Understanding and Healing the Ancient Battle between Men and Women By Gerrit Gielen

  • 2017
Table of contents hide 1 Creation: A cooperation between the masculine and feminine energies 2 Paradise: Balance between the feminine and the masculine 3 The end of paradise: The snake and the emergence of duality 4 The feminine dominion and the wounds of the energy of men (manly energy) 5 The 1st wound: The loss of beauty 6 The 2nd wound: The loss of Love 7 The 3rd wound: The loss of wisdom 8 The 4th wound: The loss of tenderness in sexuality 9 The emergence of manly dominance 10 Extraterrestrial influences and the emergence of Atlantis 11 After the fall: The Atlantean curse 12 Fortunately, more and more people are beginning to listen. 13 The Return of the Lightworkers 14 Full Humanity

Gerrit Gielen / January 14, 2017

Creation: A cooperation between the masculine and feminine energies

In the beginning is the Creation: Time and space are created from the One; The consequence is diversity: Life takes endless forms; There is an infinite number of fields of expertise, spheres, dimensions and worlds to explore. This raises the question: Why did Creation occur?

The Unit includes everything; and for you to be aware only of a part of that unit, Creation is necessary. To give an example: White light is the sum of all colors; To experience the individual colors we have to break the White Light with the use of a prism. This dispersion of the White Light in all the colors of the rainbow is what I call Creation: Creating diversity from unity.

Only when we have already experienced the beauty and qualities of all individual colors, do we truly understand what white is. Creation, which creates diversity, originates in the desire for self-awareness. We only understand the whole when we have really experienced all the individual parts; We can compare this with the trip we make during life. When I was a child I understood how it was to be a child, but I still didn't know how it was to be a teenager in love, nor what it is to be a man Married or be a father. I need to have all those experiences to really understand who I am as a Human Being to find true peace within me.

In this great voyage of discovery, which is the purpose of the Creation, there are 2 forces that play a central role: the masculine and the feminine. The masculine energy is outgoing, inquisitive and adventurous; and wants to experience and understand everything; This force lies at the base of the emergence of time and space. The feminine energy creates the consciousness of the internal Unicity; through the feminine aspect Humanity is connected with that Oneness (the One); and through the masculine aspect it is connected with diversity (the Many). The feminine aspect has to do with the Inner World; the masculine aspect with manifest external reality.

The masculine energy allows the unique and individual to be experienced in everything; while female energy allows integration and union. Without the feminine energy that integrates the unique experiences of individuals in a larger image, they would be lost at night.

Duality arises when a living being begins to identify too much with one of the 2 aspects. In the current state of Humanity, the masculine aspect is the dominant object of identification; The result is the suppression of the feminine aspect, which causes loss of that feeling of internal connection. The sense of self is too strong: The ego is seen before a Universe that it no longer experiences as a protective mother; then he feels small and threatened; and he reacts by wanting to accumulate as much power as possible by taking it from that Universe.

When the feminine is the dominant energy, too much attention is focused on the Inner World, which creates duality with the outer World. The Inner World, the World of the spiritual, is then considered superior to the external reality of diversity and plurality of forms.

Paradise: Balance between the feminine and the masculine

We can see the functioning of duality in the history of Humanity. In the prehistoric past there was balance between masculine and feminine energies; at that time there were no countries or borders, it was the time of an earthly paradise called Lemuria. I have impressions of when other Angelic Beings and I were busy preparing Earth for the arrival of Humans.

“It's like a beautiful dream from a long time ago. We were radiant Angelic Beings. In collaboration with Mother Earth we were creating nature. For us time had a quite different speed: The plants we created, we saw them emerge before our eyes. We were busy preparing Earth for the arrival of Humanity. It was a time of hope, a time of Love. We thought that the Earth would become a beautiful playground where Beings with a simple child consciousness could discover what life is in a delicious way; a place where people could enjoy their mutual love and nature ... How wrong we were! ... What went so terribly wrong? "

At that time the people who populated the Earth felt the inner connection of life and knew that Mother Earth was there for everyone; people lived in harmony with nature; Earth was there for everyone, just like the air; But she was not our possession. At the same time life was a journey of discovery, a delicious adventure. After each mountain, a new view; behind each horizon, a new region with new experiences to explore.

