Uniting Borders for the Peace of Our Planet

  • 2010

Open call Expanding awareness in the Unit

Manifest ourselves from the spirit and in a confluence of consciences:

Peace Networks active and promotes a great tour of Latin America, creating a route of connection and integration for Peace making it expansive to the whole world, thus contributing to the Awakening of the New Humanity.

Mario Cannas, dedicated full time to the dissemination of the Christian message for this new time, is guided in this quest for Peace, JOINING events (conferences, meetings, fraternity, in different places) that act, in turn, as detonators of light.

This tour will have its origin in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 24, 2010, National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice, arriving in Mexico. We will go through Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama ...

We hope, from our Organization "Peace Networks", that this call echoes in many, opening the way for a meeting between countries to be possible.

If you belong to some type of institution, media, company, group or simply, with your will you want to support us you can:

• Convene all those who feel like going out on the routes, accompanying this Great Spiritual Crusade for Peace,

• as well as those who want to receive this initiative in their places, organizing a space for a talk or conference,

• Also joining a chain of favors to provide logistical support during the journey,

• Acting so that this action can be disseminated from the media, functioning as a Great Concert Activator.-


Contact us at to receive information.

We look forward to your participation ...


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