Propag tu maestro, by Julio Andr Pa s Pagano

The stars remind you that you are light.

Harmonized with the glittering golden frequency that is coming to Earth, the light of this warm message will make your heart vibrate, taking you out of the terrestrial limits. These crisp words were designed to make you feel and fly beyond reason. Trust. Your spirit flows in the dimension of love, which illuminates and purifies matter. Your firm steps free, make history. Even if it doesn't, don't stop. Irradiá Propagate your expertise.

As your eyes perceive these letters, an energetic vibration embraces your body and transports you very far, towards the very center of the galaxy. All this that you live is part of your cosmic nature. Through your blood runs the ancestral memory of these celestial bodies that illuminate endlessly. You are son of the stars, messenger without time. You came to impregnate pure energies in dense dimensions. Remember. Your job is to give birth.

While chaos shakes and mobilizes strongly, helping to transform, your heart is a sacred portal that gives entry to this glittering subtle flow that comes from the Source. Soon this crystalline spring will water the arid roads where you were sowing consciousness, and you will see the peace of your inner Sun shine in all its magnitude. That will be the unmistakable signal that will crown your magnificent task of serving in the midst of such rough adversity.

The sparkling glow that now nourishes your aura, stimulates and strengthens your deepest fibers. They are infused with the verve necessary to continue walking through the dark areas, announcing the end of dehumanization. Each step is a second less waiting, which shortens the full landing of a majestic era. Cheer up. May the dust of oblivion not cover your diaphanous gaze. Let's go together. We march, with courage, under the mantle of love.

Your skillful mind will insist on physically not traveling anywhere. Do not worry, you are correct. Your flight was in spirit. You were guided to remember your beautiful pristine essence, so that you keep alive the brilliant sense of your intense pilgrimage. Today you will laugh and shine even louder, because your cells remembered what we came for. I transcended your fears. Get moving. Your flame elevates, humanizes. You are light. Propagate your expertise.


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