David Topí: Some more experiences and results of working with the essence in mental deprogramming

  • 2015

These last almost three weeks, that I have not written a single line in the blog, have been of intense practice and better learning of the use of the energy of my essence to heal, deprogram and clean things at ever deeper levels, which I wasn't even aware that I had programmed in my psyche. The mere fact of trying to keep the awareness of your being active and "present" all day in yourself, is already an effort of self-observation and self-discipline, because every time you notice that some "I" personality Artificial has once again taken the reins of the mind, it is necessary to “separate it” again, with the will to give control to the “observer self” and, if possible, to the being / essence / monad itself.

What I see in a practical way in myself, more and more clearly, is that the potential of our " divine spark " to do all kinds of therapeutic healing work is enormous (my rational and "technical" mind sometimes puts I doubt the results that I feel in me, typical of the so-called scientific archetype that we also talked about at the conference, very strong in my programming and in my mental configuration). These days I have only been looking for those blockages that prevented me from taking another evolutionary “leap”, to call it somehow, that which hindered my own growth to a higher step than I am currently, and, basically, almost everything that has come out is those blockages that we call " karmic memories ", which are usually fears, negative experiences, and limiting patterns that come from other incarnations.

How to connect with the energy of your monad or essence you have more or less summarized in this other article on " Healing and transmutation with the energy of essence " where we already saw how, accessing through the Hara line, towards a point that we place behind the navel, we open a “ dimensional ” access door to the being of each one, that dwells in its own dimension and location outside our physical dimension, but that weattract ” towards it to deprogram, eliminate and transmute everything programming class, fears, patterns, etc., etc. of the different mental spheres.

Rewrite the runes of the behavioral pattern

The truth is that this work is quite subtle, first one must identify that to be healed, to find the limiting beliefs and behavior patterns to be removed, and then, depending on their complexity, and once the sphere or spheres where they are located are located, move the energy of the essence towards that area to eliminate them . We have also successfully tested to rewrite the runes of the behavioral pattern that we all bring by default at birth (and those that are recorded throughout our lives), especially the one I told you in the previous article about the emotional missing by conception without "consciousness" with which all, or most, have been born, thus, the same energy of the essence, erases the mental rune corresponding to the "lack of consciousness" and "lack of love" and records it with energy of " quantum love of the Source ."

This has the effect of reducing the need to look for that missing emotional and “out” love, in others, since you have engraved in you the “ eternal love ” that the Source has for everything created, by reducing that emotional need of the others towards oneself, the need for “selfish protagonism” is reduced, that is, to want to be “ loved ” and sustained, admired or simply for others to fill the void we used to have, and, by reducing the need for the ego program to look for "things outside", it loses more power (it calms down slightly) and it is easier to work with the essence in command of the artificial personality.

Reduce the energy of fear

Another thing I have experienced with is the reduction of the energy of fear that sustains the ego program. The point is that, I realized, especially at night, that in my mind began to circulate thoughts associated with the things of the day, the problems or situations experienced, but treating them from the most negative point of view possible, without knowing very well why, relive all that from the most " drastic " and " dramatic " angle. Stopping that string of thoughts, I placed myself again in the "observer self" (who had obviously lost control so that the above could have happened) and looked for the cause of such low level thoughts and vibration. Basically, what I found were the connections that went to the ego program for their sustenance and food, because as we were already commenting in the conference of the psyche of the human being, the ego is nourished by everything associated with fear, hence, when he lowers his guard, he always generates any mental form that can give him the necessary sustenance to continue functioning.

What I have done, and in this case it has not been just a matter of observing me and stopping that kind of mental talk when I have discovered myself in it, is a deprogramming of several components and patterns that literally produced this type of behavior. I had to work with the help of those we call "guides", because I was not only able to extract these components from my psyche, but they could do it for me a couple of nights ago, when in a meditation, I asked for help and We began to deprogram this subject. What I "noticed" coming out of me, could be assimilated to some energy "tubes" with " computer chips " inside (my representation and visual decoding with internal vision) of programs generating " mental fear ." I have the doubt if I will be able or if the way of feeding the ego program can be changed literally, reversing its polarity so that, since this program cannot be eliminated, at least it can be fed with “ positive ” energy, which it would mean that, if the psychic and energetic framework that nourishes artificial consciousness, could reverse polarity in some way, it would be the positive energies that would make the personality that now writes this work, and that is in control under the ego program. I have no answer for this, it is something I have written down to investigate and test on me, I will see if with my colleagues we can do it too, and see what happens.

In any case, it has been the necessity of my omnished being not to remain stagnant in the vehicle that I use (I, as a human being) that is leading me to try to keep moving towards levels of personal growth every time beyond where I am now. The inner voice that encourages me to clean and heal that which prevents a better connection, an expansion of the potential we all possess, a healing of everything that blocks the power to serve others better s and do my job, etc., etc. These days I will continue with the same, because I feel that I should do it. In fact, I almost perceive myself as a Lego who is being dismantled to remove the remaining pieces and leave only what is really interesting, the pure heart, the clean and deprogrammed head, and the connection with my essence, with my BEING and with the rest of the Creation functioning at the best possible level.

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David Top : Some experiences and results of working with the essence in mental deprogramming

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