Humanity was created as a very curious and inquisitive race. In those days people had an exuberant awareness a little childish; they enjoyed life with a spontaneous happiness that we now see only in children. Their consciousness was more expansive than ours: They could communicate with animals, with plants, with mountains and with rivers. It was natural for them to have contact with Spiritual Guides and with etheric creatures such as elves and elves. They had a very different perception of time and lived day by day.

In this developing Humanity there was a natural rhythm according to which the feminine and masculine energies were more or less dominant alternately . After each phase of discovery and exploration, an internalization phase came; in the same way as a Human runs alternating between the left and right legs. But then that broke down.

The end of paradise: The snake and the rise of duality

In the Bible this phase is described symbolically in the story of Eve who was tempted by the snake to taste the fruit that gives humans knowledge of good and evil.

What went wrong? Humanity as a whole is a male race, a race that focuses on discovery and adventure; for this same reason there was in Humanity the desire to free oneself more from the Spiritual World; the Human race wanted to continue in adventure and discovery. Gradually, Humanity became more deeply incarnated on Earth and in matter; the connection with their guides, the Angels that accompany Humanity on their way; and the observance of the Spiritual World became less important. Women who by their nature are more focused on the Inner World, were better able than men to create this connection; and in this some women were better than others.

This last group was very important for the community, so a caste of priestesses emerged. When the distance between these priestesses and the spiritual realm of the angels that accompanied Humanity increased, there was an opening for contact with other sources that had less recommended intentions; the reptilian energies (the serpent of the Bible) wanted to weaken Humanity by dividing it.

The priestesses were tempted with the following ideas: The Inner World is more important than the external; Women who are more attuned to the Inner World are better than men and have the right to have leadership. Such thoughts flattered his ego; and gradually they began to embrace this dual vision of the World: Women and the Inner World considered themselves better and represented the superior . Men and the external World considered themselves worse and represented the The bite of the apple was this: Duality, the so-called knowledge of good and evil, was firmly rooted in the thoughts of Humanity.

The priestesses began to consider themselves more and more important and wanted beautiful temples and beautiful residences. Communities emerged that remained in the locality; Humanity stopped being nomadic and discovered new things; and the women remained in power for a long time. More and more, men were regarded as inferior Beings and even treated as slaves.

The feminine dominion and the wounds of the energy of the men (masculine energy)

The time of the Queens-Priestesses began; they proclaimed a dual vision of the World that justified their power and authority; and the essential superiority of women over men. They proclaimed that Truth resided only in the Inner World; and that only women had access to that truth. The external World presented itself as bad, dangerous and tempting; and for their own good, people had to be protected from that evil World.

This concept had 4 far-reaching consequences that caused deep wounds in manly energy.

The 1st wound: The loss of beauty

Living in the same place requires intensive agriculture and heavy work: Men's work. The natural urgency of men towards adventure, which was already seen with suspicion, was consequently even more repressed; That urgency is not going well with the boring and heavy work of plowing and threshing.

He changed the image of what it was to be a good man: He had to be reliable in heavy work, so he didn't have much time to think. Adventurous men were regarded as homeless and destitute, a danger to the community; In our time there are still many expressions referring to this: "Nobody dies from working hard"; "Man must make a living with the sweat of his forehead"; "The devil finds work for idle hands."

However, the desire for adventure in men is ultimately the desire to experience the beauty and wonders of the Universe; By suppressing this desire, the first wound of manly energy arose: The loss of the ability to appreciate beauty. Men learned to enjoy the beauty of life, go on an adventure and explore new ways of life, the impulse to create, to discover; All those qualities were "bad" and should be suppressed. A "good man" works very hard and does not ask questions.

