Video: Lady Miriam's tonal key.

  • 2016

Lady Miriam is an Ascended Master of the First Blue Ray, Spiritual Complement of Master El Morya, known in her last incarnation as Innocent Geraldine. She was the former Chohan of the First Ray, before the Sensitive Sirian Sir assumed this leadership.

In his last incarnation on Earth, his ministry consisted in making known to the world - during the 1950s - from April 15, 1952, the plans of “Planetary Salvation” so that our planet was not destroyed, after the "Cosmic Emergency" was learned.

Thanks to her, the "Seven Rays" became known as they are practiced today throughout the world; the location, opening and ceremonial of the Etheric Retreats of the Ascended Masters; the new Art Print of the Presence "I Am"; unsuspected details about the lives of the Ascended Masters; and the use of the Violet Flame was increased.

His tonal key is Panis Angelicus by Cesar Franck.


Video: Lady Miriam's tonal key.

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