Yeshua - The cross of life

  • 2016

Dear friends, I AM Yeshua. I arrive to you from the hereafter, from a Kingdom of Light and Love that exceeds your imagination. However, I am also very close. I speak to you from your heart and I touch you, because the kingdom where I reside; and the Love and Light that belong to him, are also yours. You are a part of that kingdom. You were born there and there you will return, because it is your Home. Feel his presence here and now in your midst. This is what I come to bring you today, a memory of Home.

You are here to introduce the energy of the Home and to establish it among the people of the Earth. You are here to bury your roots deeply in the Planet, to feel here well and safely; and from that connection circumstance be a Lighthouse of Light for all people who feel homeless and are looking for Love and Light.

This time on Earth is extreme. In the Collective Energy Field that surrounds this Planet there is now much darkness, much negativity and a lot of fear, which make people tense; And you can feel it. Feel the negativity, very objectively and without judging it or joining it. People are being forced to choose between despair, depression, anxiety; and the Light, hope and Love. Simply feel, on the one hand, the powerful wave of feelings of crisis and overwhelm by the fears that come with it. And on the other hand, the potential of Light and the possibility of an awakened consciousness that will allow people in need to be very powerful and stand up to speak in a manner consistent with their life and their truth.

Something else can also emerge from the crisis, as you know from your own life. In times of crisis, remarkably penetrating energy lines may appear that go directly to the heart, to the Essence of who you are. You could say that the energy that flows through you is like a cross. Through you cross a horizontal energy line that connects you with the World around you, with people and with the physical environment; and at the same time a vertical energy line crosses you that connects you above with Heaven and below with Earth.

In this line or vertical axis, in a sense you are alone; but only in the earthly sense. On this vertical axis is the most important thing for you that is your relationship with the higher you: Your Soul, your Cosmic Self; and towards the ground under your feet, with the Earth, with Gaia. Feel this vertical axis whose connecting flow crosses you from the crown of your head to your feet, where Heaven and Earth merge.

In this time of crisis people are being thrown back to this vertical connection line. And they don't find anything familiar; and discover that they don't know how to make this connection, a deep internal need is created. However, when external certainties collapse, this internal vertical connecting line becomes the only thing that offers people a secure anchor.

You are among those who have had this need for a long time. For many lives, you have concentrated on maintaining your focus on this internal vertical axis that connects you with Heaven and Earth. During spiritual lives that everyone has had on Earth, many have voluntarily renounced the World to cultivate this connection.

At this time, people like you are needed, people who can connect with their Divine Core and with Gaia's heart ; and from these connections find a safe anchor to live, to love and to be happy. When all external certainties disappear, you still have that connection line; and consequently at this moment I ask you to concentrate on that line. Focus on the Crown Chakra of the crown of your head and feel the connection with me. I am a representative of the Kingdom of Love that you call Home, which you recognize because it is also your kingdom. It's not about me, but through my energy it's how you can feel that presence. That is why you have your heart set on me and you are touched by me, because I invoke your deepest Divine Essence.

Feel connected again with me and with the Sun that you are: The shining star of the sky, free of time and space; without barriers Let eternity enter into you at this moment and feel your absolute freedom. You are not bound to a form, to a body; but freely chose to experience this earthly incarnation. Drink that energy, feel your Angel of Light wings and spread it freely; let them be seen in all their glory, with the golden luster they have obtained throughout many lives of trials, discoveries and experiences. Now they are emerging in the Light of the Christic Energy that is essentially golden: The gold of Compassion, of connection, of feeling the unity between all extremes. Feel the warmth and strength of these golden wings of yours.

Feel that you are welcomed by these wings and that you deserve them. Feel that you can give up and rest in the process that is presented now in your life and on Earth. Give up your fear, which is the fear of your own greatness; and let your Light be seen. Imagine that you are radiating, that you are spreading a wonderful Light; and that people are moved by her. Look at the tears of emotion you produce! With you they feel in the Home, because you express the energy of the Home.

Your greatness connects, does not separate. Your greatness increases Love and does not strip another s; The latter is an old way of thinking that you must refuse so that others can receive. It is a mistake, the spiritual works exactly the opposite: The similar attracts the similar. Do not worry because some people do not receive the amount of Love that corresponds to them. The similar attracts the similar; so Love attracts Love. There inside you where you know there is Love, let in the gold of the Christine Energy; and the oro of Love will increase and attract others who feel the agitation of Love itself. As an imam, it will attract people who want to learn from you, because you have a lot to share with others; You are a teacher.

I was a teacher for many. What they saw in me was Love and Compassion; and the forgiveness that they themselves could not give. I gave them that because I saw in their eyes the Light, the Source from which we are all originating. This is what you now have to give it to others. Look in his eyes the Light, its connection with the Source of all life. This is the essence of being a Lightworker.