We still see the consequences of this way of thinking; let's look at modern cities designed and built almost exclusively by men who work hard; and notice its lack of color and beauty. We see in our environment only a fugitive manly energy that cannot rest or seem to know what it wants.

This development made men almost completely assume responsibility for the food supply, which made them more important in the community.

The 2nd wound: The loss of Love

Because of the dual vision of the World of the Priestess caste, the external World looked increasingly dangerous; communities settled in one place and needed protectors. This task was also of men; The hunters became warriors. However, unlike a good hunter, a warrior cannot have feelings; a soldier who kills another Human Being must have no feelings about his victim, he cannot let into his mind that the one he was killing was a baby who had a mother who could love him very much and want the best for him; the warrior cannot think: “Now I have killed that mother's baby. How will this affect it? How will he feel when he finds out that he has died? How many tears will she shed? ”Someone who has empathy cannot be a warrior.

A good warrior suppresses the energy of the heart and acts from a very dual vision of the World: That the other, the enemy, is bad. "My opponent is not really a Human Being, so I can kill him." Obviously this attitude produced an increase in duality in the World; more and more fights, more wars and more borders. So the warriors, men, became increasingly important; some men who had lost connection with their heart.

This is the 2nd wound of manly energy, the wound of the heart: The loss of Love. A man who closes his capacity for empathy, feels lonely and lost in a great empty and hostile Universe.

The 3rd wound: The loss of wisdom

Change and renewal were considered suspicious in established communities; the power became conservative; power went hand in hand with fear of change and lack of flexibility. Natural spirituality based on Love has increasingly shifted to a dualistic faith based on fear, with all kinds of rules about good and evil. When spirituality is represented by an established religion, dignitaries are needed who can impose the rules, by force if necessary; and this eliminates innovation; This imposition was also the task of men. The truth was no longer considered a living and loving energy that unfolds dynamically and always shows new facets; the truth was reduced to a set of rules imposed by men. At that time we see the rise of authoritarian religions in which the truth is established once and for all; and if you disagreed, you were bad or a sinner.

Because the maintenance of the rules of a religion frequently coincides with the promotion of that religion, the latter also became increasingly a task of men ... Now men were the authorities of spirituality ... This strengthened the tendency of that men were more important and more powerful. However, authoritarian religions have little in common with wisdom and truth. Thus was born the 3rd wound of manly energy: The loss of wisdom. The idea that change is bad and that the truth has been established once and for all in a rule book, still makes humanity suffer a lot.

The 4th wound: Loss of tenderness in sexuality

Because of the growing tension between the sexes, the experience of sexuality was also under pressure; there was less and less room for love and tenderness. When under the domination of the priestesses men were seen as inferior, having sex with a man was seen as a necessary evil; so women began to repress their sexual energy. Sex in men was increasingly associated with the expression of repressed anger; while at the beginning it was an expression of Love for women, then it became an expression of violence. The repressed anger and lust began to coincide: Frequently the sexual fantasies of men were violent.

Thus was born the 4th wound in the area of ​​sexuality; since then, sexuality often has more to do with repressed emotions than with love between men and women.

The rise of manly dominance

Since the priestesses no longer proclaimed a living spirituality, they eventually became unnecessary; the rigid rules of an authoritarian dualistic religion could work without Love and without feminine intuition.

Because men gradually assumed responsibility for the supply of food, the protection of the community and the strict application of a "dead" spirituality, they gained preeminence; manly energy became dominant and continued to be so for a long time.

However, this dominant manly energy was hurt: A man had emerged who had lost his sensitivity to beauty, his heart and his wisdom. Women were seen as inferior sexual objects and were often victims of twisted sexual feelings arising from violence; women reminded men of their feelings, which were dangerous and bad; so women were bad too. Since the truth was established in rules and commandments, natural intuitive and spiritual abilities in women were seen as bad and dangerous. The terrible death of the witches at the stake that still takes place in some parts of the World, began in those days; each time women had fewer rights and were more oppressed. Eventually, they were only considered adequate to have and raise children; Even in the Middle Ages many theologians regarded women as beings without soul.

