Seers, Energy Vortices and Power Points by Master Kirael, August 2009

KIRAEL: Most of you are or have been sighted. A seer is someone who looks at the future, puts the pieces together and brings them back to this part of the world. In reality the future does not exist, but if you extend to the time / space continuum, you can create the future and bring it back to this space and time. So the future does not occur unless they are in the present. The seers had the ability to travel into the future and guided him by knowing what they wanted to create in the present. The ancient seers were at the front of this Earth journey. Without them, the trip would have gone mad. However, over time, seers have been silenced, banished or killed. Imhotep, who lived 6, 000 years ago, was one of the most powerful seers who ever visited the earth plane. He was a somewhat thin guy, who had a hairless body, about 2.16 meters tall and weighed about 96 kilos. Imhotep was much earlier than his time and wanted to bring the doctor, the engineer and the supervisor back into the world, so that he could teach the people of Egypt these sciences. Master Jesus was born on the Earth plane 4, 000 years after Imhotep, and he was also a powerful seer. He was to activate a Change that never occurred. Now the seers are waking up again on the earth plane to help in the journey of the Great Change. Seers can be found in the Vatican. They are energies of black, red and gold robes. You do not see or listen to them. However they are there and they know what is hidden in the Vatican archives. As an authority the pope is only a decorative figure. Certainly this is the reality regarding the current pope, although the previous pope, John Paul II, is as close to being a seer as any pope could be.


Now let's talk about the vortices. Vortices exist throughout the world and are more than you know about them. They can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Once a vortex has been established on Earth, it remains. In Lemuria's time, only twenty of the 400 vortexes on the continent were active. Some vortices are being created as I speak, and many are closed, waiting to open. Suppose there is a vortex right in this room, but you don't know it. People would come in and out of the vortex, ignorant of it. They would pass through this dimension, to the next, without stopping. Being aware of these vortices will enable them to work with crystals and other elements that are inside and around them. For example, a vortex is being created very close to Cancun. Sedona in Arizona has one of the most important vortices in the entire United States of America. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow is one of the most powerful vortices in Russia. The Aiea State Park on the island of O'ahu has a vortex. If you meditate there, you will be filled with energy and will be wiser as a result. Machu Pichu has a vortex and vortices can also be found in Japan and the Vatican.


In another time and space, these vertices were used to bring people to the Earth plane. When the whales were walking on the floor of Lemuria, they arrived through vertices. Now you are coming to the Great Change of Consciousness and the vertices will be of importance. The energy that reaches these vertices is so high that the earth in and around them is often lacking trees, as in Sedona, where red rocks predominate. Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Boynton Canyon in the Sedona area all contain spaces with vertices. If they encounter a vertex in Bell Rock or in Boynton Canyon, they will see themselves covered with golden scales of the highest alchemical level. [1] The Boynton Canyon has one of the most active vertices. You can feel the vertex if you get deeply into the Ca n. That particular vortex is still active, but they might not notice it until they run into it and may feel a little brushing on their face. If you penetrate that vertex, you will be in another world. You will say, how can that be, Master Kirael on this earth plane today? O, yes, my friends. It is powerful where those vertices are. Certain energies would like to scare them to prevent them from discovering the magic of these vertices. Movies about vertices are designed to scare them. Know that those who make the movies are simply trying to sell tickets. However, pay attention to your movies, because in some ways they will not be so far from the signs. In the fourth light you will use certain vertices. If you abandon the journey of the third dimension through death or some other process, you can return through one of those vertices. Of course you don't need a vertex to return here, but it certainly helps. The passage through the vertex allows them to return as quickly as a walk-in (replacement spirit), completely neglecting the birth process. In the new paradigm of changes, this could help them live three hundred, four hundred, five hundred years. Why would they want to live so long? The duration of life will be prolonged since they have so much to do on this plane of consciousness. This Earth will be dismantled and reassembled, and you will have about 2, 000 years to achieve it through a fourth dimension process, before going through a new Change. You ask, why do we do this, Master Kirael? You will do it because there are so many souls that will come behind you and you have to do something for them, give them a planet to live on.

THE ROLE OF THE SIGHTS S So you will be seers. Without anyone noticing, they will choose a vertex and cross it, and guide the future of this planet. When you leave this third dimension, you have to be ready to shape it in a new dimensional process the light of the fourth dimension. Practice entering these vertices. When you become aware of the fourth dimension, you will have access to all the things that are there.

QUESTION: How do seers now work for us?

