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  • 2016

Blessings, I am Zadkiel, here to communicate with you. We want to tell you that there is what could be a "membrane" that accompanies each reality. Yes, there are many realities that are being born within this NOW of your planetary transition from 3 / 4D and towards 5D.

"As it is for the greatest, it is for the smallest!" Therefore, just as each of its physical organs is composed of a membrane (skin around each organ, each person, planet, solar system and galaxy is contained in and protected by a "frequency membrane" .

The frequency membrane is the one that maintains and distributes the resonance frequency of each reality, person, planet, solar system, and galaxy through the entire system in which it is contained and protected by each of them.

When any person, place, situation or thing is preparing for the ascension process of a resonance frequency lower than a higher one, the surrounding membrane slowly or quickly transmutes to a higher frequency.

The reason why this occurs is that the membrane is the interface between the current resonance frequency and the upper or lower incoming, which is about to affect that person, place, situation or thing.

The membrane serves a lot as your skin serves to protect the body . However, many humans are not aware of these membranes, just as they are of the higher frequencies of reality through which each membrane progresses.

These membranes begin in your etheric body, which resonates at a frequency slightly higher than that of your skin, extending to the pentadimensional resonance of your personal and planetary ascension. The upper dimensional light enters its planetary membrane through the fifth dimension and beyond, to allow a slow and steady descent to the planetary body of Gaia. First the upper light moves towards the pentadimensional frequency of the membrane waiting for the fusion of the 5D light with the 3D people, planet and all the inhabitants of each reality.

There are many realities that are running simultaneously in the matrix of your tri / tetradimensional Earth. Each of these realities is surrounded by an invisible membrane, which serves to "separate" each reality.

These membranes also serve to create the illusion of the 3D Earth from the separation between dimensions, people, and all aspects of three-dimensional reality. These invisible membranes serve to connect all dimensions to the ONE of the planetary body of Gaia. They are multidimensional and gradually help reduce the light to the fourth dimension. Then, when 4D has absorbed the upper light, it is reduced to enter the etheric shield around the planetary body of Gaia.

While the upper light penetrates and merges with the etheric body of Gaia, it flows slowly and merges with the three-dimensional Earth. Much as sunscreens protect your skin from the "burns" of the hot Sun, interdimensional membranes protect your human and planetary containers from accepting more light than your consciousness can control. So, just as they control how much Sun they take on the beach by putting sunscreen on their body, they need to control how much of the pentadimensional light they take towards their 3D body.

Fortunately, invisible interdimensional membranes surround all the organs, muscles, vascular and nervous system of your body, as well as your skin, which is the largest organ of your body. Said interdimensional membranes create a gradual progression between your tri / tetradimensional terrestrial container and your pentadimensional body during each NOW of your transmutation back to your true pentadimensional Light Body. To protect your terrestrial container there is an invisible inner membrane around your spine that sends a message to your brain if you are too energetic in your transmutations to the Body of Light and are in danger of damaging the delicate synchronicity of all portions of your shape. three-dimensional

When this synchronicity within your terrestrial container is disturbed, certain areas of your physical body can "de-synchronize" with the rest of the body systems. If any of the body and elemental elements rises to a resonance that is too far from the resonance of the rest of your earth's container, the portions of your body that become too high for the rest of your body will surely cause No discomfort and maybe a burning sensation .

Also the components of your body that cannot remain in the accelerated rotation of the nucleus of the other cells in your body will drop the connection with your innate system. Healing Then these parts of your three-dimensional body can get damaged or get sick.

It is the function of their interdimensional membranes to maintain the ascension of their physical body in alignment with ALL the components of their physical form . These membranes are `` interdimensional '' because they are capable of operating from the frequency of their pentadimensional expression, all the way down to the resonance of the first dimensional components of their body.

Its body is made up of countless one-dimensional cells that serve as the cement that joins each brick to create a house. When the pentadimensional light reaches your aura, you will first look for any component of your thoughts, emotions and physical body that is capable of supporting the higher light frequency.

Interdimensional membranes, which are only activated by the infusion of the upper light into its shape, capture this frequency of light. So, just as your digested food goes to areas of your body that are already ready to receive it, the pentadimensional light will be directed to the areas of your body that YOU have prepared for this frequency of light.

There are many s lost , which is the term we use for those you call Iluminati, who are unable to accept anything from this higher light, since their resonance will act like a hot sun in dry grass. When we ask you to send them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire, it is so that you can help them accept the Upper Light.

Once someone accepts this pentadimensional light towards their three-dimensional physical body, the light moves to the base of the spine to activate the mission of the Kundalini's force to begin slowly, quickly, or quickly, the transmutation of inner darkness into the upper light. Those who have done their job and have prepared for acceptance will be able to incorporate these high frequencies of light into their terrestrial physical containers.

