The Language of the New Age - Channeled Message from Koot Hoomi

  • 2018

Messages of the Masters of Light.

In Portuguese the Original .

As the new energies have been embodied throughout the planet, reaching all the souls that yearn to reach their liberation, a new language has emerged, thus forming an energetic current with a tendency to Renew all systems of humanity.

The renewal is done from the inside out and from the top down, and is being brought by the New Solar Christ.

These new energies reach the soul so that from it comes a new way of living in the world, that is, they bring the elevated feelings of the Divine essence to the personality, in order to transform, renew and elevate it.

Therefore, those who walk the paths of the spiritual path feel the transition through the conflicts that the personality presents in the day to day, between the old and the new language.

The increasing dissatisfaction of the Children of Light is due to the fact that the language of the soul gradually becomes more conscious in themselves, in the middle of an external world of surpassed values, where an archaic language prevails.

Loved! You know that you are being renewed and your minds innovated.

Do not miss the opportunity of this intense transformation!

Be consistent with the language of your deepest feelings, the language of your Greater Self!

Transmute your dissatisfactions!

It is time to definitely renew them, leaving aside the identifications with the old world.

Today the contact with nature is much more sought because in it the new energies cause a Great Internal Unity, and human beings thirst for these energies within themselves to restructure their internal universe.

The energies of nature align and balance the human being, tuning him to his own essence, leading him to a unity with his Greater Self .

This unity with nature is already within more than a third of humanity. It is necessary to integrate the languages ​​of the soul and of the personality through a constant self-evaluation of attitudes, thus separating the “straw of wheat” into each one.

In order for internal transformation to take place, much will and persistence are needed so that the direction is clear, clear objectives and awareness can extend beyond physical limits.

Dissatisfaction will be transformed into satisfaction when the innovative feelings of the soul based on universal love can be externalized.

This action will move mountains and create a New Life on the human plane. Therefore, all walkers of the hidden path must reflect on these words and create the New Reality through the exteriorization of universal Love and the Greater Unity, thus allowing the Word to renew the face of the Earth.

As has already been said:

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. .. ”


Spiritual Channel: Lourdes Rosa.

PORTUGUESE-SPANISH TRANSLATION: Patricia Gambetta, editor in the great family of

SOURCE: "Mensagens Dos Beres de Luz" book. Second edition. Authors Henrique Rosa and Lourdes Rosa.

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