El Morya - Ascension brings its global changes - channeled by Méline Lafont

  • 2013

As proof of my gratitude I will put your mind at the ease with which the new energy changes that occur on planet Earth. There is much imminent at this time and the new shoots grow more than their stump making their way through the soil of the earth to produce wonderful fruits in which they have worked so hard.

Great atmosphere has been made for massive renovations and enrichments in order to obtain a planetary shift towards the Light.

The shining sphere of golden light shines on you now and lets your surprising energy descend into this majestic valley where for centuries the darkness has ruled sovereignly.

The light is offered to the user so that he can see again in the dark corners and recesses of his being and his planetarium so being able to make an exhaustive approach and a determined presence of the Light possible.

This period of time is called enlightenment and has to do in part with the appearance of all the dark facets that have never ruled in your Being and the Being of Gaia. Everything is analyzed and purged thoroughly until a new green leaf of hope, life and birth emerges.

To the birth results after the transformation of all the old and without effect on all the new and enriching things.

You will be reborn in a pure and wonderful white light that reflects your consciousness and manifests as a magnificent new being.

When everything is reborn, a new paradigm of the Light will emerge in which only the Light will govern and exist, so that there will be no more darkness because of the darkness and the light are one and complement each other in such a way that only the light is maintains, as the result of the two having merged.

Light can never be extinguished, it can only remain hidden behind a large mass of gravity.

That gravity is density and duality, it is the world in which he has lived for centuries.

As a sign of my love and respect, it is my duty and my honor not only to endure but also to delegate all other endings that lead to enlightenment. My beloved Presence is duly known by all of you as the Master of the first Ray, who contributes much to all of you along with the angelic kingdoms of Archangel Michael.

The most important for your presence is your own being and your own inner world (heart). We are currently present at your current level in the heart and have always been with you in this world of being.

Myself, El Morya, Kuthumi, Saint Germain, Lady Portia, Lady Nada and Sananda, Quan Yin, Melchizedek, Hilarion, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Mother Mary, Maitreya and all the Masters and Archangels of the Order of Light It will help you greatly daily through a powerful level of our presence.

We do this to support everyone and that will lead you to your own enrichment in your true Self.

Precious matters are about to unfold for all of you, although many hearts are not always considered as such.

All this implies a lesson, an experience and a creation in real life that leads to the activation of your inner self. Everything leads to its journey towards its interior and in which it persists in the inner world of being.

EVERYTHING that is and everyone, has just been experienced, digested or accepted in a different and personal way.

That remains in its own truth and its own heartfeeling is absolutely important and current issues will play an important role in this document to bring everyone to this conclusion so it also becomes their action. All current issues in today's world do not exist, because it is a created illusion that comes from the creation of holographic aspects.

From the point of view of reality that they are nothing and form a single reality in a person's mind and thoughts if the brain has the option of taking this reality as truth.

So the choice depends on all of you what you will consider your own reality and what you will not. This is the order of the day and is an ongoing issue that could bring a lot of confusion. DNA templates have begun their journey towards full activation and bring with them memories and activations related to previous lives in parallel worlds and dimensions. Everything will again be a great mass of energy, your being.

Activations mentioned above are forming a new way of being what the world suddenly sees and understands differently. Souls are traveling on average in a parallel world of their real being, where their inspiration and their primary consciousness gives rise to a great change in the world so that everything suddenly no longer fits their own image.

Rest assured, my dear ones, that this is going to bring you back to your real places and that many things can continue to happen in your old reality until everything and all notices, knows, understands, integrates and represents this.

With my most sincere wishes and my love for this new era that is unfolding, which is in the middle of the most important phase of this wonderful life lesson and the process I take until Global Ascension.

Master El Morya

Copyright © by Méline Lafont

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