Channeling of the Master Jesus to María Domínguez

  • 2010

Dear my children:

I am here at this moment, at this precise moment when you need it, and be attentive to this message that it is not the work of chance that you read it, I know that it is time for you to receive it.

What I want to tell you is that human beings are in a moment of transition in which they must be alert, attentive to every event that crosses their lives, because you must know how to differentiate, discern everything in every moment, that they follow the course of their life, of their final destiny, I want to tell them that not everything they see with their eyes is the real thing, because the spiritual world is much bigger and that they must open up to that possibility that they do not see but that exists, that is the real, as real as the universe itself. It does not mean that by day the stars are not in place, they are still there and only at dusk can you see them, or the moon. It is exist even if you don't see them during the day.

Likewise, you should think about that when an adverse situation arises, at that moment I do not see, I do not see my Father but we exist, we are real, we are not only or simply a myth, some beings far from you but the opposite, we are ready to help you whenever you need it. They must remember it, they must assimilate it at all times, it is not about being away from the creator feeling totally autonomous because then they would be falling into a mistake, in a false illusion that will not lead them to anything good. They must be patient, loving, understanding and look at others with the eyes that God sees. And they will ask, how does God see his children?

It is easier than you can imagine, he sees them totally good, generous, diligent and loving, very loving. He knows that they are like that and cannot see them any other way, and he knows that they are part of Him, like his children in the image and likeness., with a divine spark of its essence. What happens is that you cannot see them differently, now, if your children are doing something that goes against the universal principles of love, just forgive them ... because He is the merciful Father, here is not the Father's problem or the problem mine, but the son in question, is who does not really know who he is, and is totally misplaced.

So is my Father, so am I because we are one in essence with the Holy Spirit. We do not judge, you are the ones who judge yourself, scourge and believe with enough power to judge your own brothers in life. They are swayed by power, for having an analogous reason, a schizophrenic reason, meaningless and still take their reason that is nothing other than the ego that alienates the love of God, the ego that disturbs his mind, his soul, his heart.

They must be alert, they must ignore that ego that will not end but wanting to take over that beautiful and beautiful, unique and genuine and unrepeatable creature that you are yourself. This is how it works, just look with the eyes of God and you will see that when looking from another perspective, your world will begin to change. Ask us for help and we will assist you, ask, be specific, of course. We know that you have many needs but although we know that you need many things, we want you to tell us how do you want us to do it?

Remember if you ask for our help, ask for it from the bottom of your clean and pure heart, because I see them that way. Ask and it will be given to you, touch and it will open to you ... that's right, if you believe it you will really see it manifest.

On the other hand I am happy that you have given your time to pay attention to this message that I give through my little daughter, this beautiful woman who at first was a skeptic and researcher of the subject and the more she investigated, the more she submerged in the Rio del Spirit of God, because she was naive, everything put him in question and now his life has taken a tremendous turn and lends me his hand to give you those messages that I know will touch your heart in a great way, because that is the Spirit of God, when it touches you, it touches you for a lifetime and you will no longer be able to see the same, simply and simply because now you will know who you are, and who are you? Simple, you are I am one with you in the joy of the Holy Spirit and we are good, that is what we are, that is what you are and you have not realized, you did not want to wake up from your lethargy because you are giving it truthfulness to the unreal, to what is only a false hologram. Just discover what you have in your heart.

And you know, you have something very big and powerful in that beautiful heart, there it houses the Spirit of God, sit calmly and talk to him, talk to him with the most tender love you can, because he leaves there and is your guide, ask:

- Holy Spirit, I don't want to suffer anymore, I don't know who I really am, but you do know, I am one with you, I am a being that I have not discovered your divinity in me. Help me, assist me! Be my guide at all times, in every situation you are the one who will lead me to my Beloved Father. Finally, whoever loves the son loves the Father, in that inseparable union and your brothers are also children of our Father God.

Here I am willing to help you, tell me only: Father, friend, brother, help me, assist me, I know you are in my heart. And believe it, your heart is the temple that God has in you, you must praise his divinity in you, you must be pleased and thankful, be generous.

There I am, in all the virtues of human beings, because the virtues are inseparable love of the creator. I only tell you that I love you with the deepest love and that you must love your neighbor, because now you know who you are, and you must let your brothers know so they can do the same and thus transform their world, turning it into A world full of love that is how our Father wants to see it. His desire is not to destroy it, but sometimes humanity has had to hit bottom, maybe your bottom came to this moment and it is time for you to change, but remember that we do not act outside your free will because that is why they were given the ability to choose, to discern.

I say goodbye my dear children, knowing of your transforming capacity of hearts. I bless you forever since the beginning of time.


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