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  • 2015

The Unique Truth

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of the Magnetic Service

I speak to you again, through my partner, at the end of a day of intensive information. Before me are those who have gone through the processes, the learnings, and in those processes and learnings there have been ideas and concepts all new. They are often new because they challenge what has been; you tend to rewrite what you learn; That in itself should tell you that we are dealing with the new energy.

And I say "we" because here I am again. The difference between you and me, in a way it is big and in another way it is not. Because the seed that is in me that you would call God is in you. I have never been a human. I am always on the outside as an advisor, which is what I want to do. There is benevolence in all things, if they seek it. But I repeat this: the workers are you.

Today's information has been about how to discover what is the bridge to the eternal soul. And we have told you that in the human body that bridge exists in many ways, but the biggest is that elusive one called Innato. We have given you some ways that are beginning to reach him. They are the practical ways, they could even call it spiritual survival; It is the beginning. It has to do with health, well-being, rejuvenation. All these things are the beginning of a human race that will change; Very slowly, but it will change. On my side of the veil there is adoration, joy and celebration. That is what we are seeing, we have seen it before: there is a pattern here. It is not because we get strange or esoteric but, dear ones, you are eternal and do not even know how eternal you are. They are ageless; they existed before existing ( laughs ). They are in a circle that never ends. They were here before the Universe. They were here before the first universe before this universe. That old. And yet in a circle there is no linearity; That old. On some level - listen - on some level, what is within you at the cellular level, which you call akashic memory, goes beyond this planet. On some level.

Some of you begin to wake up to Akashic wisdom. They do not fear death. Some realized that death is an opportunity for youth, and they like it ( laughs ). That is wisdom. Some begin to remember what is happening on the planet. That is wisdom. And they are not afraid. They realize that they have experienced it before: “Here we go again! Praise the Spirit for this. ”That is the wisdom we have.

Some have realized that today is a day 11. It is the eleven of the month: 11-1-2015, these digits added give 11. And when they see it they cannot help saying: “Look! 11-11! ”( Laughs ). That should tell you something: it is a nod from the Spirit that says “Everything is fine!” It really is. Better than you think, no matter what news you see. Blessed is the light worker who goes on with his work in difficult times, with joy, expectations, intention, peace. They do not allow the things that surround them - and that are real - to neutralize the reality that is bigger and bigger than what is in the news.

Eleven, in any numerology, means enlightenment. Is the light. The first of the master numbers. In case you did not notice, the master numbers and their definitions respond to the evolution of humanity. What have you been told that was the first thing that happened? "Let there be Light." Illumination. What was the second thing? The creation story. That is the duality; It is 22. The third, 33, is that of compassion, and begins to move towards 44, which has not yet been defined.

Lighting, dear. It is a day to celebrate the Light. Yesterday we told you something that we will now complete. We told you that the Spirit does not measure time as you do. It is not based on calendars, it is not based on clocks, it is based on energy. And often then, it is guided by the cosmos; the energy around you, the consciousness around you, the stars, the solar system. The things that influence you, your DNA, your consciousness, everything is part of our "clock."

Now, what will happen in your future, based on our clock? ( laughs ) You will have noticed that 2013 seemed to slide towards 2014 and the Department of Recalibration. At the end of 2013, not everything went well. It followed for some; for others there was healing, and others did not feel it until the middle of last year. When, in terms of time, does recalibration end? It is a good question, so we will give you this answer: there is no termination for recalibration, because each of you is unique.

I want you to understand this. Let's say that a younger soul, within a few years, begins to learn what you know, and the energy becomes aware of them; They will go through a recalibration in 2018! ( laughs ) And then how is it? When you recalibrate and say, when will we end? What we have to tell you is a generalization for the oldest of souls. A release of recalibration energy is coming for the oldest souls. Coming Soon. We are going to tell you, we will tell you that it is based on our watch, on the energies of the potentials we see, and on that of the stars. It will be in mid-April.

Now, if they start looking for this in astrological terms, they may find something or find nothing. If they look at it in terms of quantum astrology, they will see it. I have said this to someone who is here and knows what I am talking about. It is good news. It also gives you a clue about how we measure what time is. There are a number of steps that occur. It is almost as if they were invitations to open and close certain types of energy dispensations, some short, some long, and some have nothing to do with the clock. They have to do with where the Earth is, its journey around the sun, which in turn causes the question: What are the energies involved with the sun, and how does the sun play its part in this energy system? Its beautiful! It is benevolent. If you want it to be.

However, I believe that the greatest thing we have presented to you in recent years is something that worries many. For others, free. It makes many think. I will briefly describe it and then we finish. We have said time and again that human consciousness is based on what you understand and realize from birth. You are not judged by this, in fact it makes perfect sense, because you are a three-dimensional society.

