The Sacred Flame of Unity. Beloved Mary

  • 2015

Beloved girl I am Maria

The sacred flame of unity is within you.

The path of internal resonance begins, as we have already warned you. The emerald ray is bathing in the last hours the whole planet, sustained from royal Teton and the sun of Alcyon.

The turquoise frequency of Lemuria that inhabits the interior of Gaia, begins to surface, mainly in the frequency of your hearts, so you are in such an intense period of activity in the heart chakra.

The restlessness that you feel, is nothing more than the unification of two rhythms, which for thousands of years, were not synchronous and that in the next hours will adjust the rhythms.

There is a great leap of temporal space consciousness, so do not get upset or distress, but you can adjust the natural rhythm of your body in the next two days after the eclipse, it is part of the transformation, to the integration of energy, it will give a greater activity or a great physical fatigue, according to the baggage of each being.

Beloved friends we place you to this great planetary transformation.

Beloved It is the unification of its unitary farm with Akasha and the universal heartbeat, it is the union of the solar plexus, the thymus and the heart chakra ascended inside the throat.

Channeled by Elsa Farrus.

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March 19, 2015 elsa farrus

Today is the day of union of realities, Tomorrow the eclipse is the opening of the unique consciousness and multidimensionality.

Many of you are going to recognize and give the necessary support to carry out your personal consolidations and the opening of mass consciousness.

We know that it will be two or three very busy days, for the great internal remodeling they are experiencing. Happy integration to all Elohim.

The Sacred Flame of Unity. Beloved Mary

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