Several messages from Jesus: It's Time to Act. Jesus in my Heart. Where is God?

  • 2011

It's time to act

Dear my children:

I thank you for the attention that throughout this time you have had towards me and towards the beings of light that we are always illuminating your mind and your hearts from within.

I want to tell you that times are times to act, to move and be motivated by a world of love, a world different from what you see now, a world in which obstacles and sufferings stop, stop being important and every time in the moment you decide, it will happen that way; just believe it from within yourself, from inside full of love that you have not been able to discover but that is real and that it exists.

They must be subjected to a new lifestyle, changing the old patterns they have followed for a long time. But the time has come to say goodbye to that form of stagnation thought that holds you back and that does not let you be completely free and remember that the truth is what will make you truly free.

Assume that truth with a new approach where value is given to what really has it, not only to what they materially observe, but on the contrary, to give due importance to what they do not see but exist. And it is not only in your thoughts believe it. It is enough that they believe so and truly deposit all their faith so that it exists, so that it is real, so that it manifests.

This is where we enter all beings of light, the enlightened ones, those of us who are the divine spark of the Magestuous Father, creator of heaven and earth, of the visible and invisible, all those who trust in their good decisions, because believe me, it is their turn to you to be responsible for this that will happen ... be sensitive, genuine and loving.

Stop giving importance and value to many things that do not have them, be cooperative and merciful with yours and with those around you.

I am pleased, the manifestation of love they have by giving up part of their time and commitment to work when they entrust it daily to the Father and who then becomes blessed.

Your God, your friend, your brother.


Jesus in your Heart

Monday, November 15, 2010 - 11-15

Dear children, right now I find myself using the hands of my dear daughter and sister, I know it is very important that you give yourself a breath of breath.

I know that it is necessary that these messages be understood and humanity knows that it is still in time to recompose the path they have forged, and that they are forging daily, I just tell you, cheer up, not everything is lost, I am with you, although not You see me, I know it will seem repetitive but it is not because it is necessary that you decide to change your way of being, your way of seeing things and your way of judging and perceiving every event that comes your way, because I will return it to you To repeat is a simple hologram, which wants to see you lost, it is a non-existent mirage, a mirage that you should know how to clean and see clearly.

When you try or remove that veil that you have decided to bring with you, you will see things, events in a different way.

Faith is vital, it is very important, I tell you to believe that this is true, so that you know that all is not lost, that you have a great opportunity in front of your eyes but that this mirror is blurred.

That your mirror needs to be cleaned with good deeds, with good foundations, with a decision to do it, with true conviction.

Do not complicate the existence with something and so easy but that you think so difficult, with something that only you have the power to decide, give all your problems, your conflicts, your concerns to the Spirit of God, who loves you and that He is willing to help you, to assist you in every way, that even if you don't understand it, he will wash all your sorrows and your anguish.

You just have to trust him, it's that easy and as complicated as this.

My dear and dear ones, my dear little children, I will never, never leave you, I am always with each one of you, with every thought you bring to your mind, at that moment I can assist you if you invite me to come and live in your heart, in fact I live in your loving heart, only that you have not realized and do not make this transcend, I can transcend borders with the invitation to the holy spirit of God in every human being that invites me. I will be the most tender of men, the most tender father and creator, the most tender that had to become a man to know his own human and divine nature, he is sweetest servant of yours and of humanity.

I love you, I love you and I wish with all my heart that you change for good, that you change so that you live in the eternal communion with the Holy Trinity, with that eternal and unconditional love that dwells in you that dwells in me and that is infinite.

You know it because I've always told you so and I've shown it to you, that's the truth that will make you free from all ties of those beings who just try to instill fear and terror into Human beings, I wish you to understand that even if you feel that far from your presence, that you count on me, because I am with you. I love you and I bless you for all eternity. Amen.


Where is God?

Many people will ask or ask themselves the following questioning mainly when they feel alone, unprotected or helpless, full of adverse situations that they do not understand because they are going through that transit and feel that everything is lost, that their world is over or It has collapsed and I tell you, my little one, that not all the reality that you human beings, so material, is what you see. That there are superior and very powerful forces that you are not seeing, that you are not feeling. They cannot look further there in the spiritual world because they do not understand it and so on, they are unable to live it. I tell you that God is always, has been and will be for all eternity, only that you yourselves have had or closed that door that dwells in your very heart, that door that should always be open and flowing with that radiant light called love. That they have not discovered it but that it is real, that it exists and is. That truth that is always in sight but with its blind eyes of perception clouds its radiance.

I tell you, do not faint, there dwells in that little place the spirit of God your creator and the reason for your existence, invite him, speak to him, pamper him within you and he will not have the Less impairment to jump into sight and feel it in your whole being.

Sometimes who feels lonely, lost; is that he is not at peace with himself and his perception of the world has lost it or has lost it and he needs to find it not in everything external or material, since this is only a fantasy a false illusion. You must discover yourself as a unique, valuable person. Perhaps she has been exposed to adverse situations that have collapsed her apparent world, but she must know it and with all her heart to seek the heart of God Himself that dwells in your heart.

They do not know who they are, but the time has come for this great awakening that will fill them with joy. At first when talking about these issues, the skeptic and that injured person may not perceive it, but recommend a moment of serenity in which they are analyzed and visualized as new people, happy with the love that everything can, happy to find that truth that strengthens them and that makes them authentically free, living a world that is worth living, where everything has a really important and sublime sense based mainly on a spiritual plane. Where that stillness and peace can be possible by serving the universal truth called "Love", which is called GOD, beyond all that exists and comforting your whole being ... You truly one with Him, in this material plane and extend it where your brothers dwell in the light. Only sometimes those little brothers of yours don't know that they have that light in their heart. They, too, like you, do not know it, do not know that they are exceptional beings and can shine with the love of the Spirit of the Father, and yet I tell you that you can extend it and make it shine in unison with them and they extend it so on . It is only a matter of you mosmos recognize each other deserving of love and see with eyes of love that is the same as seeing with the eyes of God Himself.

I tell you, be one with that love and share it, live it, feel it and extend it to your brothers. Look at all beings like that and all the nature that surrounds you because she herself is the creation made by your creator and creator of the universe.

My little one, extend this message to humanity.



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