KIRAEL: The seers have been working hard for you. I'm talking about people like my medium, Lee Carrol, Steve Rother, Pepper Lewis and others. You can all be sighted, but only a few of you have been using it as a profession. Most seers are focused on their trip. They see that they can change the plane of the Earth by increments and they execute the trip for this to happen. For example, when they wanted to introduce computers on this trip, they had the general idea but did not have all the pieces to assemble. So they started with those large computers that occupied the space of an entire room, and little by little, they polished the technology so far in which you have computers held by hand. So the seer's journey is to see what can be done and then create it, consciously perfecting the trip one step at a time. That is what the seers do. When Imhotep began his journey to teach doctors and then discovered that he wanted to build some pyramids, he had to include some engineers in his trip. He entered a vortex and brought back the information on how to build these pyramids. He did not bring back a pyramid. Rather, he brought back the information to make the trip to build the pyramids.


Q: How many DNA fibers are needed to enter a vortex and how many DNA fibers are needed to reach this plane of consciousness as a "walk-in"?

KIRAEL: You have to have at least a six-fiber DNA to penetrate these vortices and to make this trip without going through the birth process, regardless of childhood, just as Imhotep did. Six is ​​the mastery number, and for the 5th and 6th fiber to vibrate, you will have to have mastered everything, including the energy of love. If in fact they can be love, then it might have a six-fiber DNA. You have to know and be love at the highest level before those six DNA fibers can vibrate. It takes a long time for DNA to manifest on this trip, because duality is not something that these additional fibers are used to. You are known for having a two-fiber DNA, but most of you are already at a four-fiber level. As for those who are still with two fibers, when they reach the Great Change of Consciousness, they will automatically have a four-fiber DNA, because alchemy will be interwoven on this trip to facilitate the activation and vibration of these additional DNA fibers.

Q: What are some of the other benefits of DNA expansion?

KIRAEL: With the expansion of your DNA, you can plot through the field of consciousness and reach a new dimensional light. You can extract information from the plot and bring it to this earth plane. Where do you think I come to bring you this information right now? I enter the plot and grab the pieces that will make sense to you and not give you a deadly scare. The pool of information available to you expands tremendously when you are able to plot through the field of consciousness. There you will find information that can change your world. In the new light of the fourth dimension, with its expanded DNA fibers, you will be able to fly. Now they can't fly because they don't have enough DNA fibers. In the long run they will get them. His whole body is changing.


Q: How many DNA fibers are needed to work with the Sedona vortex and what do extraterrestrial energies do if they reach this dimension through this vortex?

KIRAEL: In order to control the vortices in Sedona, you have to have an eight-fiber DNA. The galactic or extraterrestrials are currently in control of such vortices. They walk through these vortices as we are talking. Galactic energies will only pass through these vortices during the darkest night. They open the vortex and let the energies pass through, most often during the new moon. When the vortex opens they walk through, sniff, taste and feel this trip and re-enter the vortex, because this trip is not what they wanted. One in one hundred of these energies will remain and be introduced on this trip. You cannot distinguish them from any other human. They can lower their DNA to six, four or two fibers in order to fit. They come here to teach.

Q: Can we walk in the shade in Boynton Canyon in order to meet these beings that cross the vortex?

KIRAEL: They can do it. You can walk in the shadows because you are all seers. Walking in the shade simply means that you see something that you know you really cannot see. When you walk in the shade, you can observe what happens when these energies pass through the vortex. If you are scheduled before going to sleep to be in a particular vortex on the darkest night of the month, you will be there. If they have been there during the day, they will know what it looks like. Travel there by walking in the shadow and the beings there will see you and you will see them. Just don't be afraid of what you see. These aliens don't look like you. They may have big teeth and can even resemble monsters. They are not. They need time - about twenty minutes to half an hour - to find out how they are supposed to look when they go through the vortex. The vortex formats them to a human likeness. It enlightens your DNA, or, in their case, reduces it.

Q: Vortices along the east coast of Australia take you to the fourth light. I know that vortices are in Kakadu. Could you comment on the vortices in Australia?

