“The Lunar Messenger”, Full Moon of Aquarius February 2015

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There is a link between all the Masters of Wisdom. All belong to the only Kingdom of God; None have their own kingdom. However, they fulfill different duties. They are examples for us, since they were also human beings at one time and had similar limitations to those we have. They have also made mistakes, but they have overcome them and promoted.

In addition, there are Masters who have descended to the planet for several ages. They stayed with us to help us until all humanity has developed.

They are a kind of avatars, since they have descended from upper circles. One of those beings is Hanuman; His work describes in Ramayana the great Hindu epic. This story of Valmiki occurred in the early stages of our current era of the world, the fifth or the Aryan race. The main characters in the story, however, belong to different ages. Hanuman originates in the Lemurian era, the third era. Ravana, the demon with great magical powers who kidnapped Sita, Rama's wife, is a character from the time of Atlantis. Rama, an incarnation of the Divine Law, is an Arian with a pure mind.

In the Lemurian race there was a kind of supernatural monkeys called Vanaras. Nara means 'human being', Vanara means being superhuman. They are not really monkeys but superior beings of golden light that can change their shape at will. To hide from ordinary people they assumed the form of monkeys. Hanuman appears as a monkey, but also as an initiate in a beautiful way, or even as a giant. When he entered the island of Lanka, he first took the form of a cat. It has no fixed shape.

There are wise men who are beyond any form and have the ability to transform into any dimension. For them, bodies are only vehicles for work; They do not reside in them continuously. In general, these beings are very humble and assume such simple forms that, in general, they are not noticed by the people of the world. In this way, they could manifest themselves in the form of a snake or an eagle, in the form of swans, pigeons or white elephants. These beings are called Kama Rupas, who can change their form according to time, place and need.

Many Hollywood movies show characters that can change their shape. Although this is imagination, they are related to these skills. In advanced stages of Yoga there are exercises in which the disciple visualizes himself in a bright miniature form the size of a thumb. He is consolidated in the form of etheric light. This leads us in the direction of an Akashic movement and the dissolution of the form to join the Absolute and to perform as Atman.

Relationship and Youth

Hanuman is a manifestation of the First Logos, of the Cosmic Fire that is called Agni, Shiva or Rudras. Rudras can move things from one place to another, they can create and also destroy. On each level the Rudras emerge as the first, on the supracosmic plane as Agni, on the cosmic plane as Rudra, on the solar plane as Maruts, the vibrations of the wind, and on the planetary plane as the light of the sun's rays. Hanuman is one of the Maruts. Therefore, he is worshiped as the Son of Rudra, Vayu, etc. He is a being of synthesis, through which the 7 rays are expressed. Hanuman is considered one of the oldest teachers on the planet and is also called a World Teacher. In the Puranas it is said that he will take the position of the creator in the future creation.

Hanuman's mother was Anjana, which means the incompressible; No one could understand its beauty and power. He married a Devic intelligence called Keshari, who created the etheric plane of golden glow. Lord Shiva gave his sperm that was transferred to Anjana's womb and, therefore, Hanuman was born of an "immaculate conception." His original name was Anjanea, the son of Anjana. Hanuman's birthday is celebrated in the 10th phase of the descending moon of Taurus. He was born in the area of ​​the Andaman Islands that today belong to India.

Another great Vanara, the monkey king Vali, lived in the place we call Bali today. Vali had great power, but he became devilish. He didn't want anyone to be more powerful than him. Therefore, Vali tried to kill Hanuman when he was in his mother's womb. He entered Anjana's womb and turned into molten gold to produce the child's death. Even in Hanuman, he was already very radiant and immortal. Therefore, gold could not harm him, it only became more radiant. Therefore, Vali decided to make friends with him later.

Vali had great power but became devilish. He didn't want anyone to be more powerful than him. Therefore, Vali tried to kill Hanuman when he was in his mother's womb. He entered Anjana's womb and turned into molten gold to produce the child's death. Even in the womb, Hanuman was already very radiant and immortal. Therefore, gold could not harm him, it only became more radiant. Therefore, Vali decided to make friends with him later.

