Lightworkers Series: From the Ego to the Heart III

Releasing the old

The transition from ego-based awareness to heart-based awareness progresses through a number of stages.

1. Be dissatisfied with what the ego-based consciousness has to offer you, yearn for 'something else': the beginning of the end.

2. Begin to be aware of your ties to ego-based awareness, recognize and release the emotions and thoughts that go with it: half of the end.

3. Allow the old energies based on the ego to die within you, eliminating the cocoon, being your new being: the end of the end.

4. The awakening within you of the heart-based consciousness, motivated by love and freedom; Help others make the transition.
Now we will talk about stage three. But before doing so, we want to point out that the transition does not occur along a straight and linear path. There are times when you go back to a stage that had already been left behind. But that recoil can later lead them to a great step forward. Therefore, detours can turn out to be shortcuts. In addition, each spiritual path of the soul is unique and individual. Therefore, this scheme that we are providing, with four different stages, should be conceived simply as a way of highlighting some of the transforming points in the process. Schemes and categories are mere instruments that make visible a reality that cannot be captured by the mind (your mental part).

After you have accepted your internal wounds and healed the traumatic parts of your consciousness, as we have described in the previous chapter, your energy changes. You are releasing the oldest of you. They are creating space for a completely new way of being and experiencing. In this chapter, we would like to explain what happens energetically when you release the ego-centered consciousness. What happens energetically when you move from ego domination to heart-based consciousness is that the heart chakra takes precedence over the desire of the third chakra.

The chakras are rotating wheels of energy located along its spine. These energy centers are all related to a particular subject of life, for example 'spirituality' (crown chakra), communication 'throat chakra', or 'emotions' (navel chakra). The chakras at some point are part of the material reality, since they are related to specific places in your body. But they are not visible to the physical eye, therefore they could say that they extend between spirit and matter; They bridge the gap. They form the entry point of the spirit (your soul consciousness), allowing it to take physical form and create the things that are happening in your lives.

The heart chakra, located in the center of your chest, is the residence of the energy of love and unity. The heart carries the energies that unify and harmonize. When you pay attention to this center for a while, you may feel warmth or something opening. If you don't feel anything, just leave it and maybe try another time.

The chakra under the heart is called 'the solar plexus' and is located near your stomach. It is the residence of desire. It is the center that focuses its energy on physical reality. In this way, it is the chakra that is connected with questions of creativity, vitality, ambition and personal power.

The ego and desire are closely related to each other.
The faculty of desire allows them to focus on something, whether inside or outside. Your perceptions of reality, both of you and others, are greatly influenced by what you want, by your desires. Your desires are often intertwined with fear. Often you want something because you feel you need it; Below is a feeling of lack or need. Because of the fear that is present in much of his desires, the solar plexus is often directed by the energy of the ego. The ego especially expresses itself through the solar plexus.

Through the faculty of desire, the ego literally presses reality.
Reality has to be forced into what the ego wants you to believe. The ego works from a set of basic assumptions about how reality works, which are all based on fear. He presents to you a highly selective picture of reality, since his way of seeing is prejudiced towards his own needs and fears. In addition, you have to judge everything you observe. There is no space to simply observe things. Everything has to be divided into categories, it has to be labeled as right or wrong.

When you live from the heart, there is no firm set of beliefs with which you interpret or value the facts. You no longer hold strong convictions on anything. They have become more an observer.
You postpone moral criticism of any kind, since you feel that you may not have understood everything there is to understand the situation. The critics always have something definitive about them; but the heart is not interested in definitions. Always try to go beyond what seems to define and defined. The heart is open, exploratory, and willing to re-examine, willing to forgive.

When you use the power of ego-centered desire, you can feel something pushing in your solar plexus chakra. Using your desire in this way is an energetic event, of which you can be aware, if you want. Whenever you feel this thrust, accompanied by a strong desire for things to be your way, you are trying to shape reality to your desires. They are trying to force their beliefs on reality.
When you act from the heart, you follow the flow of things as they appear; They are not pushing or forcing.
If you work very hard to achieve something, and fail to reach your goals over and over again, please ask yourself from which chakra, from which energy center, you are doing that. Also, you can turn to your heart and ask why this is not working or why you have to put so much energy into it.
Often you try to achieve certain goals, without having truly gone inside and having checked with your heart if this really serves you on your inner path to wisdom and creativity. Also, even if your goals represent your deepest desires felt from the heart, you may have unrealistic expectations regarding the time frame in which things will happen. You can be in a timeline that is not that of the heart but that of personal desire.

There is a natural rhythm in all things, and this does not necessarily have the speed that you think is convenient. The realization of your goals needs energy change. Changing energy often takes longer than you expect or desire for that. In fact, the change of energy is nothing more than you changing.

