Opening of the portal of February 14, 2014 "Balancing the dance of opposites", by Kuan Yin

  • 2014

Cosmic Gift for all Humanity on Valentine's Day!

Much has been said throughout the history of the dance of opposites, of Yin and Yan, of masculine and feminine, of day and night, of light and darkness, of man and woman in its relationship with the world and with Life; but very little has been understood about it, very little has been glimpsed of the truth of the ancient secret teachings that guarded the " Holy Grail ."

The Holy Grail, symbol of eternal fruitfulness for all mankind!

And it is that the harmonic dance of opposites means a great quantum leap for the world, for Life and for all humanity towards the Light, towards Love and towards the unity of all that is.

On February 14, the day in which, in your current society, the union of souls in Love and in the Truth of all that Is is evoked, reflected in the promise of eternal love of a man and a woman or two human beings vibrating in unity; We will work intensely to balance the dance of opposites in your family and individual cellular structure .

Everything that has limited you so far will come to the fore to be released and consecrated to the highest Truth.

You are part of this atomic and anatomical structure that is born from a divine breath at the beginning of all time.

You are part of the cosmic framework that conspires to develop Life on this planet.

You are part of the Truth of who you are beyond your character

You are part of the All playing Living and expanding beyond the source.

And in this expansion you divide and join in the All, dancing, vibrating and performing a melody.

And all this you do in perfect union with your opposite, that is born, that vibrates, that expands and is nourished to return back to you.

In a perfect divine union of your masculine with your feminine you will be able to transgress the limits of your reality to be able to recreate the to so be lost .

Maria Jos Ribas through Kuan Yin .

Connect with the energy of the Portal and align yourself with the planetary changes!

You already have at your disposal the tool that will allow it in a simpler way.

To do this, access this video:

Opening of the portal of February 14, 2014 “Balancing the dance of opposites”, by Kuan Yin

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