Summary and Introduction to the Bridge People Series - Daniel Jacob

  • 2010

The "Earth Experiment" is nearing its culmination. Those “seeds” that were deposited here so long ago have mutated and germinated and with their maturation an abundance of awareness arrives that transcends anything that even our original “donors” have expected. Humanity has given such dignity and greatness to the idea of ​​hybridization that a totally new philosophy and purpose of life has emerged around it, a Multiversal Celebration of what it means to be the "connecting link" between two or more forces ( divergent), thus bringing peace to All as One ... This "Connection" that flourishes, or rather, this "Re-Connection" is what brings to the manifestation what our Guides and Teachers call "The Bridge People."

It was once written: “No man can serve two masters. He will love one and hate the other, or hate one and love the other. ”(Matthew 6:24). And so the world of polarization continued a little more. But nowhere in that passage does it say that two masters cannot serve a man. Because meeting the two, inside, and raising it above its world of "normalcy" to a place where expansion and joy continue to combine for both parties - certainly, for all parties - is an act of transcendent nobility and of eternal worth. It is a tuning of purpose and a synchronization of resources that enriches all who participate and all who observe.

The Bridge People are, first and foremost, people who manage to stay firmly attached to their connection to their 3D physical world as well as allow themselves to regularly pass through the Portal of their Imagination to be able to ponder what else could also be true, if the consensus of the mass ever accepts that it is so. Currently, humanity perceives the world through a "grid" of perception made of the words "I am", "We say", "I am (this), and you are (that)." We observe the objects and declare : "It's this (or that)", and we believe in what our eyes tell us. Above 3D, moving to 4D and beyond, the perception of the person works on a different premise. Instead of saying "I am this (or that)", the operative term becomes "Suppose I was ..."

Those who really allow themselves to ask themselves a question "Suppose I was" ("Suppose I were this instead of that"), those who REALLY believe in that possibility have the power to make something wonderful happen. Our sense of reality can be opened as the Red Sea opened for Moses, anchoring our body on one side of the water, while inviting the mind and heart to go elsewhere. The part of us that remains in the middle is called The Bridge. It serves as an anchor line to keep the body safe, even when it also provides wings to help the mind and heart to ascend to heaven.

The Bridge People are a force of nature, a divine gift that was designed and sent here to make humanity free from self-imposed attachments to the Consciousness of Limitation. As The Bridge opens softly before us, it also contains a Guardian Spirit who makes sure that we do not become so "celestially minded" that we do not serve in the earthly. It allows the passage in both directions, back and forth, between 3D and the Expanded Realms. Two Masters serving a man. Darkness and light. Creation and Destruction. Time and Eternity If we can name it, we have the ability to BE the Bridge that connects it back to the One. All essences, all polarities, sooner or later find their way home to ONE. And in every created universe (and only if you choose to do so) that Bridge can be T .

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Translation Susana Peralta

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By Daniel Jacob

Last year, when I returned from taking part in the Living Consciously Exhibition in Spokane, Washington, I was fascinated by the diversity and quality of the people who are leaving the hiding place. and they are seen in great encounters like this one. And many Masters and Soul Healers who walk through the halls and sit at conferences while producing and staffing these meetings. The energy in Spokane was substantial and the potential for connection and collaboration was enormous. It really was a smorgasbord of love for someone gregarious like me. As we gave information about the New Children, many people brought their own children to meet them. Almost everyone had stories to tell about the powers and purpose that currently flows in and around our New Earth Children.

Most of you are aware that something wonderful is on the planet Earth. Souls are expanding (sometimes painfully!) And hearts are filling up with this great feeling of mininence which can sometimes be almost overwhelming. We, as Planet, are on our trip to CASA. We are REMEMBERING and, in doing so, our options to grow and heal are increasing ten, twenty, fifty or one hundred times! Moving from Limitation lives in 3D to Travel Reconnection is a very, very serious matter. Support is almost always needed, and I am discovering that when the times of transformation are approaching, the right kind of support always seems to be there. How does that famous phrase say? When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

I saw it clearly reflected in those I met at the Fair. For every person who was preparing to open up to ancient memory and knowledge, there was a whole host of "midwives" who gathered around offering support and guidance during the process. (1) Years ago, before the Harmonic Convergence, I claimed a great deal of my own memory in the Psychic Fairs and Exhibitions. There I also met some of my most powerful teachers.

Some appear in a timely manner. They assess the needs of our situation and then say and do only what is necessary to facilitate and illuminate the process so that spiritual rebirth can take place. My Spiritual Guides, The Reconnections, often refer to these powerful people as "Bridge People."

