2015: The New Year, by Omraam Mikha l A vanhov

  • 2015

1.- That in every new year; time may be nascent, but for the vast majority it is not. All due to the fact that many of us are still chained to vices and weaknesses; that we have been developing every year in this one, or since past incarnations. So the new year is only for many a new time; in which we unfortunately repeat the same weaknesses and vices that we bring from the past (See graphic on the left).

2.- To the extent that the person knows himself ; and collaterally begin with the process of keeping the mind's attention focused on the Spirit ( tmico, BÃ dico y Humano or el Alma), consciously (Quintessence extracted by the Spirit The Human State or the Soul of the knowledge acquired in the experiences overcome in all lives or incarnations) will begin to sublimate, heal, spiritualize and liberate their bodies (concrete, emotional or astral mental and physical [Ethereal] and dense]), of its heavy chain of weaknesses and vices (See graphic on the right).

3.- So thinking, feeling and acting with awareness will help a lot; so that every time we enter a new year, we have real reasons to celebrate. Given that the new year is entered with the purified bodies ; and possibly with the Child Jesus being born (The Spirit Spirit) in the heart, feeling the freedom of not being chained to weaknesses and vices.

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Happy Easter: Jorge E. Morales H.

The New Year, by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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