it has already been dating for some years for select groups around the world. Now there are enough people holding in their conscience the truth within the masses so that we can share this information with those who are not actively seeking it. Those who are already aware of this information are a testament to the truth, not simply because they have accepted it as truth but because they have prepared the way for all of you to be ready to receive this information now .

We begin: I am Yeshua, whom your Bible refers to as Jesus. Isn't it strange that you know me with a Hispanic name when I was born and educated in the Middle East in a Jewish family? This is one of the many obvious inconsistencies that are so well accepted simply because they have been instilled for centuries.

The story is very different from what they have read in the New Testament. The novelty of that story happened because the founding fathers of the church had a great interest in suppressing the truth to maintain the power they had amassed after my supposed death on the cross. Yes, I died on the cross, and I did rise again. I also ascended, but not to Heaven as most of you think. I ascended to a higher level of consciousness that allowed me to do many things that I had not been able to do before that point. Yes, I was able to perform all the miracles attributed to me. After resurrecting, however, I was able to do much more. I continued to live and work in many lands after my supposed death and I married my Dear Miriam (AKA Maria Magdalena), who was pious and dedicated, not the prostitute or adulteress as the New Testament portrays her. I would like to share with you some very basic and fundamental facts about us. We were married years before my crucifixion and she was always faithful to me before and after. We had three children together and we adopted two more. We also take care of other children for periods of time. Most of that work fell to Mary and our family and the Esena community (of the Essenes) because I was away for a long time.

My greatest joy was getting home to Miriam and our children and extended family. We live a joyful life of asceticism, according to its standards, and yet we were blessed with an abundance of all good things - love, laughter, songs, dance, a deep and deep respect for God, Mother Earth and all Her beings . We had everything we needed to live a rich life . The Earth always shared its wealth with us abundantly because we were excellent caretakers of the Earth and we lived in a correct relationship with everyone and everything in our environment.

How the church saw us and our lifestyle as a threat because we didn't need them to intercede for us to have an excellent understanding and relationship with God, and because it was known that I continued to teach others as much as I had learned As possible, I was constantly persecuted. For this reason we lived a nomadic lifestyle and eventually settled in Europe where it was safest for us. I kept traveling to spread God's true message widely. Miriam and I were separated for long periods of time. I missed my wife and children greatly, and yet, as they grew up, we consciously encouraged them to spread over long distances to teach others and keep us dispersed so that if we were massacred in one place others would survive to continue with The teachings without us.

We will end this chapter here because it is longer than you are used to . We look forward to sharing more of our history with you, and you can expect to receive a very different version of the history of the church that has become prevalent in its present time and place.

We love you greatly. Know and recognize that you are Love, that is what you are, and born to be that.

And so it is.

Yeshua and the Guide Group

Source: http://lightworkers.org

Translated by Gloria Mühlebach

A Message From Your Guides ~ August 9, 2014 ~ Yeshua and La Magdalena

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