Archangel Gabriel: Humility channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff

  • 2013

Arc ngel Gabriel channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff


March 7, 2013


I want to make an exposition about the quality of Love known as Humility. This quality is one of the most necessary as each Soul gains in power, enlightenment and understanding. This quality keeps a person in balance and harmony; and with the innate knowledge that he is allowing his Great I AM Presence to manifest in and through it. In the enlightened one, there is a knowledge that the Creator is the Source of everything that moves through him, that Creator is at the very heart of his Being and in everything that it manifests in and through him; and that he is merely the conduit for His Divine Energy.

In family relationships, the quality of humility can help to have peace in all interactions, because it is often the human ego that arises when there are differences of opinion or actions that challenge others to do an election, either responding from your Higher Self with compassion and understanding, or reacting from the ego, which usually leads to feelings of pain and stubbornness; and this in turn leads to feelings of separation and loneliness. At the very heart of it lies the fear of losing something important and dear to the one who is being challenged. Many times, what is being requested requires a sacrifice that means a loss to the challenged person or persons; and sometimes a decision has been made without any participation from those who have to handle it after the fact. The ability to maintain peace and harmony in a family unit requires humility to seek the participation of other family members, on all occasions.

In an interpersonal relationship, this quality allows Love and trust to influence all interactions between the two individuals. When the ego is not involved, the result is happiness. Sometimes an individual makes decisions that affect the other in a way that causes him great pain; and it creates a feeling of separation and anxiety, of being the stranger, a feeling of impairment of its legitimate place as the other half of the relationship. When this occurs, the perpetrator of the damage must exercise humility by being willing to any form of repentance and reparation, to bring the relationship back to integrity. Usually a sincere and heartfelt apology is the right place to begin this process, along with a truthful explanation of why he carried out such an action.

In a work or business environment, this quality can create a feeling of trust and reliability in the other participants in the workplace, in which everyone can trust. When all employees carry out their duties with this quality of humility in the foreground, there is a feeling of openness and expansion for everyone in the group environment; and there is more trust among all members. Quite often, a member of the workplace takes advantage of those who practice the quality of humility, with the aim of moving to the forefront in any promotion towards a higher and better paid position. This can create great resentment in those who have been practicing this quality; and there is a break in the confidence and esteem that these individuals had. Often this is the main reason for great unhappiness and restlessness in an organization or business environment. It is up to all individuals in a work environment to refrain from promoting themselves in such a way; and instead, rely on your record of achievements in the company or workplace.

In a service organization such as a church or a charity, there really is no need to work in competition with other group members; but still it seems that even these places are not immune to the temptation of self promotion. In many ways, the human ego has proliferated without control and created discord and disharmony in all environments; and now is the time to create transformation, to change the way businesses have been operating on this planet for thousands of years. The quality of Love known as humility is what needs to be manifested now in every Human heart and in every thought, word, deed and action.

Think of these words as you tune into the loving vibration of the Creator of everything, Who has always intended that all beings truly and sincerely wish the greatest good in all and for all.

I AM Archangel Gabriel.

Translated: Jairo Rodríguez R.

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