He had lost his paradise; a time of wars, cruelty, division and falsehood ensued; a time that produced deep wounds in the energy of women or feminine energy. An internally divided Humanity was no longer able to protect itself; the snake had achieved its goal: Human Beings were no longer connected to living truth and were prone to false ideas; who embraces a dual vision of the World, is frightened; and someone scared is easy to manipulate: You instill that if he doesn't listen to you, he will be the victim of what he fears.

Extraterrestrial influences and the rise of Atlantis

People who despise the feminine are vulnerable; They yearn to have guidance towards the superior, but at the same time they reject the natural solution that feminine energy offers: Trust their intuition and their internal knowledge. Then they find a false solution: They claim that the powers of the external World are "superior", but then they are completely vulnerable to manipulation.

In the past, as a consequence of this vulnerability, Humanity became a toy of all kinds of galactic forces. Humans who had lost connection with the inner feminine were easily captivated by those who looked like miracles and by the power of technically advanced civilizations; Soon the representatives of these civilizations were seen as gods. Humans were manipulated in every possible way; and also genetically. A number of stories about old gods, such as the famous Greek gods, with all their mistakes and all their human cruelty, come from this time. In my opinion, the answer to the question: "Were the Gods cosmonauts?" (Title of Erich von Däniken's book) Is: "Yes."

This time of oppression ended when advanced extraterrestrial Souls struck Earth to help Humanity in its development; they created a kind of superman race known as Atlantes or star people. They had greater physical stature than the people of the Earth and great intellectual abilities; His 3rd Eye was also very developed. Its objective was twofold: To free Humanity and the Earth from undesirable extraterrestrial influences and to bring Humanity back into contact with its natural spirituality; the latter would be achieved by restoring the balance between the masculine and feminine energies.

The Atlantean era had begun: A period in the history of Humanity that lasted about 100, 000 years. During this period there was a clear distinction between these incarnated aliens who saw themselves as the enlightened leaders of Humanity; and the more or less unconscious members of Humanity. The people of the stars came face to face with the people of the Earth.

However, the birth of Atlantis had in itself the seeds of its fall. In order to free Humanity from extraterrestrial influences, the Atlanteans had great dominion over the people of the Earth: They were the ruling class and looked upon the people of the Earth as their subordinates; This was not in accordance with their spiritual intentions; having power over the people of the Earth was not in harmony with their purpose of liberating those same people internally. Actually, the spirituality of the people of the stars was not born of the heart; He had power motivations.

Increasingly, the Atlanteans saw people on Earth as clumsy creatures suitable only for slave labor. Each time they considered themselves more superior and more frequently abused the power of their 3rd Eye. Additionally, while the male and female Atlanteans were considered equal, that was not the case for their subordinates, the people of the Earth; Among them were the men who dominated. The Atlanteans liked it because men were better suited to follow their orders and to build their magnificent cities. The Atlanteans were very clear that while women were repressed, they could retain control of Humanity and do whatever they wanted.

Power corrupted the Atlanteans; they began to enjoy more and more their power, their apparent success and invincibility; they increasingly abused the powers of their 3rd Eye. Frequently this Third Eye is called Agni, the fire chakra; and to cancel this power, water was needed. Much has been written about the sinking of Atlantis; but the deepest motive was self-sacrifice. The most evolved Atlanteans understood that they could only help Humanity by joining it ; and this could only be achieved with the destruction of Atlantis; Only in this way could the duality between the people of the stars and the people of the Earth be eliminated.

I remember the following episode from a previous life: “I am in a beautiful building, a wonderful white tower; I have sight on a city. I just had a fight with a woman; she has been with me for a long time, but now she will leave me forever; I'm sad for your departure. She wants to live among the people of the Earth to help being a kind of humanitarian worker. The chasm between us, the powerful Atlanteans and the people of the Earth, is enormous; I see them as an inferior way of life. When I connect with this woman I feel that essentially she is an Earth Soul that was born among the Atlanteans; and that is why his desire to help the people of the Earth is so great; She is also a little small and her hair is red, which is unusual among the Atlanteans. I enter an enclosure where there is a powerful symbol drawn in the center of the floor; If you are in the center of that symbol you can leave your body very easily and permanently.