KIRAEL: Australia has some of the most powerful vortices in the world. That is why Australia has so much more land than it has inhabitants. The vortices are located on the east, west, north and south coasts. They will be used in the new paradigm of change. Many of these vortices will open during the three days of darkness and you have to be aware of them, because you will have to travel through many of these vortices. They will not want to walk or drive to these vortices. You will simply bow your head forward and be there. In that time everything will be golden vortices. You have to wake up people in that part of the world regarding these energies, because they are going to need help. You already know where these vortices are located. Now you have to take people to accompany you there to explore them with you. Do not take large groups on these trips - no more than fifteen to thirty people - when you first visit a vortex. You will not be able to believe what is coming through these vortices. The energies may not be the most beautiful you have ever seen, but they are friendly and you have to know that, because they will be a little scary with a length of fifty or sixty feet (about 18 meters). They can also fly and do many other things that you are currently unable to do. Your trip is getting bigger and bigger every day and you have to keep the faith and keep going. Today these vortices are wild and strange to you. Walk around Ayers Rock (Uluru - Australia) and you will be able to count how many vortices are there. You may feel them, but they will not be active at this time. They will be activated around the middle of this year. You will have to be aware of them, because you will be there to guide people through them.


Q: What is an oracle?

KIRAEL: Oracles are gifted patterns of energy that live a life beyond everything they can understand in this dimension. These oracles were human beings, whose talent was destroyed, causing the information they had to become unattainable. The oracles have left the Earth plane for some 25, 000 to 55, 000 years. However they have always been in the plot, waiting to be taken back to this dimension. It is now up to the seers to recover that energy. You can find the plot of the oracles during a five-minute meditation. The oracles wait to be collected like small plums from a tree. Collect that energy and incorporate it into yourself. When you reach these energies and capture the information you want, you will want to bring back what you think the human on Earth can use. When you return here, you will think that you lost the information, but it will not be so, because it will have entered your heart. This is the key to this trip. When they are in the plot, information is more like a vision they have in their hearts. So do not look for it elsewhere than in your heart. You are all seers and you will go through these vortices and bring back what is needed here. Let's follow for example that he wants to be a seer for the children's plot. Don't get caught up in taking care of the children here. Get on the plot, see the beauty of the child's journey and bring it back. Give it to the person in front of you.

Q: Could you talk about whales like the ancient oracles of the planet and how they will use these vortices, which you said were full of golden particles?

KIRAEL: Whales are oracles. They bring with them the history of the planet. They will not use the vortices to walk on this plane of the Earth, just as they did in Lemurian times. They prefer and need water because they are so big. Being out of the water is very hard for them. They know that. In Lemurian times, when the whales came out of the water and walked through the portals to the land, they remained only for short times. They could not withstand the pressures of this earth plane. It was too much for them. The whales left their world and came into your world to be at the service of the human population. Unfortunately, on Earth, the human population is younger in terms of soul age than whales. So, even though you didn't treat whales badly, you didn't appreciate the gift they represented. They had to return to the water. However, the whales left behind their plot of small whales, in the form of children with Down syndrome. If you want to feel the love and light of the whales, interact with one of these little whale people with Down syndrome. The medium met one in New York once and he said, "Do you know you are a whale?" The boy's eyes widened and turned round, he smiled and hugged the medium and held on to him. I didn't want to let the medium go. They know what they are. They are the residue of the whales that once walked on this ground. They do not want to come and live long lives. You will think, "Oh, this is a shame." It is not a shame. They come to experience this journey of being a human and get out of here as soon as possible. They want to be a whale again, because they are more comfortable. The fact that whales do not want to come back to earth does not mean that you cannot communicate with them. You can always enter the water and be with them, you don't even need to know where you are. You can get in the water here in Hawaii and listen to them singing in Alaska. Its tones travel through the waters. They do not require a phone to connect with you. You may have noticed that many whales and dolphins are stranding themselves. When a whale ends on the coast, its spirit has gone long before the moment they find it. That is the beauty. It is already a new body outside in the ocean. Maybe he even swims around, looks at him and they say, "Oh, that's me." They are dying so that all of you can live this new journey in the fourth light. They know they have to get you to pay attention to them; otherwise you will exterminate them and that will make your work harder here. When they hear about stranded whales, tell everyone about them, not because they want people to go crazy or furious, but because you want them to be aware of whales. Whales are delivered in such a loving way.


Q: Are the pyramids in Egypt, Hawaii, Japan and Texas considered as vortices or portals and are they the same physical, mental, emotional or spiritual?

KIRAEL: The pyramids in Africa were the first galactic and physical vortices. Physical vortices are also found in Hawaii, Japan and other parts of the world. Those in Texas are the most powerful trips. They are a little newer than those dating back 6, 000 years, because they are on the ground with an apex pointing their galactic brothers and sisters skyward. The energies of these vortices are transmitted throughout the world and the physical seers are in charge of them. Those vortices here in Hawaii are still under water; They are beautiful, but they are not yet so powerful. You are a seer and physical worker of the vortices. You just have no idea how great a seer he is. You are letting time pass until you fully understand this earth plane. Everyone wants to be a spiritual seer / weaver, an emotional seer / weaver or a mental seer / weaver. However, all of you should be physical seers / weavers, because six billion people on the earth plane depend on whoever sets off this journey. About two billion people will go through the change, but a much larger amount could go through the Change if the masses could hear and believe what I am saying today. My friend, this whole trip has to do with your physical reality. Master Jesus came to make this journey wishing to be a spirit, but he had a physical body. So while he was on the earth plane he lived a physical life until he left here. Walking in the shade is perfect to get to know this physical world. Practice your walk in the shade.

