Masters of the Pink Ray send Golden Rose rain to the Planet channeled by Solange Marín

  • 2015

Beloved Children of the Creator, lights of the stellar space that today is filled with the greatest energy of unconditional love to offer them as a sign of the infinity of the inexhaustible Source of Divine Light of Father / Mother God.

Love is always for you children of the light and of the Universe, but especially today, for those who wish, a golden-pink light will be sent that will help you to understand wisely infinite that unconditional love is the ultimate end of their earthly existences. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe, literally moves all the infinity of stars, galaxies, planets, energies, moves you, ALL!

This is why this shipment is made while the full moon sends its vibrations to the Beloved Blue Planet, and thus this blessed golden pink light covers every corner of the planet, every country, every state, every city, every house and every person.

Visualize this light falling on all corners of your lives and humanity, and on yourselves, you will see how stagnant situations begin to move, how the processes that each one is living individually and collectively begin to progress.

The host of angels of the Pink Ray commanded by the Beloved Archangel Chamuel and with our assistance, bathe the Earth of the purest divine love of the Creator Father / Mother. We bless you, dear Teran brothers, we are with you! They are not alone.

I am Lady Rowena

I am Pablo The Venetian

I am Archangel Chamuel

I am!

Channeling : Solange Marín (Radiant Aurora)

Place: Caracas, Venezuela

I, Solange Marín channeling this message, give freedom to anyone who wishes to disseminate it in a loud voice or in writing. I only ask that the channel be quoted and the text respected in its entirety.


Masters of the Pink Ray send Golden Rose rain to the Planet channeled by Solange Marín

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