I realize that what the woman wants to do is the right thing; but it won't work, she is an exception; while there is Atlantis, the people of the Earth will be subordinate, as it has been for millennia. The abyss is too big, the power too addictive, too predominant.

Deep beneath me I feel the forces revolting against Atlantis; I connect with those forces and say: “Yes, go ahead. I feel that I am not the only one; many others feel that it is enough, that things cannot continue like this; The pain of the people of the Earth and of the Earth itself is excessive. In us there is a desire for change, the desire for a new adventure; of a deepening of life ”.

Then I go and stand in the center of the symbol and leave my body knowing that when Atlantis is born again it will no longer exist; I will not be an Atlantean again.

This is how the Atlantean rulers became what we now call Lightworkers. For centuries they would be persecuted and oppressed by Humanity, while trying to bring Humanity back into contact with the Inner Truth that comes to us through feminine energy.

After the Fall: The Atlantean Curse

The era of Atlantis left a definite imprint on Humanity, related to how a society should be: That there should be some kind of superior class of privileged people; and a class of servants. For many centuries, Humanity was to be governed by the so-called 'nobility', people who believed that because of their birth they were above others and had the right to dominate them. The nobility arose from the memory of the people of the Earth about how the Atlanteans behaved towards them. As soon as a nation was created anywhere, an aristocratic class immediately arose; the unconscious memory of Atlantis was the cause of that.

As among the Atlanteans, women were equal to men, they were allowed to be leaders of the lower class of people on Earth. Many millennia later, at a time when women were considered inferior, this Atlantean memory allowed women to have leadership in the countries, on the condition that they were of the nobility. For example, in a country like Holland it was normally accepted to have a Queen at a time when women still did not have the right to vote. Women's leadership was accepted as long as they were "blue blood", a reference to the celestial origin of the Atlanteans who, based on their origin, were above ordinary people.

The unity achieved by Atlantis, which was maintained artificially, also disappeared after the fall of Atlantis: Borders and nations emerged. Time and again Humanity tried to recreate Atlantis from its masculine energy; the great empires of antiquity: Babylon, Assyria, Persia, the Roman Empire, all were attempts to recreate Atlantis; and because each of those empires tried to be the New Atlantis, there was war almost continuously.

However, all attempts to unify Humanity through war are doomed to failure; the unit can only arise when it comes from inside, not imposing it from above. This is what the Atlanteans eventually understood and consequently became Lightworkers. The Atlantean curse is that Humanity tries again and again to create Atlantis again. The desire to create an empire that imposes its will, the desire to live in the magnificent cities of antiquity, the disrespect for nature, the government of the upper classes with blue blood, all are consequences of the memory of Atlantis.

Now it is precisely the same Atlanteans who want things to be different: They are the Lightworkers of today. These Souls remember exactly that by the abuse of power things went wrong in the past; and they want to do their best to protect Humanity from disasters.

Fortunately, more and more people are beginning to listen.

The return of the Lightworkers

When the old Atlanteans incarnated as Earth Humans, they really learned firsthand what it meant to be Human; and only then did they become Lightworkers: Bearers of Love and inspiration. They were often violently persecuted for their role, but in the meantime they planted the seeds of Light and hope. Men who had a strong connection with their intuition gave humanity beautiful works of art and scientific and social progress. And everywhere in the World lived brave women, often witches, who remained faithful themselves and courageously represented their original spirituality. Both have helped an enormous number of people and have planted innumerable seeds of Light in their hearts. But all too often they ended up burned at the stake.

A man who appreciates the original of himself begins to embrace the feminine again. A woman who appreciates the masculine of herself, connects the men who surround her with the Source of Love and truth that is in her ... Gradually the Light has increased.