Old Souls in New Bodies

In one of the previous transmissions, the Reconnections used these words to describe the power and life we ​​are talking about today:

“Whether one sees them as resurrected, reborn or simply as Gods and Goddesses who descended to mingle with mortals - a race of priests and rulers will soon appear on the face of the Earth - the souls of the ancient and beloved Shamans and Druids, who return to experience the final "act" of this representation.

Certainly, they live and breathe on the planet while we talk. Many of them have "intentionally" forgotten who and what they are. They wake up to normal jobs, such as Richard Bach's "reluctant Messiah, " however, by the way they are not "normal." They sit next to you at dinner time, shop at your store, and rest on the beaches reading books and magazines.

These are the Children of Unity, matured and seasoned to meet the need that will come soon! Although they were born “in the old ways” and soaked in the old customs and lost disciplines, they return today to place themselves under the Tree of Life. As the storm thunders and temporary chaos shakes the Tree, these wise and amazing beings will pick the ripe fruit, precisely where it falls. ”

An essential feature of the Bridge Person is a well-developed sense of equity and energy neutrality (2) regarding what is happening here in 3D. In the most intimate, we know that all this is nothing more than a Game. It is the planned excursion (3) of the Eternal Spiritual Existence to Human Limitation. We do it, we grow and expand as a Planetary Self. We also do it to explore more fully who and what we all are. Finally, we do it for fun ... and we really have fun!

The parts of us that need to be set aside while we are on our 3D Trip are carefully guarded by the Guardians, who keep them safe and return them when needed. When the Reconnections contacted me back in 1991, they described themselves as all those parts of my expanded self that I had to forget in order to become human. In a sense, the Bridge People serve the same purpose for humanity. We keep one foot on the mainland, even while other parts of us quickly cross the sky looking for new truths and visions to light the way home.

The Guides continue, while describing what it is like to travel that way:

“The systems of your world, your planetary alignments, your ways of thinking and ways of living will soon be transformed. Overlapping forces in their governments, furious citizens without control, rush against each other. ”

To "refrain" from taking a position "against" someone or something, in a highly polarized environment, is to become functionally invisible. Certainly, it is our resistance against someone or something that made us land physically in the first place! Unraveling, little by little, each strand of judgment and condemnation - to begin accepting all others as reflections of oneself - is to merge with a new vibration, a "beacon home" of grace and peace that creates a totally new world. .

Learning to "hide" in this whirlwind of worry, hostility, aggression and separation, is to begin to live "among the cracks" of society. When they are lost in the crowd and seek comfort, they sometimes feel as if they are the only one left with some sense of sweetness, with some desire to get rid of the clamor of hostility. Then, suddenly, an invisible hand reaches out from behind a lantern and pushes them into a hiding place where the Spirit can teach them how to see life from an entirely new angle.

The Spirit of Unity summons its leaders by removing its Veil from Oblivion, as if it were the layers of an onion. As in ancient times, the leader will not seek that position, but rather, each one simply accepts the task assigned to him by discovering that he literally cannot do otherwise!

Again, we are talking about Spiritual Gifts (4) here, aren't we? We are talking about a pre-established motivational desire that comes, when it is time for the Bridge People to take action, representing soul contracts that were accepted long before making our trip to this World of Form. When we get here, we are asleep (at least some of us). And then, at the right time, an internal alarm sounds and we begin to wake up. What we had forgotten, is presented automatically.

Many of our New Children are born with full awareness. They remember what it feels like to jump from the womb and do not waste time explaining to the perplexed parents who they were (or are) in other lives, and what they came here to do this time. They have these traits for us, because many Baby Boomers (5) have chosen to continue sleeping. As someone has to do the job, our kids get into it.

A Force of Nature

The Guides tell us that the Bridge People are a race in itself. Rather they are a force of nature, a will to survive! They put bodies, bodies are removed, so they can make their appearance in time and space. But in reality, they are everywhere (and nowhere), simultaneously. In each incarnation they bear the memory of being a "survivor." But those difficulties and dissonances that they have in their memory, those enigmas of life or periods of momentary distress are negligible when compared to the whirlpools that transcended and endured over time. And now, some of YOU are summoned to be Bridge People too:

“In this important period of the History of the Earth, many of you wallow in your dream, praying for peace in the world. My Dear Friends, you ARE peace. You are the Observer who sees, the Sensitive who feels each and every nuance of what is happening. Stillness is part of what they are, but would you want to endure that forever? Really, would you want to endure anything forever? Let it be! Let everything be! War, famine, joy, dance, birth, death ... everything has its place. Everything has its time. And there they are, in the middle of it, watching, feeling, being all that. They are now, and always were, citizens of the “Intermediate Place”. They are bridges that connect and explore EVERYTHING. They scanned the shadows and their eyes light a candle in the dark. They tend in the meadow and thousands, millions, even, they tend there with you. Can you believe it?