Now, if you want to see the semantics, if you look at the great scientists who presented you with relativity, they can have four dimensions (laughs), so that we use the 3D expression to mean that you are linear. They are. It is all they have. All their life they put one foot in front of the other. They go to the next square on the calendar. Your vocabulary, your thinking, even what is spiritual, has to be based on something you find comfortable, that you can understand. The most esoteric thinking is still linear. The most intellectual of you, proud of how advanced it may be, is linear . ( laughs ). You discuss the different dimensions and give them names and numbers. It is funny! ( laughs ). They don't even know what they talk about. Put numbers on the degrees of love. Write them down, and draw them and draw the lines. It is funny. You are still linear.

And now that stops. One of the greatest things that is changing in the human mind is the liberation of linearity. The understanding that they can go beyond the singularity, beyond what can be told, beyond what it says: For to get from A to B, one step must be taken in front of another. And there are those who are saying: I think that A and B are the same. I can be in both at the same time! And some will come out to say: What are you talking about? (laughs ) And the Answer is: I just got out of linearity! I tell you: anyone who thinks about these things has certainly come out of linearity.

There is something ironic: quantum physicists have known all along. There is a reality that you do not have, and that they see when they look at those places of small sum and observe the matter itself and how it behaves and what it does they see. A reality that is not linear, that behaves in rare ways and for you unusual. There will come a time when they can look at the different realities they have, and when they look at what they have now they will consider it old, ancient, picturesque. ( laughs ) No one will think this way anymore.

The main thing for a spiritual and esoteric person is what I now tell you: How do you find the truth? How do you define it? The word true. Give me the concept, and I will give you linearity, one and one. Because humanity seeks the truth, and for you there is a thing called truth. Everyone is looking for a thing called truth! You may have noticed something: in twenty-five years, we never gave you rules of doctrine, right? Never . In twenty-five years, we never told them to think like this or think this way. We told you that free will was the rule, isn't it? Now, as we become more elegant and the transformation towards nonlinearity becomes more real, you get to know a greater truth. ( laughs ) This is not going to like many: there is no such thing as a singular truth. How could there be a truth for seven billion unique souls ? How would it be possible? And yet you look for it! Spiritual common sense laughs at you for doing this! When you look back, you will laugh at yourself. And yet they are designed like this, to look for one thing to cling to, to which everyone can hold on and then that thing is their salvation and their peace, their joy and their energy, and health, and rejuvenation. Does not exist!

What if I tell you that the truth is in seven billion parts? And that each of you has a part. Consider an ancient soul that has been here a thousand lives or more. That he has had shamanic energies, that he has studied the stars, that he is wise over the years he has been on the planet. Whether they are remembering or not, it is not important; I am talking about what is in you. In his DNA. They carry the wisdom of the ancients of the ancient! Part of you still remember, perhaps, other worlds. Now hold that thought, and that is you.

So here comes a person who has only had five lives. He carries with him, from his life on Earth, a fraction of what you carry. And how does that appear in his personality? You are likely to have less wisdom than you, you are unlikely to believe in the things you believe. Can I say something? Would it be possible that your truth, grandiose, elegant, multidimensional, wasted on it? Not ready for that! So he would have a smaller truth that works for him. But his truth would also allow him to connect with God in his elementary way. Its beautiful! And God loves her the same. You, beyond that, have been there, have done that, are in things that are so much more advanced! Now I ask you: who has the truth?

See what I say? There is no single truth. But there is a unique God, and there is a Spirit, and a universal love. And when you combine all these, we invite you to discover the greatest truth of all, and that will be yours. Not what my partner gives them. Not what your neighbor gives them. Not the one given by your church. The one that is intuitive, designed for you for all the years you spent crossing that bridge to God.

Now, this is a specific point of multidimensional information for you. If you do not pass this understanding, there will be a tendency to get bogged down looking for the unique truth. That, by the way, has gotten mankind into many problems, in case they didn't notice. It is time to break the paradigm.

Is Christianity correct? Absolutely! Is Buddhism correct? Absolutely! Is Hinduism correct? Absolutely! Does Islam have its place in this? Absolutely! The love of God, once refined, for the souls that need to cling to some kind of paradigm, God will be there, the healing will be there, and the rejuvenation will be there, for the souls that need it! And it's all right and true!

“But Kryon, couldn't you maybe give us some kind of guidance, or maybe where we are going, or what to look for? You know, everything is so crazy, so messy, where are we going, what are we looking for? ”I will give you the answer. Look for love Point! Look for love and compassion in any belief system, you will find it at its core. Go where you feel comfortable, and move on! You will be honored for that. Look for love Darkness cannot be represented by love as accurate and true, because there is no love and there is no compassion there, and the Earth knows it well!

Welcome to a new paradigm: common sense and reality. Some got it; others have no idea what I said. ( laughs ) And everything is appropriate too. Each unique human being has his own path of discovery, at his own pace and in his own way . Bless you for that.

My only request, if I can make one: Please do not stop searching! Please do not despair! Please don't think it's all over, just because someone said something. An order.

Because I've been here before, and you too.

And so it is.


Kryon Channeling by Lee Carroll

Description and translation : M. Cristina Cáffaro


The Unique Truth - Kryon

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