Weekly Message from Ascended Master Hilarion: You Must Keep Holding Your Light By M. Swetlisoff

  • 2016


The events that are happening all over the world are increasing in intensity and frequency. This is not random, Dear ones, this is a deliberate plan. Keep in mind that there are those in power who act in ways that are not for the greater good of humanity and the planet. To counteract these energies, you light workers must continue to hold their Light, continue to believe in all that is good, right and decent. If they do not hold these precepts, who will do it during these times? Please understand that these energies are causing an awakening in the hearts of humanity. Regardless of the terrible aspect of everything that is happening and the worrisome actions that are being taken throughout the world, know that these actions are, in effect, awakening the supra hearts in humanity.

In fact, everything that is provoking is working against those who try to create chaos. The more it is about creating chaos, the more people deepen within themselves and act, speak and think from the heart. This has the effect of leveling what is happening, denying everything that is done to create suffering and bringing greater vibration and frequency to the planet. Try then, dear ones, to look beyond what is apparent, try to see the broader perspective of what is happening so that you do not get entangled internally. It is difficult, we understand, wait and see how this chaos occurs. It is difficult to see his sisters and brothers being mistreated in such ways.

The best way that lightworkers can be helpful is to preserve and sustain their Light and their faith that everything works according to the Divine Plan. No matter what is thrown to humanity by these chaotic forces, humanity has the power within it to turn it around, and this is what they are doing. They just don't see it in the mainstream media, but more and more people around the world are aware of the movements that are being made; Those who bring this chaos still do not understand that the old paradigm has collapsed and a new paradigm of unity, peace, harmony, cooperation and love prevails. And it will prevail!

People across the planet are beginning to ask themselves pertinent questions. Why in the year 2016 of the 21st century do things go backwards or seem to be going backwards? It seems as if no progress has been made in human rights and mutual respect; However, all this is emerging for review of humanity, so that each person can go inside and discover what is encouraged within them that allows this to happen in the outside world.

In fact, those who feed racist, cruel or murderous thoughts within themselves, understand that humanity is the creator of everything that happens. This is why we have been advising them to refrain from seeing news events as they occur. This is also why we have been encouraging them to be in touch with nature, where they can tune into what is best and highest in frequency. This will allow them greater physical, mental, emotional, astral and etheric well-being to be in harmony and balance, which helps them stay aligned with their own Divine Being.

Give your love and support to people of color and other ethnic groups . What has been happening is unacceptable on any planet throughout the universe. Yes, human beings, want to proceed and progress, must become a voice to express their opposition to everything that is happening in that brothers and sisters are not treated as such.

It is time that all these archaic methods and actions cease forever on this planet! You don't have to go out to the streets to raise your hand in protest, to be attacked by those who hold authority with different methods that block what you want to express. One only has to go inside and take root in all that they really are, a Divine child of God . Everyone, regardless of race, creed and color, has the same Light within their hearts, in their souls there is no difference! We are One, Dear!

There is a division of the roads, a crossroads if you want, which is being produced for humanity at this time; there are those who want to make war, want to start war, when it is not necessary. Humanity has moved beyond warmongering, humanity has moved beyond non-negotiation. Humanity has moved beyond the need to exert brute force to dominate other nations, to defeat their sisters and brothers.

That is why we ask light workers to send love, light, healing, compassion, to all those who have been affected by all the chaos that has taken place on a regular and methodical basis. all over the world. Be aware, wake up! See what is really happening. It occurs regularly n nten it. Take note of that, of the dates and times; how it occurs There is a cycle, a pattern associated with it, and when they discern this pattern, this cycle, they can counteract those activities through energetic and loving methods.

There are truly no victims on this planet. There are only those who lack consciousness! Once consciousness arrives, there are many paths that can be taken to counteract and neutralize everything that is happening, but it starts from within each human being and then we encourage them carry the torch of the freedom, of love, of unity, peace, harmony and keep yourselves elevated! Maintain your position wherever you are on this planet is the place where you are serving the highest purpose in these times. Do you see, dear? Keep the flag high, hold the torch Everything you need is inside of you!

Until next week


AUTHOR: Marlene Swetlishoff

SEEN AT: www.therainbowscribe.com

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