TRUTH, AA Zadquiel and AA Muriel

  • 2011

Received by Montserrat Alemany on September 27, 2011

The moment of truth has arrived, you know that you cannot be in that ambiguous space in which you have been installed for the past few years. You can no longer deceive them because the energy pushes you towards the center of the purity of the TRUTH, your truth, although you resisted as much as you could, the force of the love of the center of the galaxy pushes you in only one direction, the self-knowledge and recognition of your shadows and the embrace of the complete BEING you are. If you fear your shadow, you will never become that complete, multidimensional, loving Being that you all are.

Now at this moment pick up the witness that your soul demands that you have, stop making excuses for not doing what you are prepared for, gladly accept that part of you that taught you more than any other, feel within your heart and with each cell of your body the call to the TRUTH, be true, transparent as a crystal, avoid those reflections that are doubts, part of the ego or lower mental, which continually tests you.

You should not be afraid of your fury in the face of events around you, since you are all in the same cosmic dance where each dance leaves behind all the masks that have been a tax and many times even without wanting to do or say what has been infinite years inside, sometimes it happens that this fury goes out in an uncontrolled way and can damage, that is why it is so important to face your own truth with love to embrace even more compassionate that dark part that you all have and by loving and hugging it that fury is channeled into pure energy in divine emanation and in absolute creation .

My dear ones, the judgment and the offense against our neighbor are only a defense of your ego so as not to let you openly face your truth, so that you will not reach that perfect unity that all you are.

I am going to tell you again something that everyone already knows:

You know how to love yourself without subterfuges or masks, not from the head but from the heart.

Do you fully accept with love? Do you choose that body you love from the heart? That moment when you have chosen to live this experience on Earth do you love it?

Are you responsible for Being and feeling fully in the midst of society that you don't like every act you do, every word you say and every thought you produce?

If you manage to take advantage of this unique impulse of energy that is now reaching your Beings, you can make that leap that you so desire, but it will only occur as long as you accept and fully accept yourself as you are, when you stop pretending to be instead of simply Being.

We love and bless you, we also thank you for all the accumulated experience of these times when you have chosen to live to help Terra in his metamorphosis

With love we tell you today is a special day cosmic, take advantage of it to discard old patterns.

Archangel Zadquiel and Archangel Muriel

Channeled by German Montserrat Lamana


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