9 practical tips to start a home garden.

  • 2014

1. Have the appropriate containers: their size will depend on what you want to grow; There are many types: pots, planters, cultivation tables, there are also textiles ... but the most important thing is that they are light so that they can be easily moved and that they have a good drainage system to eliminate excess irrigation water.

2. Sun: the best orientation for a balcony, terrace, window or patio is the south, southwest. Plants should enjoy a minimum of 8-10 hours of sunshine (or four hours of direct light) to grow healthy and strong.

3. Plan the space: keep in mind the surface to be occupied, the capacity and distribution of the containers; this avoids, for example, overloading the balcony or window. Place the ground floors in front of the high ones to take advantage of the sunny hours. In this way, place, for example, lettuce in pots in front of tomatoes or beans.

4. Use the right substrates: vegetables need a nutrient-rich substrate to grow and bear fruit. Experts advise light organic substrates because they retain water and nutrients well, in addition to serving as 'support' for plant growth.

5. Choose the irrigation system well: on a terrace you can install automatic irrigation, but if this is not possible, try to have easy access to a tap to irrigate without major inconveniences. The lifetime watering can or a watering gum will be sufficient.

6. Frequency and amount of water: it will depend on the time of the year (summer or winter), but keep in mind that it is always better to keep the humidity, that is, water more frequently but less .

7. Self-consumption: to ensure a good performance of your garden, it is best to diversify the crop, in small quantities and by scaling the crops. One of the advantages of growing at home is that we can adapt the crops to our own consumption needs.

8. Combine crops of different species: the variety of crops is large. For those who are beginners it is recommended to try: onions, garlic, spinach, radishes, lettuce, aromatic plants, for example.

9. Pest control: it is an important aspect to keep in mind. For all those who want to start in this of the `` homemade agriculture '' it is recommended that they go to the seedlings instead of the seeds, because those are quite more resistant to pests.

Source: mx.hola.com

To complement the information we invite you to take a look at the infographic with practical advice on the creation of an orchard in our own home.

9 practical tips to start a home garden.

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