Venus in Sagittarius until December 11, accompanied by Mercury.

  • 2014

Today Mercury has entered Sagittarius, the last fire sign of the zodiac, for the next three weeks, exactly until December 17, when it will enter Capricorn. Mercury feels good in this sign of the Centaur, as it is the perfect scenario for the development of its energies. It allows you to philosophize, travel, communicate with different cultures in different languages, and above all visualize infinite possibilities for the future, full of energy, action and dynamism.

Although Mercury is not interested in ethics or religious values, in this sign he has an opportunity to defend justice and religious freedom, something that we need so much at this time, when humans seem to continue killing us in the name of God.

I always remember a little story that Thorwald Dethlefsen and R diger Dahlke in his book The disease as a path mentioned. He speaks of a hermit monk who was meditating deeply in his cave and a small mouse began to gnaw the sole of his shoe. The monk opened his eyes irritably and asked the mouse: Why do you interrupt my meditation? What the mouse answered: I'm hungry. `` Get out of here, fool, '' said the monk, `` do you not see that I am looking for my union with God? '' To which the mouse replied: How are you going to find the union with God, if you can't even feel united to me?

I have remembered this in trying to understand Mercury in Sagittarius with its great plans and aspirations and philosophical ideas, sometimes in danger of disconnecting with the fact that each of us is a small drop in the ocean of the divine .

Even so, it is still a good three weeks to expand our mental horizons, travel, if we can, connect with family members living in another country, and try to leave our “mental neighborhood” to look beyond, to other people, with others. interests and idiosyncrasies. Mercury in Sagittarius will not let us think that ours is the best, without even taking a look at what goes beyond our borders. All those with planets in mutable signs, and also Leo and Aries, will have an opportunity to expand their mind in one way or another.

On Monday, December 1 will make a square to Neptune in Pisces, which can become a day of bewilderment, confusion, forgetfulness, and misleading in general. On the weekend, on days 6 and 7, he will make a trine to Uranus in Aries and connect with Chiron in Pisces, which will mean another completely different energy. Mercury in combination with Uranus is great, pure mental dynamite. Great ideas, and desires to find solutions. On December 12 and 13, Jupiter will form a trine in Leo, just when Uranus and Pluto form the exact sixth square of this cycle that began in 2010. They will be tense days and when we feel frustrated again for not being able to fly and solve our topics in a faster way.

Venus has also been navigating the sign of the Archer and the Centaur, from November 17 and will remain there until December 11.

There by 2009, I wrote about Venus in Sagittarius:

”The image that comes to mind is that of the Amazons, who were warrior women.

It is difficult for our modern mind to imagine that once, somewhere, female soldiers existed, so much so that historians deny or ignore them or simply concentrate on the most incredible aspects of these mythological stories.
These extremely independent women who lived in a society without men, is incomprehensible to many, but in the heart of the modern woman, such a concept is not so strange.
The Venus in Sagittarius is the Goddess in her most lively and independent facet. People with Venus in Sagittarius have their minds and eyes on the horizon line constantly, they find it difficult to stabilize and especially within a relationship.
They like the exotic, the different and everything that tastes like foreign lands and cultures. The need for freedom and self-discovery is a constant light at the end of the tunnel. They cannot with limitations and boxing, because it is constantly expanding.
Jeffrey Wolf Green says: “The person with Venus in Sagittarius values ​​humor as a vehicle for healing in various forms and in all kinds of conditions. They have the ability to make others laugh at themselves, especially when they are taking everything too seriously. They are very natural people, spontaneous and sincere to the point that sometimes without much tact, but that same sincerity is the reflection of the immense desire for truth that characterizes them. ”
The sense of humor is evident as soon as you know them and if you want to seduce them you have to be prepared to give them a lot of freedom. They often form relationships with foreigners or with people who travel a lot. They find jobs or professions, which allows them to travel to know other lands and other cultures.
When they don't travel physically, they do it in a mental way, whether studying, researching, teaching or becoming travel agents, for example.
The mutable signs: Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius of course, like the other signs of Fire: Aries and Leo will feel the effect of this position more vitally, with the possibility of enjoying these sensual, powerful energies.

Good time to worry about yourself, our appearance, our creative possibilities and remember, the immense power of the feminine.


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Venus in Sagittarius until December 11, accompanied by Mercury.

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