Child and Family Yoga: Integrating Intelligences !!!

  • 2011

Improve attention, relax, regulate all systems, make sure that if there is an excess, lower it and if there is a flaw, balance it, they are the main aids of the practice of yoga in children. os

Claudia Sánchez, instructor specializing in yoga for children.

We thank Varinia Blue Galactic Hand and Jos Yellow Resonant Star, Kundalini Yoga instructors in Ovalle, Chile, for conveying their enthusiasm and guiding us on such an interesting topic as it is, yoga for children !! !

Congratulations on this type of initiative !!!

Double Rainbow Holistic Center !!!


We are Varinia Mano Galactic Azul and José Estrella Resonante Amarilla, Kundalini Yoga instructors in Ovalle, Chile and we want to share with you our experience of teaching and learning Yoga with children from three to six years of age.

As a Double Rainbow Holistic Center we are working with the Parvus de Ovalle Kindergarten where Varinia, four years ago, introduces a space of peace for 5 to 10 minutes into the routine of children.

How do they do that???

The children participate in groups of six, leave their room to the patio, take off their shoes to connect with the earth, improve the footprint and make their feet breathe; an issue that also involves learning to take off your shoes starting with kinesthetic, attention and concentration work, while promoting personal autonomy.

You start by running in a circle and jumping, because they are boys and girls with a lot of energy to spend and spend much of the day sitting in classes or watching TV without moving. In this way we activate the body and the breath as well as tune in to the joy of children; They enjoy a lot with the simple act of running in groups and curls can easily appear.

We form the circle of peace holding hands, singing the Mamtram Om three times. Then come the pranayamas (breathing exercises) and the asanas (body postures) that we identify with animal names: cat, dog, cow, snake, parina.

What does it favor ???

Practicing Yoga, in general, boosts the immune system, the nervous system, tones muscles, joints, digestion and a long etcetera in the physical and mental plane that lead to good health and willingness to experience the spiritual part of our being.

Yoga means integration of body, mind and spirit in our being with its context, becoming and the entire cosmos. Boys and girls for being more concrete and developing their abstraction, work more animatedly with material objects.

The results are in sight in the children of Kinder, of five years, whose balance and elongation has progressed a lot, flexibility that will allow them to be docile in life and adapt to the challenges that lie ahead.

Some Instruments ...

For example, we use pads stuffed with rice or sand to work the balance and posture of the neck, carrying them on the head when doing asanas.

The tape serves us to work the center of will, the navel and the abdominal muscles, taken with both hands and passing it by the feet, standing or sitting. With small balls we exercise laterality and complementation of hemispheres with varied arm movements.

At the end

The circle is closed and the shoes are put on, some are helped, most of the boys and girls are a real satisfaction as they gradually acquire the ability to fend for themselves and themselves in something so concrete and Small, although it is a first step for everything else.

The fathers and mothers tell us… there are boys and girls who speak in their homes about “Aunt Yoga” and the challenges they face and also practice the exercises outside the Garden integrating them to their games.

Family Yoga !!!

In the private classes of Family Yoga, children and significant adults (mainly mothers) participate equally. It is a space where in addition to the individual body, mind and spirit, the relationship between the adult and the child and the intergenerational group development is also worked on.

In these classes, we have one hour, so you can deepen the work with asanas and pranayamas, but other elements are also integrated to better focus the group and work a large part of the 13 intelligences.

Worked Items:

Artistic work to enhance attention and concentration, a way to achieve meditation.

The materials and activities are attractive and diverse, for example: coloring mandalas with tree leaves, flower petals and seeds; Cut out drawings and paste them into a common mandala.

Mold the solar seal of each and one in the Tzolkin (Mayan Synchronary) with clay.

Plant beans.

Make a cardboard boat and then make it float in a pot of water that will then irrigate the crop.

Music has its space with songs that are learned together, with playing some small percussion instruments.

Then the circular dance is introduced, which everyone enjoys very much.

Finally, we include a healthy food section, where we consecrate and share natural foods such as fruits and whole wheat bread. There we talked freely strengthening the confidence of the group.

May all beings be well and happy.

A sincere thanks and congratulations to Varinia and José !!!


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