I toast for life

A new year arrives. The last sheet of the calendar induces to realize

a balance Do not fall in the trap. Your actions cannot be

dimension. Its effects go beyond what you might suppose. They are

waves that expand in infinite directions. You gave everything

It was within your reach.

You helped co-create a more human world. You struggled, regardless of fatigue, to always take another step in

Direction to the light. That is delivery. That is constancy. That's love. That is fulfilling your life mission. I toast your courage.

Your actions may not translate into money, but that does not mean they have no value. Encouraging others to stand up, open their hearts, recover their inner connection and feel, is an invaluable task, which requires a spirited spirit willing to illuminate with fervor.

The balance is driven by the social mind. It is intended that those who were encouraged to be return to the old structures, canceling any possibility of flight, in exchange for comfort and sense of belonging. I know that at this point on the road you will no longer retrace your steps, I needed to tell you anyway. Many will try to make you believe that you waste your time, and that what you do is meaningless. It is part of the tests.

It is fair and necessary that you recognize your task. If when I go out to the street I find hopeful looks and cheerful faces, it is thanks to compassionate people like you, who encourage to transcend the limitations and do not hesitate to face adversity, to activate the changes that lead us towards a bright future.

Whatever they say, your soul knows that you are on the right path. Do not let them confuse you. Only a few steps are missing. Thank you for continuing to vibrate in such a human way. I can feel you. It is a privilege to know that we are marching together. No matter where you are, at the time of the festivities I will look for the brightest star and say smiling, with all my heart: I toast for your courage.

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