Yeshua said: Love your enemies ; This is not how Love transcends duality; no, Love brings to light that duality is an illusion. It is as if you are going into darkness with a lamp in your hand, but it seems that in every place you arrive there is no darkness; because there is shining the light of your lamp. Darkness does not really exist, it is simply the absence of Light. Duality does not really exist, it is the lack of Love. Every time we open ourselves to another person we discover that he is just like us. The duality that we believed real seems not to exist at all, it is an illusion. (1)

Despite all the wars, Humanity continued to develop and progress both technically and socially. Among the important social developments is the abolition of slavery, the emancipation of women and the elimination (NT: It really is the 'prohibition') of child labor. In the technological field he advanced so much that he built a rocket that reached the Moon; and once the Humans arrived at the Moon they looked towards their home planet and found it amazingly beautiful. They saw a deeply blue World, without borders; y en lo profundo de su corazón se dieron cuenta de que este Mundo es un bello Ser vivo de quien abusamos mucho; nos trajeron bellas fotografías y maravillosas historias; y compartieron sus experiencias espirituales.

El viaje a la Luna que es un antiguo símbolo de lo femenil, en cierto sentido fue la culminación de la energía varonil. Es como cuando las semillas brotan del varón; después de que esto sucede hay sentimientos de suavidad y ternura y paz; se le vuelve a dar su espacio a lo femenino.

La Humanidad Íntegra

Durante los años sesentas comenzó a tener lugar un gran proceso de sanación; los hombres comenzaron a dejarse largo el cabello, una señal de recuperación de la conexión con lo femenino interno. La Humanidad recibió ayuda de todas partes para superar la dualidad y para ser consciente de la interconexión de la vida; la ciencia desarrolló la 'Hipótesis Gaia' de James Lovelock: La idea de que la Tierra es un organismo vivo; ésta fue una radical ruptura con la teoría de la evolución “masculina” que afirma que la Tierra consiste en una multitud de organismos que pelean entre sí, la lucha de todos contra todos. La teoría Gaia es parte de una teoría mucho más grande; que el infinito Universo es un Ser vivo, que todos somos Uno.

Para hacerse íntegra, la Humanidad requiere unificarse; y de hecho la Humanidad está dedicada a descubrir su unidad y conexión internas. La gente viaja cada vez más; y las reuniones entre personas de diferentes culturas son cada vez más amistosas. Gracias al surgimiento del Inglés como un lenguaje unificador ya la Internet, por primera vez en la historia de la Humanidad podemos comunicarnos casi con cualquiera. Igualmente en la Tierra estamos abrazando cada vez más los mismos valores: La Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos.

La integración también implica que nos demos cuenta de que somos uno; no somos un hombre o una mujer, somos Seres Humanos. Tanto lo masculino como lo femenino están en nuestro interior; sentir eso y abrazarlo nos hace íntegros, nos hace estar en la Tierra como Luces resplandecientes. Entonces habrá paz; una paz interna que se refleja en la armonía con nuestros socios Humanos, con la Tierra y con el Universo mismo.

Gerrit Gielen.

Nota del traductor.

(1) No tenemos certeza de que Yeshua haya dicho textualmente “Ama a tus enemigos”, pero es lo que aparece en los 'Evangelios del Nuevo Testamento' en los que se fundamenta la Iglesia Católica; así que analicemos la frase misma. Tomando las mismas ideas de este párrafo, sería como decir: “Ilumina la oscuridad”, sólo que no llevas una lámpara en la mano sino Amor en el corazón; y sucede lo que el mismo párrafo dice: 'Cada vez que nos abrimos a otra persona descubrimos que es tal como nosotros. La dualidad que creíamos real (amigo/enemigo) parece no existir en absoluto, es una ilusión'… Así que creo que en el fondo de esta crítica a la frase de Yeshua podría haber todavía en el autor un poco de reacción contra la Iglesia Católica; y quizá identifica a Yeshua con ésta, lo cual a mi modo de ver es un error.

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.

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