Return to the original axis. Archangel Chamuel

  • 2015

Beloved child I am the Archon Chamuel

In the distance, there is the possibility

Everyone is experiencing changes and their characters are further defined as the resonance of light enters their hearts.

Allow others to develop their plan, allow each being to take its path, there are no ruptures, there are temporary physical distances , to be able to find oneself, and find peace in their decisions.

Nothing that happens in these days, against anyone, is on the contrary, the ordering of their authentic being, and the greatest act of love is to allow the being, to be by itself.

Each of you to impregnate yourself with the light of your essence, you know and understand that the light energy accompanies you in each and every one of your experiences, even if you do not listen to it one hundred percent, but in your choices there are more conditioning factors, more guidelines of conscience and character, which will identify, heal or align.

Your biggest challenge, as humanity, is the fear of success and the fear of being yourself.

As your solar being enters you, you feel that there is no going back, that is how Gaia maya loves her service, in the experimentation of thousands of lives inside, but she is unified with her body of light, she She also has hers, she opens up to unify, with Cristal Gaia Maya . Therefore, these remodeling in the earth's crust, when returning to the original axis.

It is you who grow with her, remembering her universal and unity memory, returning to the axis of light, where she was aligned with her body of light .

The same happens in you, you are basically aligned with your farms, so this infinity of internal movements, emotions and detachments, so that you can be free inside and return to your pranic axis.

It is not the end and nothing, it is not the end of the world, nor of Gaia, it is the end of a time of awareness of narrow parameters that were born from the forgetfulness of your authentic being, and from the forgetfulness of loving yourself and invoking external gods … (Leaders, behaviors, types of matter etc.).

The only possibility of taking root is to love

Loving is the vibration of Maya Gaia Crystal, in all its manifestation planes and in a greater reality, it is the great hidden one, silently waiting for its decision to return to being crystalline beings in unity.

It does not matter the stellar origin of each of you, the universal heartbeat is the heartbeat, and this does not include judgments, races or comparisons, it only loves the truth, of its being and the materialization of its truth in coherence, when this happens time disappears and the present moment is born in unity and in deep love for all life.

The pink and magenta ray, as you call the vibration of love, will open to you, great gates of affinity among you in the near future, it is now time to receive that vibration of love that completes you and comes to you from wisdom and from union, fusion with his being.

Feel full of love, no matter shedding tears, singing dancing, all are manifestations of our positioning before love.

Everything is an instant, so feel how this vibration of love expands in you, that some reach to understand in all its manifestations.

Beloved girl, they are now the time to open, points of joy and peace in their hearts, they will vanish the mental patterns of worry, dare to laugh and vibrate, even in the difficulties, because you are the key to the new change, we love your brothers Chamuel and Lady Rowena, in assistance to the vibration of Gaia's roses.

Remember there is no greater rose, than the inner lotus of your healing, your love and your present, so be it, happy day to all, with love….

Pd past generations manifest themselves in you, and in your actions, love that wisdom, even the limiting one, look for where the energy leak that takes you away from your being and cut off the energy ties with your ancestors

Pink light exercise, for the healing of ties and the restoration of free will

Take a deep breath about 25 times, feeling like a ray of magenta light descends on you from the universe to your heart chakra, and breathe again three times, while opening a sphere of white light inside, which is fed by the ray white that you are going to ask the inner core of the earth, feel how it rises, how it stops inside your being, and how it opens in your heart several breaths a sphere of white light within its sphere of pink light .

They feel that energy and imagine that at one point in the middle of the solar plexus, they have a light tube, it is their navel chakra, check well and feel if there are energy cords, which are attached to it, we do not care about the origin, not as nor when etc., we only care to release this energy actively to the encounter is a greater good for both, they feel how they take that cord, from the plexus to the outside, they release it, and they decree, thanks I release you and let you go.

We take a deep breath again and see how those cords are located, they leave one by one, then from their being, they open this energy and all the pink light, which is inside, fills the space of light, which transforms them into a strand of light, which is illuminated and exits outside, to balance this previous relationship.

So later, each of their chakras, from the heart up and the plexus down, restoring in magenta light, all of them and if there is no cord, just vibrate in light, with the breath, continue breathing and ask for a ray of light golden, to the universe, that enters your prana and that comes to you from the crown chakra, bathes you in light and allows you to join with your solar being, feeling like the golden energy, enters the crown, breathes three times expands, descends to 6 chakra expands, descends 5, expands, then 4, 3, 2, and base chakra. And from there the golden light descends from the interior to its star chaia of Gaia a span below their feet, they breathe and nourish this authentic yours, with gratitude to all their ancestors, and anchor that light through descending vertically divine energy to the core of Gaia.

Take three deep breaths and feel the love of the real essence of your ancestors that nourishes you and positions you in the real source of your being. Take a deep breath and feel that light of love and gratitude towards them, (because what they have lived on occasion, was not the essence of their ancestors, but the parts of incarnations, which fell into oblivion of that infinite nutrition and love, for that reason, they thank, for giving them life, and thanks for receiving their ancestral solar nutrition, from their bodies of light, and not their partial realities here on earth.

Be loved by them, so that this love nourishes them and transmits it in all their actions and all their experiences and to the new members of the families.

Beloved in time to integrate your solar being and with the ancestral love of your lineages, beyond the dual physical experience.

Breathe deeply two or three times, and feel how that energy fills you with light and peace, and you return gently, to reality, to peace and to your physical body in union with everything. your gestures and present moments, thank you brothers, for all the transformation you are experiencing and that fills the universal unity with vibration, says goodbye from the great central sun of alcià © n the arc Angel Chamuel

Channeled by Elsa Farrus


Return to the original axis. Arc ngel Chamuel

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