Meet the Meditation of Abundance and Prosperity

  • 2015

Meditation refers to a broad set of practices where techniques are found that were designed to promote internal energy construction or life force, relaxation, compassion, patience, love, generosity and forgiveness. Meditation is a constant practice in which a person promotes a mode of consciousness by training his mind, to mentally identify an end in himself or to finally achieve a benefit. In this case we will focus on abundance . It works then with the meditation of abundance and prosperity.

We do not want it to be just a routine practice, but to be part of your life, since many consider that to have abundance you only have to work hard and be honest, and although having these qualities helps a lot, it is not the only way you must take, remember that what you want does not come by chance, but it is a reality that you chose.

What should you do to get your abundance and prosperity?

To achieve your abundance and prosperity you must follow a set of steps that will help you achieve these goals and get apart from an abundance of matter, the spiritual abundance, peace, relationship and tranquility that you have sought so much. Because everything is not about money.

Although the word abundance refers to the economic part as money, it is also true that abundance does not include this only, but to inner wealth, the generosity of the universe where everything you have desired becomes reality.

What steps should you follow to achieve abundance?

It's simple, the important thing you should know is that this work is related to meditation, so it is a meditation of abundance and prosperity that we will teach you. First, you must be clear about what you want, then do the meditation, and finally visualize what you want and look for it with determination. These three simple steps are what will lead you to success.

  • First step: What do you want? It is important that you know what you are looking for, depending on that, it is the path you will take. Many people venture into an inclement search without having the objectives defined, if this is not your case then we can move on to the next step of abundance.
  • Second step: Meditation of Abundance and Prosperity. To carry out your meditation you must keep in mind that you should take 10 to 15 minutes daily to dedicate them to the objectives you chose, it is important that every morning after waking up or before bedtime, when you are relaxed you begin your meditation of abundance and Prosperity, it is necessary to know that this is your time and space and you must do it with constancy.

You must be in a state of meditation where you are relaxed, concentrated, in peace and calm with yourself so that you can connect with your interior, with your unconscious. Lie on a sofa or a bed and place an instrumental music in the background, it could also be a sound of nature or you can listen to the words of meditation that allow you to expand your mind while you think what you want, as in your wealth, your abundance, Your prosperity Use these 10 or 15 minutes just to think creatively about what you want.

  • Third step: Visualize what you want and find it with determination. When you manage to visualize what you want you can attract it quickly and those visualizations can arrive unconsciously in different ways, such as in dreams, your senses, emotions, the most important thing is that you know that they are very clear ideas of what is to come because you have searched for it and you have worked for it, then it is at that moment that you should look for it with determination . Thanks to the meditation of abundance and prosperity you must look for what you want, your goals, your material and spiritual wealth.

Never expect things to arrive alone, and when you know what you want, when you meditate, then look for your goals that you have in mind and think that you already achieved it even if you do not have it in your hands, that is not making plans with what you do not have, but work with what is coming. You must use your resources well, work hard and use meditation to have better, faster and more lasting results.

Editor: JoT333.

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