Shaumbra Bulletin July 2009 - The Dream Walker's Gift - Geoffrey Hoppe

I have channeled the School of the Dreamwalker in Death at least a dozen times. Linda and I have directed the training for masters of the Dreamwalker in Death at least that number of times. I was confident that I knew the materials well - not sex or meat during a Dream Walker; spend an hour every day with your client; take off all the jewelry; always have your object of re-connection close at hand; Don't make Dreamwalker or a suicide bomber, alcoholic or drug addict. I know the sequence of the Saint-Germain Dream Walker back and forth.

Or so he believed.

Chris my older brother was diagnosed with skin cancer about two years ago. Chris went through more than a dozen surgeries. After a year of struggling with it, the tests showed that he was relatively clean of cancer. Then it reappeared again earlier this year. More surgeries and treatments of chyme. More hospitals and drugs. Not only was he struggling with cancer, but he was also caught in the exasperating bureaucracy of the medical system.

Last week I started doing with Chris the Dream Walker before death. The hospital had discharged him to be taken care of at home, which meant that it would only be a matter of time before he left his physical body. Chris was only 56 years old, so all this was quite challenging for his wife, his two daughters and his six brothers and sisters, including me.

The first three nights of the pre Dreamwalker were relatively calm. I connected with Chris but as Saint-Germain taught us, I didn't say much. The important thing is just to be there. It seemed that Chis felt my presence but, in his altered and medicated dream state, he didn't really understand why I was there. I let him know that he was available to him and that he would return every day.

On the fourth day the connection between Chis and I finally solidified. I was lying in bed late that night, just being there for him in the other realms. He recognized me consciously. He spoke and spoke and spoke during the next hour. He explained to me how beautiful he was "out there" and how he didn't want to return to his physical body. He talked about the feeling of freedom and creativity. What struck me most was his repeated statement: "That is not me!" As he looked back over his physical body and his life. What he wanted to say is that this "spirit" is the real Self. He was surprised how much he had accepted as true in his life and games like Chris, but how it was such a small part of his "real" self.

The next four nights with Chris were extraordinary. He had no regrets or regrets about his life. I was not lost. I wasn't sad, and I wasn't begging to come back. In fact, he was doing better than he did in years. This changed my whole perspective on the death process.

Yesterday at 2:30 in the afternoon I received a call from one of my sisters. Chris had died a few minutes ago. Although I knew it was imminent, and despite the happiness I felt during the connection with Chris in the pre Dreamwalker, tears flowed. I would never see my brother again. And what with her two beautiful daughters? My own mortality hit me in the face now that my own older brother was gone.

After adapting to the news of his departure I started the regular sequence of the Dream Walker. I took off my jewelry (a watch and a ring). I took out the vegetables and fruit. According to Saint-Germain, we should not eat anything that "walks, flies, crawls or swims" while doing a Dream Walker. I lay down and started to connect with Chris. It took a while to feel the connection because now he was in a different place. In fact he had crossed.

Again, there was no sadness or fear. He was free. After only a few minutes he felt my presence. It was a beautiful meeting! Brother-to-brother-soul-to-soul. Chris started telling me about his transition, and I found myself laughing sometimes. In a very happy way he told me how easy it was, how it was a burst of joy when he was released from his body, and how he felt more alive now than when he was alive! I laughed because it was like convincing me to meet him.

During our session he entered and left numerous times. He explained that he was making inquiries of his family and friends, many of whom were just now learning of his death. Through what Saint-Germain had taught, I learned to only maintain my presence "on the path", not to run from here to there with my brother. Each time he came back to me and talked enthusiastically about his new reality.

At the end of the session he made me promise to pass a message to his family. The message was simple. He is doing well, there is no need for anyone to worry. I tried to remember if Saint-Germain approves to pass messages to family members, but I made the promise to Chris. I will check the SG Dream Walker manual later to see if I am in the penalty box.

Last night I sent my brothers and sisters an email with your message. This morning there was not a single answer from any of them. OMG! They have questioned me for the past ten years and now they are probably having a kind of family conference to discuss my "condition."

Just a few minutes ago I received a very moving message from another brother who lives in Texas. He shared how he has felt about Chris's presence these last few days. And one of my three sisters just answered to say that she has been talking to Chris in her own way. Surprising.

I am deeply grateful that I learned how to be a Dream Walker. It is a gift for me to be able to go beyond the typical grief and grief when someone dear is lost. It has helped me overcome some of my own fears about death. And it has brought me new and very personal understanding of the ways of the Spirit. Death - one of the greatest mysteries of life - is no longer a mystery to me today.

Translation: Irma Sztabinski

Note: Our deepest condolences to Geoff and blessed release Chris!


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