Feeling from the Heart of the Child

  • 2014

I want to thank the universe for being able to work with children; It is a desire that I had in my heart for a long time, to work with them and to be able to help them.

Today in meditation, which I had with them, I learned a little more from these "great little teachers . "

They have their worries like us, they have opened before me with their heart and their words, explaining what worries them, helping them and managing their emotions.

They have shown me their soul ... What hurts them in their relationships (friends, dads, moms ...), as they have explained to me with their gestures and words, they wanted to help them understand "why . "

What happened to them? Why did they feel bad? What was wrong with your little heart?

It has been a gift from the universe to hear how their fears, pain and suffering communicated to me, to advise them to handle that "emotion that hurt them and depressed my chest."

They are children in an adult world, many are alone, it is a common feeling for many of them, to be accompanied by their parents, but still and all, feel alone.

It is hard to feel those words from the heart of a child, difficult to manage an emotion of loneliness, when only what they ask for is a word of love, a gesture of affection, more than the usual comments of how has the school gone? What have you eaten today? and your friends…

Let's sit next to you, let's talk with them. They need us and we need them, let's pay attention. Let's be responsible for these children we have brought into the world.

Let us reflect within our hectic life (work, family, home, relationships, ...), have a moment of silence with them. We will strengthen their self-esteem, confidence, enhancing their virtues, they will be strong children being able to manage any adversity they face. They will thank you all your life.

Let us be adults aware of "these little ones" it is our responsibility to educate them with conscience, respect and love, they are here to create a better world, we are participating with them in this new Age of Aquarius, they are the makers of the New Earth .

Author: Rosa Del Barco.


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