When you have reached your goals, it will never be you again. You will become an expanded version of your current being, full of more wisdom, more love, and more inner power.
The time it takes to accomplish your goals is the time it takes to change your consciousness so that your desired reality can enter your current reality. Therefore, if you want to speed things up, focus on you, and not so much on reality.

Often, you need to release your goals, to be open to receiving. This sounds paradoxical. But in reality we are just saying that you need to fully accept your current reality, before you can move on to a new one. If you do not accept your current reality, and you are holding on to your goals in a tense way, you are not moving forward.

Nothing will leave your reality, unless you love it. Loving equals "letting go."
Unless you embrace your current reality and accept it as your creation, it cannot leave you, because you are denying part of yourself. They are saying "no" to the part of you that has created this reality for you. You would like to cut off this unwanted part of you and move forward.
But they cannot create a more loving reality from hatred of themselves. They cannot "wish you" are in a new reality by pushing unwanted parts aside. The power of desire does not serve you here.
What you need is to get in touch with your heart. The energies of understanding and acceptance are the true blocks of a new and more satisfying reality.
When you interact with reality from the heart, you let reality be. They don't try to change it; They simply and carefully observe what it is.

When the heart becomes the administrator of your being, the center of desire (the solar plexus) will follow. The ego (or the faculty of desire) will not be eliminated, since it naturally fulfills the role of transferring energy from the level of consciousness to the level of physical reality. When this translation or manifestation is guided by the heart, the energy of desire creates and flows effortlessly. No push or effort is involved. This is when synchronicity occurs: a remarkable coincidence of events, which greatly favor the achievement of your goals. It seems miraculous to you when things work together in this way. But in reality this is what happens all the time when they believe from the heart. Effortlessly is the trait of creating from the heart.
Creating your reality from the heart

True creativity is not based on determination and strong will but on an open heart. Being open and receptive to the new and unknown is vital to being a true creator.
A key to true creativity, then, is the ability to do nothing; refuse to do, fix, focus. It is the ability to place your consciousness in a totally receptive but alert way.
Only by not knowing, leaving things open, you create a space for something new to come into your reality.

This is contrary to what many new era literature says about 'creating your own reality'. It is true that you create your reality all the time. Your consciousness is creative whether or not you are aware of it. But when you want to create your reality consciously, as many books and therapies teach you, it is essential to understand that the most powerful way to create is not based on desire (being active) but on self-knowledge (being receptive).

Any change in the material world, for example in the area of ​​work, relationships or its material environment, is a reflection of internal changes. It is only when the processes of internal transformation are completed that material reality can respond by reflecting on you by changing the circumstances in your life.
When you try to create from desire, for example focusing or visualizing your goals all the time, you ignore the inner transformation that is the first prerequisite for change. You are creating in an artificial way, and you are destined to be disappointed. They are not creating from the depths of their souls.
The soul speaks to them in moments of silence. You truly hear his voice when you don't know anything else. Often the soul speaks very clearly sometimes when they surrender and give up.
What happens when you surrender and despair is that you open to the new. You release all your expectations, and you are truly receptive to what it is.

Despair is caused by the strong belief that you knew what should happen in your lives. When reality fails to respond to this belief, you become disillusioned and even despair at some point. Anyway, if you deliver strong expectations and dare to be open to the new, you don't have to reach this point of despair again before coming into contact with your soul. You can still become receptive and open to what she tells you, without having to be disappointed before.

As long as you 'know exactly what you want', you are frequently limiting the possibilities that are energetically available to you. This new reality that you are craving, whether it's a job, a relationship or better health, contains many elements that you don't know. You often think that what you want is something you know (a nice job, a loving couple), projected in the future. But this is not so. What you are really doing in creating a new reality is going outside your own psychological edges. And you cannot know now what lies beyond these edges. You can clearly perceive that there is something very desirable there, but you do not have to limit it by focusing or visualizing it. You can simply look for it with a feeling of openness and curiosity.

Actually, to create the most desirable reality for you, self-acceptance is much more important than focusing your thoughts or desires. You cannot create something that you are not. You can recite mantras thousands of times and create many positive images in your mind, but as long as they do not reflect what you really feel (for example anger, depression, restlessness), you create nothing but doubt and confusion. ("I am working so hard but nothing happens").

Self-acceptance is a form of love. Love is the greatest magnet for positive changes in their lives. If you love and accept yourself for what you are, you will attract circumstances and people that will reflect your self-esteem. It's as simple as that.
Feel your own energy, all your feelings. Feel how beautiful and sincere they are right now, with all their struggles and sorrows. You ARE beautiful, with all your 'imperfections' and 'faults'. And that is the only realization that counts.
Embrace what you are, relax with yourself, you may see 'your many flaws' with a sense of humor. Perfection is not an option that you know. It is just an illusion.