Hanuman tried to hide his glow by growing a skin around him. When I was a five-year-old boy, I was fascinated by the sun ball and felt that the sun was a fruit. He jumped and ate it. The solar system went into a great crisis. A cosmic king named Sakra wanted to protect the creation and hit Hanuman with Indra's lightning. Hanuman fell to the ground unconscious. He was brought back to life, but kept a lower jaw damaged by lightning. In Sanskrit, "Hanuman" means someone with a damaged lower jaw.

It is said that on his trip to the Sun, Hanuman saw the shadow of the Earth, the North Node and the South Node, and neutralized them. Thus, people who suffer from the negative effects of the nodes worship Hanuman to neutralize these impacts.

The Sun was pleased in Hanuman; Hanuman became his disciple and received a radiant diamond body through the magnetization of the Sun. All initiates beyond the fifth initiation have a diamond body. Hanuman had a golden body by birth and a diamond body by the Sun. In India he is worshiped in the color orange. Their cult is the key to the sixth ray, so as to overcome the dominance of the emotional body.

Hanuman was so modest and humble that nobody knew how powerful he was. Because of his forgetfulness he had to remind him of his power, otherwise he forgot. He is not in the state Y I AM or ESO YO SOY, but in the state of THAT. He does not remember himself.

Hanuman's teacher, the Sun, said: `` Do not support Vali, the monkey king. He has gone astray and does not support the Divine Law. With the help of my energy, Sugriva, his younger brother, was born. He supports Sugriva as an advisor, because he pursues noble goals. Therefore, Hanuman became Sugriva's minister and advisor.

Hanuman and Rama

These are not fairy tales, but stories that belong to the basic plane. The medical plane, also called the fourth plane, is governed by the air element. There the matter is light and has greater flexibility. Hanuman, the son of the air or the fourth plane appears in the fourth song of the Ramayana. The fifth song describes Hanuman's work for the liberation of Sita

The Ramayana is full of esoteric secrets about the universe and man. Rama represents the Lord, Hanuman the teacher and Sita the soul that is separated from the totality of Life. When she wants to have the golden deer, which is an illusion, she is kidnapped by a demon of hyperactivity who wants to possess everything he likes. Ravana keeps Sita imprisoned on the island of Lanka, which represents separate consciousness. After Sita was locked up, she feels remorse and begins to pray to the Lord. She only thinks of him and shows a burning aspiration to reunite with him.

Rama, the Lord, looks for Sita, the kidnapped soul. He sends Hanuman, the teacher, because Sita is looking for the Lord. The teacher is the intermediary between the Lord and the disciple, between the soul and the universal soul. The air element, manifested in Hanuman, creates this link.

Rama gives Hanuman his ring so he can identify with Sita. Therefore, when a disciple meets a Master, he also feels deeply within himself that this is his teacher. Hanuman is the only one who can enter Lanka. Talk to Sita and assure her that she will stay in Lanka for a while. During this time, he destroys many demons; Fight with them sitting on a large arch. The Son of Air is located symbolically on the diaphragm and purifies the system of a part of the demons that inhabit the field of the solar plexus, the sacral center and Muladhara. This is an abyss full of emotions, mental concepts and worldly material. Before Hanuman returns to Rama, he warns the Ravana ego and burns Lanka. Together with Rama, Hanuman then leads the army of monkeys to battle and helps to win the war. In this he never feels great and neither has any personal reason for his action, but he submits himself totally to the Lord.

Since Treta Yuga, Hanuman has remained on the planet and sings eternally the RAM sound, the seed sound of Cosmic Fire, which purifies things spontaneously and directly. He is the oldest in the Himalayas and belongs to the four great masters who are beyond the three qualities, but are present in the petals of Muladhara, the base center of every human being and that helps us with the ascent from the matter . He rules over the northern petal associated with silence and over the energy line of Sushumna that rises from the heart and unites us with the Divine. Therefore, this line that moves Prana up is also called by Master CVV, Hanuman, and "the main life", the life that guides.

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"The Lunar Messenger", Full Moon of Aquarius

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