The team - Sustaining the galactic design

  • 2015

We are here once again to embrace you with our gratitude and deep respect for your willingness to be the agents of the change of your reality. We recognize the intensity of your interconnection with this Dimension; and the dense vibrations and frequencies that you continually find.

The ascended masters of the white brotherhood

Humanity is in the midst of an unprecedented transmutation.

This change, this evolution, this Ascension to the Higher Dimensions, has been occurring gradually for decades. Many individuals are totally unaware that this is happening. They remain asleep, embraced at the dense frequencies of collective consciousness.

However, from the Zero Point of your Galactic Center you are offering frequencies and energy vibrations that are increasing rapidly; and they are stimulating the electromagnetic field and energy of your Planet, as well as those of each Human.

These powerful new vibrations are activating your sleeping multidimensional consciousness and understanding . Your DNA itself is going through a recalibration. Sleeping skills are being accelerated; and badly qualified patterns or programs in your system, are being gently eliminated.

This is the process of evolution and Ascension. You are being driven to accept your rightful place as the Star Seed Being that you are; Join him now. Consider yourself as a true galactic citizen who is here activating and anchoring, in the quantum field, collective awakening and transmutation.

This three-dimensional reality in which you are focused, is only a small aspect of the many Divine dimensional realities available. However, we know and observe your dedicated approach to what you are experiencing in your daily life with your family, your work, the pleasures and challenges of being in dense physical form.

But remember that you are a Star Seed and that you are here in this dense reality of 3rd / 4th Dimension, to anchor the Divine Consciousness. In order for a transformation in this reality of polarities and Free Will to take place, it is required that a Stellar Being be incarnated and fully and by itself experience the very dense and dysfunctional energies.

The deep galactic vibrations that are being offered are activating and unleashing your true understanding of this assignment. We are not invalidating your personal physical experience; We are here to remind you that your purpose is much greater than what you are allowing yourself to accept.

This is a dysfunctional planet ; the divine creative ability of the Star Beings that came to anchor the galactic heritage has been misused. When you look at all the incredible life forms that manifest here on your Planet, ask yourself: Where does the design for such a surprising variety of unique life forms come from?

These life forms were sown from your Galaxy in the quantum field of this Dimension. You are becoming aware that you are the true stewards of all living Beings. You are the custodians of the galactic heritage.

Your expanded consciousness is truly changing the misqualified creations in your quantum field. You are waking up; and as a Multidimensional Stellar Being of awake Divine Consciousness, you have the ability, as well as Mastery, to change what is detrimental to life.

These new and powerful vibrations that are expanding and recalibrating your sleeping DNA are expanding your Divine Consciousness. The expanded consciousness of Humanity begins to offer the keys, solutions, methods and inspirations to clean your air, purify your water, take care of the other sensitive living Beings; and restore your planet as the true garden sown with the galactic heritage .

We are observing that at this very moment this is beginning to happen slowly. You can observe it too. We invite you to focus on what is happening that is really making a difference, the positive life-sustaining changes that are occurring. Remember that you are intertwined with all other living Beings . What you maintain as vision, what you anchor, the voluntary transformation of any limitations or personal dysfunction of yours, truly radiate into the whole field.

Start welcoming these frequencies and vibrations that are bathing Humanity; and allow you to incorporate them voluntarily. Invite them, dedicate personal time to practices that improve your physical, emotional, mental and etheric energy fields, which contribute to your magnificent unique energy signature. Recognize that you are truly making a difference; And empower yourself. Own that.

Take time to visualize a new reality for your Planet. Together with other like-minded people, spend time together to do the visualization. Find many reasons to always be cheerful, grateful and feeling appreciation. Amplify these frequencies, these thoughts and these emotions.

Every morning as you leave your dream, remember to declare: I am fully incarnated, I am anchored in the electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields of this Planet, I am connected with my Divine Source . This statement is extremely elegant in its simplicity. This intention honors both your physical Self and your Divine Star Seed Self, forming a conscious society and then anchoring it in the energy of your Planet, while recognizing that it is always there. s connected with the Source of Divine Consciousness . Understand that this is the form of the Trinity.

At some point you will become aware that you are your Multidimensional Divine Consciousness looking through your physical eyes. You will see this reality from that perspective. You will begin to realize that you easily change from one Dimension to another. You will be open and receptive to Divine Inspiration and ideas of solutions to elevate and transform what is happening on your Planet. This is the forefront of transmutation. You are the agent of change, you are the alchemist.

Be gentle with yourself and others. Honor your physical body ; realize that when you anchor these changes and transformations in your cells and in your DNA, you will often feel discomforts of various kinds. Relax about the discomfort and manifestations of disturbance of these changes. Frequently, resistance intensifies these physical sensations.

Remain connected to your body, use energy tools to abandon any essence or discomfort . In your imagination, visualize and create an alchemical healing chamber, feel reclined in the beautiful space before falling asleep, or when you have some kind of physical discomfort. Call on the Divine Healing Energy and the non-physical Beings of Love and Light, to help you integrate the new frequencies.

We celebrate what is happening in the entanglement of Humanity. We honor and celebrate your transformation, expansion and awareness as a member of the Star Seed Family. We join you in the service and dedication of raising dysfunctional and poorly qualified energies; and anchor the new life- sustaining Galactic Design .

The Divine Consciousness of Love and Light, in all its myriad of forms, is always available to help and assist when you need it. We offer our support as well as our gratitude for those who are incarnation.

The team.

TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodríguez R.

AUTHOR: Peggy Black


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