Yeshua: You are Mine and I Am Yours

  • 2018

Channeled by Linda Dillon, September 15, 2018

Greetings, I AM Yeshua, I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM Yeshi, I AM Brother of Magenta and we can change the tone to the softest pink, fuchsia brightest The softest lightning or the strongest frequency.

Beloved ones, you are brilliant, you are integral, you are one, you are mine and I am yours, as a brother, as an ally, as a friend, and as someone who has traveled on this glorious planet . Angel Gaia who provides, as the Mother above, she reflects and provides for you in His illustrious way.

You are brilliant.

I come today to talk to you about love ... Not of compassion, not of creation, not of trust, although as you well know, everyone is part of love. I come, not only to tell you about my love, I come to tell you about your love ... your love for your sacred, beautiful and reliable self .

How can you proceed, how do you proceed, sweet angels of light, servants of the Mother, if you are not completely in love, in great passion, in amazement, of what you are?

Not who you have the potential to be, who you have been in twenty-two past lives, but who you are in this very moment when I reach you and speak to you and touch your heart. How is it possible that you are not totally in love with what Mother / Father has created?

Are you in love with yourself

When I walked the earth like Yeshua, there was a great emphasis on humility and what I came to speak as false humility. There were many who criticized me, who scolded me, who judged me as conceited, selfish, too full of myself. And they said: “Where is your humility? How can you believe that you speak for the Father in the name of the Mother / Father / One ? ”For them this was blasphemy! And I told them: "How not to speak in the name of the Father and the Mother and One ?"

How could I deny that I had been infused with the Holy Spirit, that I knew where it came from, and that I knew what my Father and Mother wanted me to do ? Not only in terms of what people think of as a strict service, but of what they wanted for me ... that I knew love with my beloved Magdalena, that I knew the joy of having children, that I knew the power of the community and that I lived in harmony with my friends. They are often called apostles, disciples and followers.

But let me be very clear…. These were my friends, this was my family, this was my community, and I appreciated and valued them in the same way that I valued myself . And I encouraged them and taught them and spoke to them quietly about loving themselves, loving their hearts ... not as merchants, or carpenters, or fishermen, but as the souls that are and were and will be.

Value others as you value yourself.

That was never to deny their unique talents, because talent is needed to know where the fish are, or how to talk to the wood, or how to act as healers ... these are unique abilities and deserve to be loved. But even if all those talents, all those star qualities were stripped, there is still a bright soul.

And that's why I tell you this… no, you're not about to lose your skills… on the contrary, they are being improved while we talk… but if, for some reason, everything fades, I would still tell you: “Do you love yourself ? Do you love what Mother has given birth? Do you love yourself as Gaia loves you, as I love you ? Do you love yourself as you love a bird, a dog, a flower or a blade of grass? Surely you deserve it . You are more than worthy, you are stellar, you are infinite, you are eternal. Yes, you are in this spectrum of time and space of our Mother ... and that is an adventure!

You are more than worthy, you are stellar, you are infinite, you are eternal

Think about the trust that Mother has placed in you . She has not sent me, She has sent you…. To be infinite, supreme, fit, born of Her. Love yourself . Thank all your talents, your beauty, your healing, your communication . But below that, in the beauty of your Pink Diamond self, look in awe, and love in awe, and proceed in awe.

Know that you are loved and that I give you my heart and I give you my strength. I am with you, my friends. Goodbye.


TRANSLATOR: Carolina, translator of the great family of the White Brotherhood

SOURCE: Linda Dillon (2018) Yeshua: You are Mine and I am Yours.

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