Multiple tools to generate wealth

  • 2018
Table of contents hide 1 1) Tool number one: taken from access Consciousness. 2 2) Tools number two: Numerical Sequence of the Grabovoi Method. 3 3) Tools number three: Deeksha's wish list. 4 Another issue to consider when we make a wish is authenticity and transparency.

This article will consist of different tools taken from different techniques that will be very useful to generate economic wealth and obviously, seeing this improved aspect, other areas of your closest personal interest benefit.

1) Tool number one: taken from access Consciousness.

As we have commented in other articles Access Consciousness is a method that is constituted by different procedures which are designed to reset and erase all beliefs, limitations, decrees, secrets, attachments etc. that we have and have generated in this life . But its effects are profound, which manages to erase, destroy and uncreate everything we stretch from other lives, planes and existences of any dimension or universe .

One of his teachings is to repeat the phrase "I don't want money" at least 10 times in the morning and 10 times at night . The more times we say it, the better it will be. One of the explanations of saying “I do not want”, contrary to what we would like, is because if we say I want money, one is telling the universe that it does not have, that is, the message is lacking but nevertheless if we say we do not want money, we cancel that lack message, so its effect will be wonderful.

2) Tools number two: Numerical Sequence of the Grabovoi Method.

The magnante Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi is a doctor in mathematical and physical sciences and the author of many books. This Russian scholar is a clairvoyant scientist recognized for his extrasensory gifts and for contributing, in parallel, to the advancement of science .

Grabovoi has been working for more than 28 years on the so-called New Technologies of Consciousness that allow alignment with the Creator's Standard to thus harmonize the mind and effects of the outside world on us, using tools that are easy to use and have verifiable effects. for those who practice it daily.

Grigori Grabovoi was born in 1963 in a village in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan. He is clairvoyant since he was very young and his interest was always to save humanity from all the dangers that could endanger it.

Grabovoi's teachings have the particularity of growing whoever practices them exponentially and quickly in their abilities, enhancing their abilities . When you start using Gregori's Numerical Sequences, it is very likely that you will experience a deep process of cleansing, healing and purification, but once it is finished, you will be allowing a joy and happiness to grow in you that you have never experienced and which will be permanent. You will feel great joy in the area of ​​your chest which represents the place where your soul is.

After performing the exercises with the Numerical Sequences, large amounts of joy will begin to manifest within you . This is the symptom that the Creator is activating your Heart Chakra and the knowledge of your soul to make it available to you.

I pass you a link of a video about the technique of numerical sequences that will be of great help to you by Sublicensee Emiliano Muñoz.

In turn, I also leave you a list of numbers that will allow you, by repeating it as many times a day, to express what these numbers express . Another thing you can do is write the following numbers in a notebook or in your wallet and take them with you wherever you want. You can also write it with a pen somewhere on the body that doesn't bother you, in the hand for example. In the video that happens to you above, there is the explanation of how to use the numbers in detail.

Abundance: 318 798
Troubleshooting: 398
Unexpected money: 520
Solvency, Debt Cancellation: 574 78149814 48

3) Tools number three: Deeksha's wish list.

This wonderful tool comes from two teachers from India. Deeksha means "blessing of unity . " It is a movement that comes from the East, whose teachers and precursors are sharing the earthly experience with us, they are Amma and Bhagavan .

They teach us a very nice way to ask for something we really want and that is granted and is as follows: Wish list.

Ideally, take an A4 sheet, for example, or anyone you feel is the indica, a pencil and a ruler . There you will draw three columns. In the first column the date is written, in the second the request, and in the third the thanks.

So every time we want to ask for something we go to the part of the date and put the day, the month, the year and the time . In the middle row, we have to write our wish in the most detailed way possible. The more details we express, the better it will be.

Then in the third row it must be left empty until the wish is fulfilled . It is the column where you are grateful for everything granted .

It is ideal to have a notebook especially for orders, in which you can write everything you want from the heart and it is recommended to place an order per day or at a time.

You are also invited to have a sacred place, such as an altar, with candles, flowers, images that symbolize for you the Divinity or that Higher Self that inspires you adoration, respect and sacredness, where you can thank and revere who your God / Goddess is, Universe etc. On this altar you can pray, ask, thank, cry when you're wrong. You can make your altar, your place to regain strength, to find and find that divinity that dwells in you, which has always been but that we have not paid much attention to.

Another issue to consider when we make a wish is authenticity and transparency.

This means that, in front of our Divinity, and with ourselves we have to be sincere and really recognize the reason for some request . For example, Bhagavan tells in one of his teachings that a medical surgeon asked him to be able to save everyone to whom he operated in order to help others. Then one day, he was operating a person but he realized that he was losing it so he began to pray and ask Bhagavan to please save him because he did not want him to die, because he was going to leave a family alone etc. Then Bhagavan said to him: "Tell me your true reasons and I will save him." Then the afflicted doctor gave up and said: "because I want to be the most successful surgeon in my town and not have any deceased patients, but I will lose my fame and honor."

The story is modified since I don't remember the exact details, but the teaching, which I want to share with you from Amma and Bhagavan, is the same. Once the surgeon was sincere with him and his Divinity, his wish was granted. This is key . One has to be very sincere and transparent with oneself and his divinity, it is the only way.

It is necessary to distinguish this sincerity with sincericide . The word sincericide means that one goes through life telling absolutely everything to others. This is like a symbolic suicide, that is, we are destined to die by our words, but we have to know that this is just a crime against ourselves. So, the issue is to tell, to say what is necessary, because there are things that are not to be told to other people but to share in the intimacy of oneself. That is to say, one has to be honest with oneself and with his Divinity, then if one wishes to tell it it is perfect but it is not necessary to go shouting to the four winds truths that for us are very difficult to process or perhaps simply do not contribute to the other growth but the opposite . So just by seeing them within ourselves, allowing their existence in our consciousness and admitting that is what we think, feel or need is enough . With this, I do not want to tell you not to tell your things to others, no, but to tell, express the other enough to not die trying. In short, what I want to share with you is the teachings of these great Masters.

Many times it does not have to do with telling others things but with allowing us to feel certain emotions that we have covered by culture, entrenched beliefs or ideologies forever and ever. So this question of being integral with ourselves, of being sincere also has to do with allowing us to feel anger, jealousy, anger, hatred, anger . Unfortunately, the society in which we live, instead of teaching us to deal with these basic emotions of the human being, has taught us to cover them, deny them or sublimate them, since they proclaim that if we experience them we are at fault, or committing a sin and We are even judged as bad citizens, for putting some classic qualifications.

Then it is necessary that we accept, for ourselves, that we are sad, angry, jealous, angry, that we feel hate, whatever the emotion . I repeat the sincerity and transparency happens to be with oneself, first and necessarily, and what we do next is a matter and decision of each one. This is one of the great keys to generate wealth, experience your emotions and feelings, be yourself, be integrated, be transparent with you and your divinity, the rest is a story.

REDACTORA: Gisela S., editor of the great family of the White Brotherhood.


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