Adama's message: Listen to what we have to say

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 The divine light is like a lover who is waiting to hug you and give you all your Love 2 Outside it is cold and rainy, while here we can be warm and protected 3 You must try to reach your divine presence 4 We invite you to clean and purify every part of your inner being, so that you can use that enormous power that you carry inside, the Violet Flame.

Dear Earth beings, we thank you for being present today, to receive the message we have come to give you; as we have said on previous occasions, the word that flows through this “communication channel” is an intense energy of Light and Love which we are sending towards Earth and it is convenient that you listen to what we have to say to you, since They are going through times of transformation of great importance.

We can say that many of you are a kind of snails that are kept inside your shells, with the idea that there you are protected from everything. You could even say that they are like Cain, who after murdering his brother Abel went to take refuge in the deepest part of a cave, thinking that he could escape there from the Divine Light, which he is able to manifest in any place and through Of any living being.

The divine light sees everything through your eyes of Light and Love and only waits for you to wake up to finally change your steps and especially your hearts, with the purpose of taking the path that will lead you back to the Sublime Energy and Divine that dwells within.

The divine light is like a lover who is waiting to hug you and give you all your Love

The cave in which several of you take refuge, represents each one of the blockages that are rooted in you due to your emotions, lack of confidence and Love in yourself, due to the state of separation between you and the Source, then to which they finally turn their lives.

As we mentioned earlier, there are several people who seem to be interested in these transformations, as well as in conferences and / or workshops directed towards the evolution of Divine Consciousness and they say to themselves: Yes, they give us many things, however Here we are at home, so why leave.

Outside it is cold and it rains, while here we can be warm and protected

Beloved brothers / sisters, you should know that you are not protected from anything in the background, since the transformations that will take place within your planet will affect the different levels of manifestation, by this we mean that No living being will be saved from what will happen.

We do not wish to announce that your planet will experience terrible disasters; however, if some will occur, in the same way that they have already happened in ancient times. But what is all this about? All this happens precisely for humanity to put aside that little cocoon, in which many still find themselves, where selfishness and lack of love reign, making them unconscious about that mental state of division and indifference, which has been ruling his world for a long time. You must be aware that all that world that was built on a false reality and false bases, will end up disappearing to give way to the world where Love, Truth and Peace reigns .

As we have already said, you have the possibility of perceiving everything that is happening around you through the knowledge and energies that are revealed to you, that is, you can clearly see the amount of erroneous behaviors, traps and bad performances that have allowed false reality to be so ingrained within their world. But they can be certain that everything that is currently happening and the conduct of those established political and / or religious powers, which have had them under their yoke by pressing them with imposed dogmas and ideas, will be consumed and it will disappear through the Revelation of the Divine Truth.

You must try to reach your divine presence

Obviously, all this will also take place inside of you and by this we mean that everything that has been hindering you and preventing you from moving forward until now, everything that has kept you prisoners and allows you to access the Higher Reality or reach your Divine Consciousness, will be completely removed from your thoughts, and will finally be purified. This is the reason why, today they find it so complicated to understand what is happening, and many keep fighting to continue their lives without really knowing how to move forward in such a convulsed world, which has foundations that although they seem solid they are about to collapse.

It is necessary that within this world governed by a new Reality new bases emerge that help to establish the “ Celestial Jerusalem ” in a space of Love, where it has its rightful place and is surrounded by a true Reality and a new Plan of Light that allows it to work with high frequency energy vibrations.

So, we know that it is not something really simple for you and that is that however and as we have mentioned on many occasions, you have chosen yourself to incarnate on Earth and help humanity to move back towards that level of Higher Consciousness, typical of beings of light, in which they will have the opportunity to find and fully understand that Truth that is within them and, which alludes to their Divine Reality on a higher plane of existence.

But for all this to take place, it is necessary to clear your mind and heart of all kinds of blockages that may have. They must clean their interior of all low energy that has not been previously transmuted and be completely devoid of elements that do not allow them to receive the Divine Host .

We know that it is not easy to leave behind some things that are part of their lives and that it is not easy to understand that ancient fears have no true foundations and this is precisely due to the fact that they have accumulated certain energies that block and blind them, before What is really happening in their lives. You do not have enough confidence in yourself and in everything you wish to achieve, but you should know that trust is an essential element to achieve each of your goals in this important time of change and transformation of your world.

We invite you to clean and purify every part of your inner being, so that you can use that enormous power within you, the Violet Flame.

There are numerous human beings who have curious impulses in relation to their reality, but often do not have the necessary courage to move forward and understand that the reality of their world is not true and that only through spiritual knowledge will they be able to know the authentic Hidden Reality behind the veil of duality, that is why we ask you to manifest the courage that is within you and break with the old chains that bind you to false dogmas, and prevent you from seeing the Light of the upper world.

Beloved beings of the Earth, the power necessary to get rid of any prison and reach its ascension is within each one of you. You just have to open your hearts, remember that it is precisely, through your hearts and the Love that lives in them that you will be able to change the world and get even closer to the Creative Source .

TRANSLATION: Lurdes Sarmiento


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