To create your reality from the heart is to recognize your Light, here and now. By recognizing it, by becoming aware of it, you are sowing a seed that will grow and take shape on the physical level.

When God created you as individual souls, she did not exercise her Will. She simply was Herself and at some point felt that there was something 'out there' that deserved to be explored. She didn't know exactly what it was, but it made her feel a little bit in love. And she assumed without further ado that she deserved to experience this new and provocative reality. She was also a little in love with herself.
And then you took shape as individual souls and God began to experience life through you. How all this happened - the details of the creation process - God really didn't worry about it. She simply loved herself and was open to change. And these are really the only elements required for you to create your own perfect reality: self-love and goodwill to venture into the new.
Adapting to live from the heart

Creating from the heart is more powerful and requires less effort than creating from the ego. You don't have to worry about the details; They just need to be open to everything that is, both inside and outside.

With this opening, you may occasionally feel a certain pull. They may feel driven towards certain things. This pull is really the silent whisper of his heart; It is your intuition. When you act from intuition, you are being pulled, instead of pushing. You do not act until you feel at the internal level that it is appropriate to act.
Since you are much more accustomed to pushing, for example using your desire to create things, the energetic change from the ego to the heart is totally a challenge for you. The change requires a tremendous 'slowdown'. To really get in touch with the flow of your intuition, your conscience has to make an effort to "not do", to let everything be. This is very opposed to what you think and are used to. You are much more accustomed to basing your actions on thoughts and willpower. You let your thoughts determine your goals and use your desire to accomplish them. This is the opposite of creating from the heart.

When you live from the heart, you listen to your heart and then act accordingly. You do not think, listen, with an alert and open conscience to what your heart tells you. The heart speaks through your feelings, not through your mind. The voice of your heart can be better heard when you feel calm, relaxed and ingrained.

The heart shows you the path to the most loving and joyful reality for you right now. His whispers and suggestions are not based on rational thinking. You can recognize the voice of the heart for its delicacy and the touch of joy in it. The delicacy is in it because the heart does not impose; There are no conditions attached to your suggestions. Your own heart is not tied to your decisions and you love them whatever they do.

Living from the heart does not mean that you become passive or lethargic. Letting things be, without qualifying them as right or wrong, without dragging them in a way more than another, requires a lot of strength. It is the force of being totally present, of facing everything there is and just observing it. You may feel empty, or depressed, or nervous, but don't try to keep these things away. All they do is surround them with their conscience.

You do not understand the true power of your conscience. Your conscience is made of Light. When you hold something in your consciousness, this changed because of that. Your conscience is a healing force, if you do not tie it with your thoughts and your addiction to do .

Their lives are full of the dictatorship of mind and desire, the primacy of thinking and doing.
Note that both the mind and desire work with general norms. There are general norms of logical thinking: they are the norms of logic. There are general strategies to materialize: there are rules of project management .
But they are all general dogmas. General guidelines and standards always have a mechanical component. They are applicable to all or most of the individual cases; otherwise they would be of little use.
Now, intuition works differently. Intuition is always tailored to a person, of a particular moment. It is highly individualistic. Therefore it cannot be subjected to rational analysis or general rules.
Therefore, living and acting according to your intuition calls for a high level of trust, because your choices are based only on what you feel is right, rather than what other people's rules They say it's right.

Living from the heart then asks you not only to release the habit of excessively using your mind and the power of your desire; They also challenged you to truly trust yourself.

It will take time to learn to listen to your heart, to trust your messages, and to act according to them. But the more you do, the more you will understand that just abandoning your worries and doubts to the wisdom of your own heart is like finding inner peace.

When you continue on this path, and enter the third stage of transformation from the ego to the heart, you will find inner peace for the first time. You realize that it is the impulse to control reality through thought and desire that makes you restless and anxious.

When you release control, you allow the magic of life to unfold. All they have to do is listen. They are alert to what is happening in their lives, to what feelings they have about other people, to what dreams and desires they have. When you are alert to what is happening within you, reality will give you all the information you need to act appropriately.

For example, you may be aware of a desire in your heart for a loving relationship, in which you truly communicate with the other. If you only detect and accept this yearning, without trying to do something about it, you will be amazed at how the universe will respond to you. But without directing any conclusions, just holding the yearning in the Light of your conscience, your call will be heard and answered. It may take longer than you expect, because there are energetic changes that have to take place before certain desires can be fulfilled. But you are the teachers, the creators of your energy reality.
If you believe it from fear, reality will respond according to him. If you create it from trust and surrender, you will receive everything you want and more.

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