These awake, and especially those who have already designed a life in which they live in "service to others" have already changed their diets, they meditate on a regular basis to align ALL their cells in their body with the ever-expanding states of consciousness, and they are receiving and documenting their many interdimensional conversations.

Meanwhile, Gaia, as well as all the planets in their entire Solar System and Galaxy are allowing each one to step down in their planetary, solar and / or galactic membranes towards three-dimensional, physical realities.

Because all these "membranes" are multidimensional, the pentadimensional light is easily captured by the outer portions of the membrane to be stored in the four-dimensional sub-membranes until the collective of people, planet, solar system and galaxy has aligned their higher resonance frequency with lower resonance frequencies.

In this way, each octave of each celestial body, person, place, situation or thing, will serve as a “step” on a virtual staircase or crossing bridge through which the upper light can flow to the lower frequencies of each of them. . This pentadimensional upper light will initially move toward the higher frequencies of the “bridge, ” and will allow the tri / tetradimensional realities to adjust before the upper light moves down to the next step, lower octave of that reality.

When this process is complete, the membrane will dissolve into the pentadimensional upper light. We remind you that this "light" is alive. In fact, pentadimensional light is not only the cause of its transmutation but also the result of how each neural synapse can activate the "birth" of the transmutation of a person, planet, or even the solar system.

Light is what "ON" the neural synapses that allows the first spark of life to expand towards its own energy destiny. We the Archangels, as well as all the other Angels, are pleased to have this wonderful task of breathing Unconditional Love in each of these new creations.

It is the unconditional Love that allows the life force of the ONE to enter the Heart, or core of each person, place, situation or thing. We ask that you, our higher dimensional beings wearing a terrestrial container, promise to distribute this incoming pentadimensional light through every aspect of the constantly expanding form and reality.

Please remember that unconditional Love can overwrite any dissonant neural pattern and return it to the higher dimensional expression. We talk about neural patterns since it is the component of any physical being, planet, solar system and / or galaxy.

We remind you that all planets, solar systems, and galaxies are alive and conscious, in fact they are much more aware than Humanity. Because human beings are such a young species compared to planets and other celestial Beings, there is still no remembered the "spark of the ONE" that was awakened by their birth.

We regret to say that by far many humans lost all connections with that spark shortly after birth, during childhood and / or during the challenges of terrestrial adulthood. It is for this reason that the Dorados have decided to reveal themselves to the conscience of those who can expand their perceptual field to match the Threshold between Earth 3 / 4D and the Pentadimensional Earth in their new awakening.

Los Dorados are very much like “planetary midwives” who assist with the birth of the planet, really with the re-birth of a 3 / 4D planet towards 5D. For the Dorados perspective, the Land of Gaia is having its labor pains and needs its interdimensional assistance to open the threshold between the 3 / 4D and 5D frequencies of planetary resonance.

Humanity was destined to be the most evolved Beings on Earth during this time of planetary transmutation. However, due to the constant bombardment of darkness from the stragglers who could not ascend with their own planet, as well as the negative aliens that invaded Earth long ago, Gaia is having a difficult “rebirth” towards the next octave of His reality.

It is for this reason that so many higher dimensional Beings have volunteered for the difficult assignment of sending their higher energy field to their terrestrial three-dimensional containers. In fact, we, the Archangels, Elohim and Ascended Masters, have been directly helping the planetary Being of Gaia .

Fortunately, just as many of the laggards have taken human forms, many higher dimensional Beings have also taken a human form. Moreover, any human who can expand his consciousness towards the frequency of the fifth dimension can merge directly with his superior BEING to perceive his changing reality from the vantage point of his pentadimensional home world or starship.

The more and more of those wearing terrestrial containers merge with their superior expressions of Ascended Masters, Elohim and Archangels, the resonance of Gaia's energy field can easily expand towards 5D resonance.

It is for this reason that we invite all of you our volunteers who took ground containers within this NOW to remember your Ray of Service, which will guide you to remember your superior expressions of Ascended Master, Elohim and Arcangel . Yes, ALL of you have a primary Service Ray in which you have specialized so that you can better prepare for the process of helping Gaia transmute into her pentadimensional expression. Come, our beloved wearing earth containers, you volunteered to help with the planetary ascension when you first entered a physical body. Once they took their incarnation in Gaia, they moved to different timelines and places during their innumerable incarnations.

We call you NOW to remember your true Multidimensional BEING, as well as the many incarnations in which you have served in the Land of Gaia in preparation for your planetary rebirth in your pentadimensional planetary expression.

Within the HERE and NOW of 5D, you are merging with your Multidimensional BEING to complete your promise to assist with the ascension of planet Earth.

I, Zadkiel, promise to help you during your personal and planetary transmutation process.

AUTHOR: Dr. Suzanne Lie

SEEN AT: http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.com

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