One more drop, by Julio Andrés Pagano

However tiny it may seem, each drop of consciousness expands and elevates the Earth's vibration.

One after another, the drops are falling. Nothing seems to transform. The drip is almost imperceptible. The fatigue and desolation says present. The desert landscape of hopes creates the false illusion that nothing will change. The empty interior is enlarged. The drops continue to fall, expand their vibration. The mind maintains that everything is lost. The heart is not fooled, listen to the drops continue to sprout and laugh with happiness. His wisdom announces that the river is emerging. Release your floodgates. Help the water run. Add for the river of spiritual consciousness to burst into its full splendor.

Drops are all those things that help us to be more human and allow us to harmonize with existence. Good deeds are drops. Caresses are drops. Positive thoughts are drops. Hugs, words of encouragement, happy faces. Drops Conscious actions, prayers, meditations, selfless help, sensitivity gestures. Drops Knowing how to share, learn to value, respect for oneself. Drops Faith, humility, trust, hope, love. Drops All are drops that reflect a new humanity. They are drops that increase and vivify the river of spiritual consciousness that is transforming the vibration of the planet.

The future borns from the present. Our decisions co-create. If we only sow discord, hatred, pessimism, suffering and frustration, what do you think we will reap? Its drops, although they seem simple, although perceived as insignificant odibles, make a difference. They are like seeds of light that transform and help the future not to appear heartless.

Flowing with this current, which leads to the ocean of existence, involves challenges that allow us to grow and propel us to continue evolving. It involves venturing into unfamiliar terrain. The river invites us to unlearn to continue learning, because only what is emptied can be filled again. Its stones are not difficulties, but disguised opportunities that help us raise.
Do not allow these phrases to remain only on the mental plane. Get in the water. Open your heart Take a risk. When you dive into this river of consciousness, you will see how experiences become multidimensional teachers that will help you experience a reality that will transform your life.

There are innumerable ways to contribute to this incipient flow becomes even more crystalline. If we dare to recognize our darker side, if we transcend our limitations and transmute the fears that keep us captive we are already helping. The same if we raise awareness in each of our acts and unreservedly unfold our potential to materialize a reality that is consistent with the purest of our being.

Why do you care so much? Whatever you do, others will always talk. They are not enemies, they are teachers that propel us to transcend the social mask. Come on, break it! T rela! Let your inner being guide you and instruct you. Listen to the voice that emanates from the center of your chest. Follow their advice, they are immaculate. It doesn't matter that some people laugh at his face and discredit him. Many thus disguise the fear that change causes them.

Come on, come on. Play Let go. Enjoyment. Recover your innocence. Look at life with new eyes. Explore inside. Know yourself. Restore your link to nature. Relieve your backpack. Expand your divinity. Wake up Rediscover your inner magic. Balance yourself Help yourself to change. Allow yourself to dream. Dust your talents. Multiply your gifts. Respect your feeling. Live! Start to heal.

Pay attention. Feel how the river of consciousness beats with every thought of light that runs through your body. The water renews and purifies. Inhale your perfume, it's life drive. Observe with the heart and you will see that there are no divisions. We are One. The river is made up of millions and millions of drops that dance in unity, beyond all ego.

Come on ... transform your desert. Do not let your drops fade under the scorching sun of indifference and reluctance. Pour them into the river of existence. Close your eyes and make it easier for the murmur of the waters to guide your steps. Discover that you can never find outside what was always inside. Yes, I already knew it, it's true. I had just forgotten, the river is inside. Let the water run. It collapses its floodgates. Don't fear Open your heart wide, so that the water penetrates and washes your wounds. Reborn The existence, grateful: one more drop.


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