Q: Several years ago, I went to the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona and I couldn't help crying. What happened at that time? Are there also vortices in Taiwan and in Africa?

KIRAEL: You are a Goddess Light of emotional vortices. Every time someone approaches an emotional vortex, he or she will cry. Emotional vortices are always located around churches. The Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona is one of the most powerful emotional vortices. You will say, “Well, why isn't it a spiritual vortex, or a mental vortex? Why emotional? ”The vortices are not linear or hierarchical. All come from the vortex of love and light. A vortex of love that is spiritual will not be so emotional. An emotional vortex produces the deepest feeling. So he will cry heavily. The vortices in Taiwan and in Egypt and other parts of Africa, have yet to be discovered. Knowing where these vortices are located is not enough. You have to know what you want from them.

Q: I am writing a book about the glyphs or crop circles that have been in Peru for many years. Could you talk about the vortices in Peru and their relationship with the galactic empires?

KIRAEL: Keep referring to your book as fiction, because it's the only way you can get it published. You are dating all these new ideas. From where they come? They are emerging from the plot. You and all writers and film producers, who have the courage to produce this material, deserve applause. In Peru, mental vortices predominate. The mental vortices are the area of ​​the galactic or extraterrestrials that have lived in their terrestrial world. Around 20, 000 years ago, Atlantis was a driving force of mental energies connected to the galactic empires. The sacred places in Peru have to be understood by walking in the shade for them. Get to the top of these flat spaces and enter the earth and find out what is there. If you go to these areas, you will find vortices all around you. This trip has to do with the understanding that the galactic empires are currently focusing on you. They are tuning in to this earth plane and listening to what I speak. I am not trying to be a bluff. They want to know how many people they can connect to - 50, 500, 50, 000, one million. They will not be disappointed and will know what to do.


Q: I want to know about love relationships regarding the trip of the fourth dimension.

KIRAEL: Love is the basis of your journey to wake up in the light of the fifth dimension. That will be a powerful journey, but you have to go through the fourth light to get there. The fourth light symbolizes the four bodies. The love of which I speak allows them to enter the plot and experience it in all four bodies. In order to understand this love, you have to experience and know it at all four levels. Close your eyes; relax, and enter the plot with me. I want you to experience what love is. Right there, in front of you is the love you are looking for. Bring it back with you and open your eyes. Do not look for that love outside of yourself. It's not there. It is within you. Be aware of your physical realm on all four levels to the point where you know what you are doing and can teach it to other people. That is the trick. You have to understand what love is. Love is not what you are or are not doing. Love is all that it is. That is the key.

Q: Can we see the pyramids in the dream state and can we use the Hall of Doors as a portal to the other planes of consciousness?

KIRAEL: You are a channel and when you are channeling, you are a seer. You are a physical seer who understands how to create things in the Now from the future. Certainly you can see the pyramids in the dream state. How many times have you been in the Hall of Doors in your dream state, have you walked down that long corridor and opened a door for a new trip? Your trip has to do with what you have seen and how it will bring you back to this world. Yes, you can enter dreams in this energy network and find for yourself a beautiful portal to enter. You have seen these portals. They are similar in shape to the portal he used to reach this light, the earth plane. You entered through a portal in your mother's body. His mother opened and there his head came out and that was the trip. You can always return to a portal and do not need your mother to do it. Just imagine yourself out there, coming through a vortex. Open and go through it. You will know if it is correct or not, because only a golden portal will allow you to enter and leave this trip. You can see whatever you want to see and then come back here. You don't have to stay out there and meet the energies that live there. They do not speak a language that you would understand. You will have to speak in feelings, not language. Remember the trip and write it down.

CLOSURE MANIFESTATION Most of you have a four-fiber DNA and soon two additional fibers will be vibrating. With a six-fiber DNA, they are going to have to dominate this planet and have enough time to do this in the Great Change of Consciousness - at least 2, 000 years. Remember, you are all seers. Connect with that gift and take your energy to that field of consciousness and travel the plot. They will be amazed at what they will learn.

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