Message from Maestro Ritzua: "True learning", By Fernanda Abundes

  • 2017

Grateful for the call and happy to be among you ...

Wisdom as a term

Many consider that wisdom is then what is obtained as time passes; but then the wise begin to understand that time is something that only measures, that time is also a situation that pressures those minds that try to understand and then humans understand everything they do not understand and then, what is the question of understanding What is not understood. When the questions of life arise and specifically of existence, it is about answering through life itself what is considered as: the way forward.

Many consider and in wisdom also state that the mission must be defined and especially marked in those great beings. They consider those that the mission must be fully understood and then it will be understandable.

Understood and understandable?

Well, understood in the sense that they know what they should do and then the wise become confused as it is not easy; So, it is not understandable along the way.

Corresponding to this, remember that wisdom is not an attainable term, much less a situation that accumulates. I mean that knowledge does not accumulate wisdom, nor will it be a matter of success, in this sense wisdom is not the prize, wisdom is a condition.

And what is the concrete condition within all this?

Wisdom starts from the characteristic of humans. All humans contain in it, that is, humans are wise by nature simply because their existence, the subject of life, is a very deep situation. In this sense, from the conception of human beings duality is applied, that is, polarities are applied both the polarity that the being gives as "he" and the polarity that the beings give as "she".

I want to say that within the fusion of nature, a term of wisdom exists since then; beings know that the balance comes from then the simplest part, the most complex part at the same time. I want to say that then when the first cell is formed and the set of cells is a complete equilibrium situation, and that is when the wise must understand that they need both realities to truly continue on the path. We could say that the road is a fairly long path and at the same time in this situation, they understand that there are things on one side that can fascinate them and there are other things on the other, which tend to disturb them; but they need both situations to know what the concrete path is. We could say that the path of life is right in the middle; but on one side you find the fascinating and on the other side what disturbs.

What can be what disturbs the human being?

Time ... and that is when the wise person understands that time cannot belong to the side that disturbs him, he must understand that this will continue to run according to the measurement of time; but that is not something on which you should really base what you can learn and then, on what fascinates you could be those beings with whom you generate attachments but those same, as time passes and passes what disturbs them, the absence, what the wise knows that it is not death, only a change, can then understand that beings even when they are no longer in the totally physical plane, will continue on their path.

When the wise transcends reality in the sense of thought and considers that the tangible is not only what he can observe but what he feels, he will understand that the path is much deeper. The wise know, the wise understand, the wise must understand above all reality and this reality is based on the fact that not only the tangible is certain; there are even things that do not perceive the senses that are much safer but go unnoticed and those are the true weapons of the wise to continue.

Emotional strengths are quite useful when the situations of what it disturbs tend, in a certain way, to complicate the path more and that is when the fears must come out and then continue with those emotional strengths, part of that continues in the situations of objectives .

I want to say that situations of emotional strengths also result in a situation of what is called the objective. The objective of the life of beings, of course that is also understood and is also in what results from a merely human success. The wise of course need depth in their knowledge, go beyond the tangible but not neglect their human side, because that is, human beings, beings that are composed of two situations. That is the balance, those beings who have forgotten human situations should also remember that they are human.

The path of wisdom, the path of spirituality, is not only based on non-tangible situations but also on the facts. To be a great human being you must be a great being and also a great human; In this sense, do not neglect the situations that are merely of this dimension. He who balances may understand that dimensional learning is great but that messages that result from what human life can provide you, balancing all the conditions they deserve, are also very valuable to give the body well-being. Balancing situations also caring for what is considered as the vehicle to achieve it and the vehicle to achieve it is the human body. Not forbidding human existence but not in excesses, it is then when they will realize that they must complement in that path of life in that stretch, those situations, the fascinating, what disturbs, need to know what scares them and then they will know how to define the path so that it does not happen again. They also need pleasant situations to know what that is what they should preserve.

Remember that in life not everything has to be what fascinates, you must also know what disturbs so that you know how to isolate it, so that you also know that between happiness and sadness you need a middle point. There is no constant or perpetual happiness, nor is there constant and perpetual sadness, they are composed of endless emotions. In the universe, just as the stars illuminate the path, situations also illuminate emotions, in this sense, in order to be a balanced being, they need the pure existence of both realities. It does not mean that they are bad and good from the term that does not exist as such, but it means that they can know. He who knows the two realities can understand what his concrete path is and then, result in a third reality, not in that of the world, not in the measurement and division of the world, but in what is He. And that is when he shares dualities, what truly exists, then that is when man and woman become one, in a sense of strength, in a sense of emotion. It is then that the road must be straight and fair, in the middle of that there is no more.

The wise person understands it and must not understand it as their human days are ending but as they begin, I mean, that they are always understood as they are children; He forgets on the path of the journey and they remember it again when they are already in their last moments of human life. Why not remember it on that path? Whoever thinks about it, it will be much easier to go through, as they call it, all those complex situations that belong to part of what disturbs.

Wisdom remember, that it is a situation of equilibrium, when suddenly adverse things happen to the wise should not deny them, it should not also say that why they happen to him having so many wise in the world ; in a certain way you should be grateful that it is much stronger than those adverse situations, that even what disturbs you will be able to be much more in what fascinates you and that is when you get your balance, that is true learning; not to consider that they do not need adverse situations but to know that they are much stronger, much more reliable than any obstacle that can be crossed.

Grateful for the call and happy to be here.

Message channeled by Fernanda Abundes ( ) (Puebla, Mexico)

Published by Geny Castell, editor of the great family of the

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