Self-training online course: Learn to read Akashic Records, by Mnica Roset

  • 2019

Special offer readers of the Great White Brotherhood. 90

AUTOFORMATIVE online course in which you will learn to read your Akashic, that of others, and that of physical spaces. You can also perform the relevant energy healing. All this with the purpose of helping you in your personal growth, that you can make different decisions from the usual ones, leave your comfort zone and be able to act differently to obtain different results.

It consists of 7 modules with more than 10 hours of video tutorials so you can learn step-by-step technique, work material, and PDF manuals.

Do it at your own pace, at your own pace, and from your computer, your tablet or mobile phone.

Some opinions of students

If what you are looking for, is to understand / learn to know yourself from love and with the feeling that it is time to heal this is your course. It helps you to contact your own essence making you feel protected and able to heal your fears and indecisions at all times, reaching the middle of the course what I need is to keep moving forward, I recommend it to is the best therapy with myself that I have found. ()

It suited me very well to see what the structure and methodology of the program was like. The meditation that guided Monica seemed very powerful. (BP)

Monica is an excellent professional and teacher. The course is very well structured and orderly, with practical exercises to assimilate the concepts, in fact it is essential to practice to get the most out of the course. Totally recommended. (JM)

Is this course for you?

Cases in which you should sign up for the online course: Reader of Akashic Records. Growing with ak shicos . At your own pace at your own pace.

Coaches and therapists who want to work from the transpersonal and differentiate in the market.

· People who have been in the process of personal growth .

· People with great self-discipline .

· People who question the reality they are living.

· People with curiosity and open mind who want to approach the transpersonal .

· People who seek to empower themselves to take charge of their lives and stop giving up their power to others.

Cases in which you should NOT sign up for the online course: Reader of Akashic Records. "Growing up with akashic." At your own pace:

· If your economic situation is not good. That is, if you make the investment in yourself, right now you are going to unbalance your finances, my recommendation is that you do not do it. There will be another time

· If you are already a reader of Akashic records and you have a methodology that works for you and you are satisfied.

· If you have doubts, or show an attitude of disbelief, this workshop is not for you.

· If you expect to find “magic solutions” in this course, and expect everything to come from heaven, this course is not for you either.

· If you are looking for some type of official accreditation.

Video presentation Self-training Online Course

To find out more about this workshop, download the syllabus in Learn to read Akashic Records:

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I want to take the Akashic Records Reader course. Growing up with Akashic. At your own pace and at your own pace.

Materials you will receive

- Manual in PDF format with everything you need to read Akashic records.

- 2 Guided meditations of connection with your akashic record and of connection with your essence.

- Access to video tutorials

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About me

Transformational and career guidance coach

Reading of Akashic Records and energy therapy

Degree in Social Work and Labor Sciences, with a long experience in working with people and organizations in times of change.

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Monica Roset

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