Building Bridges for New Guys

Many people who listen to the Star Children CDs or read the articles I wrote about these New Boys, will ask me: How can we help That things are easier for our Next Generation as they wake up? Speaking in general, young people are not respected in society today. In order for the Children of the Stars to gain influence and really begin to affect the way we all see life and make decisions, they will need to be part of our authority. This is beginning to happen, slowly. Thanks to the efforts of writers and researchers such as Steve Rother, Lee Carroll and Dr. Doreen Virtue, the Children of the Stars (or whatever they are being called) are gaining an audience. They are beginning to listen.

For 20 years I earned a living as a Physiotherapist. I spent my days touching people, helping them heal. When I entered the field of Medical Massage Therapy, there in the early 1980s, the profession was struggling to gain recognition and impetus, being seriously hindered ( especially in the U.S.) for associating the word masaje with prostitution.

Over the years, much of that opposition disappeared. Today, Medical Massage Therapy is one of the health care modalities that is growing on the planet. In my own practice, I became widely known through the recommendations and support of doctors and former patients who, after benefiting greatly from my care, began talking to me about their friends and colleagues. Many of those friends would not have come to treat each other if it were not for the gentle stimulus of someone they trusted; Someone who said to them: It's fine. He will not cause you harm. It really works!

What these loving and gentle people gave me and my way of dealing with healing was authority. They put into play their reputation with friends and business partners, so that my influence in people's lives could be expanded and known. That is exactly how it will happen with our Children of the Stars as well. Gradually, adults will simply tell each other: These kids know what they are talking about. We need to hear them! ”

Whether they are helping us by sharing knowledge, financial aid or shared authority, BRIDGES are playing a huge role in the transformation process that is taking place now on Planet Earth. In some countries, they are even giving their lives so that others can walk work towards new hope and freedom. His powers and influence come from far, far behind. They are old souls that come forward to help humanity as we learn in new and expanded ways.

This article is my way of saying "thank you" to all who have served this purpose in my life. It is also my way of sending a clarion call to any Bridge Person who still sleeps. Get up! The time of the Transformation is near! Your people wait for you. Wake up! Wake up!

(1) See Birth Pain and the New Humanity

(2) Neutrality (citation)

“In towering office buildings, you can take the elevators freely. They are made of steel and granite, and their destiny consists of floors, systematically stacked on each other. In the Multiverse, the ascension process occurs somewhat differently. Instead of changing ALTITUDE, a traveler from the Multiverse changes ATTITUDE.

As we detail in other transmissions, each universe exists as if it were a film tape that passes through a projector at varying speeds (densities). When they change the speed of a tape, the film contained there seems to change as well. When someone incarnates, their mind is their projector ... and their entire universe of perception becomes their screen. As your vibration rises and falls, the images on the screen become bright or dark, sinister or playful, all according to the tone with which your perception is harmonized.

Assuming an attitude of unconditional acceptance, or neutrality, becomes an AUTOMATIC ELEVATOR within the Multiverse that allows you all to move freely between the various realities that exist within All That Is. To slow down the vibration, it is necessary to form a judgment regarding the universe they inhabit. The degree of deceleration corresponds to the intensity and essential inflexibility in the attitude of the observer. The more absolute the judgment, the denser the reality becomes. If someone believes that something is very, very bad, they will live in a context of fear about their presence in their reality. If you think something is very, very good, you will still live fearfully, since you will be afraid of losing it.

Different polarities - same vibration. Neutrality is the entrance and exit door of any universe. When someone breaks free from the judgments (about themselves and others), the elevator goes up. When he takes new ones, the elevator goes down. If it remains constant, you have the option to get off and do business in any “floor” that matches your energy. Those are the laws that govern the movement in the Multiverse. They have been using them skillfully and constantly since the beginning of their trip here. However, they now have the option to use them consciously to intensify the power of their experience. ”

(3) See Holidays in Limitation

(4) See Spiritual Gifts: Work on the Grid

(5) Those who were born at the end of World War II or immediately after.

© Daniel Jacob, 2005

Translation: Dora Susana Peralta

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