How to change the world by Elvira López del Prado

  • 2013


One of the first things we encounter when we first wake up to this spiritual world is the CONFLICT . The conflict with the world we live in, the world we want and the world that IS .

That was one of the first things that I faced from the beginning: What do I do: I accept this world as it is or do I change it? At this point I already have my answers, but what I write is addressed to those who are still looking for them, in case my discovery resonates.

Whoever reads to me knows that I do not believe that the change of anything is the responsibility of those of arriba (politicians, multinationals, pharmacists, armies, churches, etc.), but of the from below, among which I am.

Believing that change is in their hands is a false belief that creates frustration and stagnation.

The change is not generated with a great and spectacular transformation but with humble and, sometimes, almost imperceptible individual transfomations.

I'm not going to move a mountain alone, but I can set aside the stones that correspond to me. Each life of each individual may seem small insignificant seen individually, but you know what part of life on this planet (and I say part, because the human kingdom is only part of life on the planet) is formed by the sum of each and every one of those im diminutas lives.

If each one of us as individuals took responsibility with conscience to separate the stones that correspond to us in a single generation, we would have moved the mountain among all.

The Romans conquered empires with their motto: Divide and conquer s, it is that simple e every time we divide ourselves among ourselves creating the illusion of separation We weaken ourselves by letting FEAR enter without warning. Each time we unite in LOVE, fear dissipates and we grow strong.

Yes, in the world there are tragedies, injustices, calamities, human beings with a lot of fear and little awareness s, there are, we all see it. But there is also goodness, love, gratitude, joy, happiness and exceptional human beings with a great capacity to love, without fear and with much compassion who know where to begin the work of transformation of consciousness human

It is not about denying what is not in balance with The Source, but about focusing on growing and flourishing what is in balance with the Source and with ourselves ... step by step.

During the process of transformation of our consciences (evolution), events that move us and deeply affect us will continue to happen, as I said before, this change will not happen overnight, but we do not remain attached to the suffering of living in In an "unfair" world, let's be observers and focus our attention, intention and purpose on what we want to flourish.

I circle the concept of "unfair world" because the world is perfectly fair at every moment ... everything has a purpose, which is transformed by transforming the collective consciousness.

For example, if the collective consciousness vibrates in No. 5, the facts and situations that will move this world will also be of vibratory awareness No. 5, once the planet becomes vibratory consciousness 6, the transforming situations of consciousness 5 would no longer be necessary and they just wouldn't happen anymore because they wouldn't be in the same vibration. So on.

When you get stuck and identifying yourself with the suffering of the world, you get stuck in that vibrational frequency of suffering (eye, I speak of suffering, not pain, pain is natural in human beings, suffering is not, a mental creation caused for the rejection of pain).

On the other hand, if you observe it, without identifying yourself, without entering the drama, respecting the perfection of that moment, in that vibration, it is when you have the option to choose between the drama or between focusing on co-creating the world you want, and by both to favor the change at a higher frequency.

As you can see, the transformation occurs when we become aware and therefore owners of our realities.


We can all be seeing the same situation and yet be perceiving very different things, everything will depend on the degree of consciousness that everyone has ... and the consciousness is like a muscle, it expands or contracts as long as you exercise it.

To make it very clear, what do I mean when I talk about “stones”? The stones are your daily challenges, those that make your life more difficult, and that when you overcome them they make you a better you.

Many times, it takes a lot of effort to transcend a small stone in our interior, and it may seem to us that we have hardly advanced anything inside… but that small step in your interior is manifested in five steps in your exterior.

We will not transform the world through the FIGHT against anything (and when I say world, I speak of the human kingdom only, the rest of the kingdoms the only transformation they need is ours), but through FLEXIBILITY, ACCEPTANCE, going in favor of what you want and not against what you don't want.

Are you willing to transform the world through your own transformation?

Elvira López del Prado

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