Now I ask you to connect with that other force that nourishes and helps you in the vertical axis: The power of Gaia, the power of that angel whom you call the Earth. Feel it under your feet. Abandon completely the idea that this Planet is simply a lot of matter in which things grow. Feel the core and essence of Gaia, its radiant power, its indestructible Light and its capacity for renewal and rebirth. The Earth is being reborn. She is moving on to a new phase of her development; and you go with her. Feel this for a moment! In your thoughts, observe the spring that begins on Earth, the new greenery that sprouts. Imagine that you are like a new leaf, like a challenge on a branch; and feel the forces that are present, the urge to expand outward. Through the Sun, you are led to reveal more of your beauty.

Look at Earth like an angel and embrace it. You're the same. Let your head rest gently on this angel's shoulder and ask him what you can do to further root your energy, to make a deeper connection with Earth, so that here you can feel happy, safe and relaxed. Earth wants to help you do this; She needs the Cosmic Energy of the Home you brought to share. Earth needs the inspiration you bring. That is why she wants to do everything in her power to give you roots; She wants to receive you. Feel that She is open to you like a radiant flower. You are like the bees that pollinate you to spread the seed more widely. Let the Earth nourish you; and she will take you home, as much as my energy does.

Life on Earth has to do with balance; balance between the many energies that are here. I have spoken about the balance between Heaven and Earth within you; and in a broader sense, also of the balance between the vertical and horizontal axes: From looking inside towards the vertical connection in your nucleus; and also to look outside, towards the horizontal connection with the World to let you see in it.

Now I would like to say something about the balance between internal and external. In this context I would like to talk about the masculine and feminine energies within you. You, who are on a personal path, are here to lower your Light to Earth . The urgency you feel to help other people on your path requires that you always maintain inner balance, a position that says: “Where am I internally? What is the next step? What step should I take now to make myself more visible, to maintain my strength while connecting with the World? ”

In you there is an ambiguity about being in the World. On the one hand you fear the World because it is overwhelming; and also because it seems hostile and doesn't seem to be ready for the energy you bring. But on the other hand, in you there is a creativity that wants to express itself; you feel the desire to be seen; if not, you will feel internal restlessness and dissatisfaction. You frequently enter this field of conflicting energies: Want to go outside, but be deterred by fear; and when you repress everything too much, feel dissatisfied and frustrated. The solution lies in finding a balance between your inner masculine and feminine energies.

Put in a very general way, the feminine energy has to do with your inner World, your sensitive aspect. You are "sensitive", people who feel very much and frequently receive inspiration, but who do not know how to give it an earthly shape. It is your inner masculine energy that can help you to be the bridge to the external World. In many of you, feminine energy is very little supported by masculine energy. You are all very sensitive to external influences. You can be overwhelmed by the energies of the people you accompany on your path to healing. So the important thing is that you set limits on your own energy; And may you be good to yourself.

On the other hand, it can also happen that male energy loses balance with female energy; and have the feeling of having to accommodate the expectations that come from abroad. When that happens, you have to ask yourself how you see yourself: "Isn't the way the World demands me to shape my Light?"

When your inner masculine energy loses its balance with feminine energy, it can push you into a form of hustle, excessive thought and worry, which does not help you on your way. On such occasions, it is necessary that you allow a state of calm and stillness to arise in you; and that you determine what you have to give to the World; what is your connection to the world ; which relationships make you happy and give you joy. So, that is your way.

The masculine energy is there to shape your guidelines, without having to be distracted by external demands, nor by the typecasts established by society. Understand that the masculine and feminine energies are there to support each other; If you allow them to do so.

Finally, I ask you to look inside to see how your masculine and feminine energies are related at this time. Imagine that in your mental eye a man and a woman appear holding hands. Observe what each discovers in the other. When they look into each other's eyes: Do they see friendship? Or are they in different disconnected paths? At this moment which one has the highest load? Which of the two feels overloaded? See if there is any difference in that aspect. Is it your masculine energy that wants to do more, or is it feminine?

You are here on Earth to make the inner Heaven-Earth connection, to feel the vertical axis powerfully and to manifest it. The masculine energy that creates the horizontal connection, the bridge with the outside World, is there to serve you. Use it! Realize that you are different and don't hide that difference. Let your masculine power create space for you as you are!

Feel my energy; and now he feels the masculine aspect: The energy of clarity and discernment, an acute self-consciousness that does not diminish in the face of negativity and external judgments. As Lightworkers, at this moment you need this energy to not give in to the prejudices and fears of others, but to build your path calmly.

I love you We are one. In the Source of Christ Energy there is unity, not I-against-you. Feel that unity in your heart again; and feel that being here you are connected. I give you my regards and offer you my Love and my encouragement.

TRANSLATION: Jairo Rodríguez R. Energy and Spiritual Consulting

AUTHOR: Pamela Kribbe


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